The Offshore Outsourcing is a very popular business model worldwide ranging from small to fortune 500 companies. The Big Oh  ODC model has proven to be a highly effective tool to increase productivity, reduce operating expenses by leveraging offshore talent and the guidance of technical experts. Big Oh  is a global leader in IT consulting, outsourcing management and help you save on money, time, and infrastructure. Give your business the competitive edge.

Our IT offshore outsourcing offers you the following benefits:

  • Reduced capital and operational costs
  • Deep domain expertise
  • 24/7 support
  • Scalability

Big Oh  is one of the leading outsourced product development companies over the globe. The relationship between customer and supplier has matured to deep partnership saves, and so has offshore outsourcing development. Each wave has had its merits and limitations and served a definite purpose. And each wave has defined an upward growth curve for software outsourcers from India.
Big Oh  Technologies said it has been included in the list of leading companies in the offshore outsourcing market by internationally reputed market research. The new evaluation provides an assessment of companies providing offshore outsourcing. Big Oh  is recognized for its market performance and execution by the study.

Big Oh  is still the world’s favorite destination for offshore outsourcing. Big Oh  is a leading offshore development center with in-depth experience in handling projects globally right from defining business strategies to offshore software development.


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