Offshore development has been getting momentum nowadays. Whether you want offshore developers for regular migrations or maintenance of your enterprise applications, looking to establish a new product development team in India for software development and continuous IT support, or seeking constant up-gradation of your product, Offshore development services proves to be an ideal, but affordable solution to all your needs. Business groups, be it small or large, have now begun to hire dedicated developers and assign out their web and software development tasks to them. Available to hire on hourly/part time/full-time basis, these expert, but cost-effective professionals remain accountable to the business firms just like they do to their normal employees. In all, these skilled professionals serve their offshore employees at their beck and call. Besides, there are other benefits that you get by hiring a dedicated developer for your business needs.

  1. You can directly interact with the developers via Skype, Telephone, Email, and phone conference.
  2. You get daily or weekly working reporting, as per your requirement.
  3. You don’t need to pay maintenance or start-up taxes or costs.
  4. You can have complete control over the hired resource (s).
  5. You can fully involve yourself in the on-going projects.
  6. You get 100% IP and data protection guarantee.
  7. You don’t need to pay any hidden or extra cost.

Big Oh Notation: Your Work, But Our Resources And Our Facilities Create amazing business strategies with our highly qualified and skilled developers for your business requirements. We provide customized services to end number of industries by exceeding our clients’ expectations. Whether you are looking for 1 or 50 resource(s) for any ongoing project or a new project, our services of technically well-qualified, highly-managed and competent professionals are always available to serve you at substantial savings. Why us to hire dedicated developers? Our expert developers can work with technologies like XAML, Sq-lite DB, WPF, Microsoft blend, MVVM architecture, Metro/Modern UI. Besides, they are also expert in the integration of Cortana, Prism in an MVVM, .Xaml, wpf, and Universal.

  1. Our developers are creative and can handle your customized requirements.
  2. Our developers provide the highest levels of devotion, dedication and ensure that your business needs are met within pre-defined deadlines.
  3. Our developers help save your Internet bills, software licensing and costs related to development software and tools.
  4. Our easy to access developers can be contacted anytime from anywhere –during all working days via Skype, Telephone, Email, and phone conference.
  5. Our developers have an ethical and transparent work culture.
  6. Our developers don’t compromise on standards and quality.
  7. Our developers render affordable and competitive pricing.

Under our hire a dedicated developer program, some of the dedicated services that we offer to our clients include:

  1. Hire Windows phone10 apps developers
  2. Hire Neo4j Developers
  3. Hire Android Developers
  4. Hire .Net Developers
  5. Hire iPhone Developers
  6. Hire Cassandra Developers
  7. Hire iPad Developers
  8. Hire Blackberry10 Developers
  9. Hire E-commerce Developer.

Our Commitment

  1. To have your work done without compromising on quality
  2. To provide you expert and highly qualified resources
  3. To provide you the flexibility to take decisions
  4. To work at a competitive cost
  5. So, get rid of the hassle and high cost of recruiting and training staff, hire dedicated developers for all your business needs.

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