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Application Development TeamYou can shorten your time-to-market by delegating application development tasks to us. Our skilled application development team helps deliver an advanced, secure, and innovative application ready for release.      

Moreover, We will ensure complete adherence to your specifications while building your application from the initial stage to the market launch. Ultimately, We’re driven by our customer’s business success and offer an efficient offshore application development team of dedicated developers, IT specialists, project managers, QAs, and designers.

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    Services By Our Application Development Team

    Hire Our Application Development Team Of Experts To Accelerate Your Development Process

    We have a dedicated application development team of developers, testers, designers, and analysts who build high-quality applications for businesses thereby improving the quality of software by 30-40%.

    Why Choose Our Application Development Team?

    excellent development team

    Excellent Development Team

    BigOh comprises of expert professionals who are capable of tackling projects of any scope. So, you need not worry about finding the right talent.

    Fast & Safe Resource Management

    We put together the most suitable candidates for the project's needs. And, if there is a last minute change in project requirements, then we assure that our app development team develops high-performing applications by using best-in-class tools and technologies.
    cost effective solution

    Cost-Efficient Solutions

    We help businesses to grow fast and achieve new milestones by offering sufficient resources at a significantly lower cost, making Big Oh the best offshore application development company.  
    motivation and professional growth

    Motivation and Professional Growth

    We take care of developers and highly encourage their professional growth. Furthermore, We provide internal & external training, mentorship, and certifications according to their development plans.

    KPI-Controlled Progress & Transparent Cooperation

    We use mature KPIs to ensure the high performance of our developers in a dedicated team cooperation model. To ensure transparency, we share our progress-tracking tools with you. 

    Key Roles & Responsibilities Of Our Application Development Team

    Business Analyst
    Product Manager
    Product Owner
    QA Team
    Team lead
    Scrum master

    How To Find The Best Application Development Team?

    Process app dev team

    Technologies Used By Our Application Development Team

    • Tools
    • Platforms
    • Programming languages
    • Technologies
    • Database
    Android Studio

    Android Studio

    Google Fit SDK

    Google Fit SDK

    Google Assistant SDK

    Google Assistance SDK

    Open GL


    Android Auto

    Android Auto

    AR Core


    Apple UI Kit

    Apple UI Kit

    Android Wear

    Android Wear OS

    Android Phones

    Android Phones

    Iphone (iOS)


    iPad (iOS)


    Watch OS

    Apple Watch

    Android Tablet

    Android Tablet

    Android Foldable Development

    Android Fordable

    Android Desktop App Development

    Android Desktop

    Kotlin App Development


    Java Development












    Android SDK

    Android SDK

    Android Native Kit

    Android Native Dev Kit (NDK)



    Jetpack Compose

    Jetpack Compose - Android Compose UI







    Client Success Stories

    Take A Look At Our Achievements



    Carwale wanted to quickly ramp up its technical team as they are acquiring more and more customers and needed to offer a seamless experience to their customer’s management & post-sales service.

    FAQs on Application Development Team

    What makes your team the best fit for my project?

    We do have an experienced team of developers who are skilled in Android, iOS, and Hybrid technologies. Whatever the type of product you want to launch, we do have our footprints set up from Ecommerce apps to cover all the new emerging technologies, Not only this we do build the app tailored for your own business and organization. Also, we do have a vivid experience in launching 200 + applications on both the app and Play stores.

    Can you provide examples of successful projects that your team has worked on in the past?

    Let's have a look at some of our case studies for the different products launched by us...

    What is your team's experience in app development?

    Our team has more than 12 Years of experience in developing and launching both native and hybrid apps. Furthermore, We have launched around 200 + applications on both the app and play store.

    How do you ensure the quality and security of the applications that you develop?

    We do follow certain processes to ensure the quality and security of the applications 

    • Test Driven Development: We do follow the process of Test as we Code, Our in-house QA team validates all the features with the business needs and do follow certain testing cycles such as Regression testing, Sprint Testing, Monkey Testing, and many more.
    • Automated Testing: Secondly, We do write automated scripts to ensure that any new development is not breaking up the already implemented features, We do write scripts keeping the business use cases and scenarios in place to replicate the exact user behavior.
    • Security and Penetration Testing: We do perform testing to test the common vulnerabilities in the application i.e. Testing SQL injections, Network Fiddler testing, CSS, and CSRF.
    • Manual and Automated Code review: We do ensure to run certain linting tools in the application code base to ensure the code quality is being maintained and there is no threat from a security point of view of the application. Along with this, we also perform manual code reviews to ensure the coding standard is being followed.
    How do you handle changes or modifications to the project during the development process?

    We understand that the Application development process can involve a lot of ongoing feedback, Therefore we do keep a window of 20 % for change requests to be handled during the development without any cost. Anything covering this scope, we usually do it on a scope basis, You can define the scope and we can accommodate that in any of the upcoming sprints and plan the product accordingly.

    What are the most important factors to consider when selecting an Application Development company?

    When choosing an app development team, various factors are taken into account:

    1. Expertise and Experience - Firstly, while choosing the company, you need to make sure that the company possesses the necessary experience and skills to complete the project. Additionally, your chosen company needs adequate bandwidth to take up your projects.

    2. Past credentials - Remember to check the past credentials of the company. Keep an eye on DAU & MAU numbers to evaluate which type of projects the company had previously handled. In addition, make sure to check out the review section on App Store and Play Store as you can assess the technological expertise and capabilities of the company.

    3. Quality and Testing : Have a look around for their QA team as well, They should have a QA team who do understand the business requirements and can assess the quality of your product by performing various tests.

    4. Support and maintenance - Double check whether the company provides regular support and maintenance to ensure that the app works smoothly and confine to the new changes in the application framework.

    5. Cost and budget - Now, it's time for you to choose the right development partner for your app-related needs by considering the costs. Meanwhile, check out whether the company provides flexible pricing options to your business and aims to deliver 2x the value they are charging.

    What are the total costs and timelines for the App Development?

    This completely depends on the type of product that you want to take to the market. But, For a clear cost and timelines please click here...

    Which platforms and technologies are most suitable for App Development?

    In terms of app development, one can have two options basically, either Hybrid or Native.

    If the Use cases are simple and the app doesn’t have much reliability on the native elements such as (Cameras and various sensors) or much reliability on 3rd party integrations or SDK, One can opt for Hybrid as an option. Meanwhile, We do provide both Flutter and react native as an offering.

    On the contrary, if the Use Cases are much more complex and NFRs can be a bit of a challenge, one should opt for native technologies. Furthermore, We do provide Kotlin, Java for Android, and Swift for iOS as an offering.

    Can you provide AR/VR app maintenance and support after the App is Developed?

    Yes, we do provide support for AR/VR app maintenance. Please click the link to view the detailed support plan.