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All around the globe markets are changing quickly as next-generation technologies become more prevalent at an enormous speed. Additionally, an increasing number of businesses desire to participate in this transition. Some of the necessary tasks for such organizations include upgrading their product offerings and business models. Adopting IT staff augmentation services for tech-talent hiring has become a global growth catalyst for organizations. Emerging outsourcing models like team augmentation are increasingly being used and widely accepted, particularly after pandemics. To accelerate software development and quicker time to market, more and more businesses these days require immediate availability of expert resources. 

The long-debated idea that your workforce’s physical location is not significant was confirmed in 2020. To enhance the software development lifecycle and save recruitment expenses, companies might hire tech experts from outside. They can efficiently manage their remote team which is hired through a staff augmentation model & thus, taking their products faster to the market. Moreover, IT staff augmentation services assist businesses to work with dedicated professionals for a long-term or short-term period as per their requirements. In fact, they even have the flexibility to scale up & down accordingly. Additionally, it keeps software development moving ahead consistently and provides you with the flexibility to manage operating expenses. Despite all the benefits of augmenting your qualified resources as per the requirements, there could be a lot of challenges as well. Here, we’ll examine 3 key difficulties with staff augmentation and their possible solutions. 

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Challenges with IT Staff Augmentation Services & Strategies & how to overcome them 

1. Choosing the best talent amidst increased competition

You are not by any means the only one hoping to increase experienced and knowledgeable tech ability for an impending advancement project.  Even competitors who are trailing you in the same race could beat you. With the fast development in the IT business, the proficient expertise skill gap is also rising at the same time. It can be a tremendous struggle to compete with your rivals for a talented workforce. Not only would hiring the ideal IT team speed up your project, but it would also guarantee the growth and profit you want. 

There are, however, few strategies for overcoming the above-stated obstacles. 

2. Background check

Before bringing on a new tech hire for a future or ongoing internal project, it is essential to do a background check. Examine the talent, expertise, prior work, references, and portfolio of the employees. 

3. Employ a reputable partner

To obtain on-demand resources, it is preferable to work with an established IT staff augmentation firm. This is especially true if you’re searching for knowledgeable IT support to lend a hand with software development initiatives. With a reputable vendor, you will have access to a knowledgeable developer pool with in-depth knowledge and exclusive access to tools and technologies. 

4. Stay focused on the Objective

Once you have decided to opt for staff augmentation to fulfill the external IT requirements it is then time to filter all your options. This basically means going through the company’s reviews, positive feedback, success stories & negative evaluations. 

5. Developing the appropriate communication abilities

It can be difficult to maintain good and transparent communication with the augmented staff. Firms should pay special attention to seamless communication with the augmented team working remotely in various time zones, having diverse language barriers & cultural differences. All of these obstacles frequently lead to poor communication, which in turn has an impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of the project. Conflicts in communication also cause a misunderstanding of expectations between the company and the staff augmentation firm. Selecting more effective team collaboration platforms, such as teams, Slack, Zoom, GitHub, and others, will help to solve this communication problem. To ensure that internal team members and the staff augmentation team are on the same page, create daily or weekly review sessions. 

6. Ensuring seamless legal compliance

Negotiating and setting up a transparent contract is one of the main issues organizations have with IT staff augmentation. It often leads to security problems & loss of transparency between the vendor & business. Furthermore, it can have a severe long-term impact on your business projects, quick increase in costs, loss in quality control & flaws in information security. The best way to handle the legal difficulties is to draft a transparent contract that takes into account all the relevant facts, such as the following: 

  • Describe the consequences of breaking the security terms. 
  • Payment and invoicing terms from beginning to end. 
  • To protect service quality, liability clauses limit corporate responsibilities and warranties. 
  • Rules for data protection. 
  • Whether working with overseas clients or projects, displaying international legal standards. 

Optimize IT Staff Augmentation Services in 3 Ways 

Now that you are aware of the issues associated with staff augmentation, you may ensure the best project quality. Another thing to remember is to use three different strategies at once to get the most out of IT resources. 

  1. Choose staff augmentation for limited project requirements: Staff augmentation is always considered a better alternative for on-time project requirements. Since the IT resources work on a single project dedicatedly it brings more creativity, efficiency & speed. Ensure a quick deployment in accordance with the strategic deadline.
  2. Determine the specific skill sets needed: Finding the internal skill gaps is the first step in looking for external resources. You might need specialist skills that are not there in your in-house team. Find a specialized talent with staff augmentation who must have previous experience working on a project similar to yours.
  3. Identify the talent gap and fill it: It is crucial to conduct a thorough analysis of the team you have available and the requirements for the software project. When you discover a resource gap, the augmented partner can give you a precise assessment of a certain specialist. Once it has been identified, you can either bring in the resource temporarily or permanently.


One must consider IT staff augmentation services for the short-term as well as for long-term project requirements. Rely on this hiring strategy to retain skilled employees to ensure the timely release and accomplishment of software development projects. On the other hand, keep track of the costs associated with maintaining the team in relation to the specified budget plan. 

By integrating effective communication, security, and scalability, keep an eye on preserving the quality standards of the external tech team. One of the top staff augmentation businesses, Big Oh Tech, can help you find suitable personnel with the necessary technical skills. 

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