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Application Development TeamWe shorten your time-to-market by delegating application development tasks to us. Our skilled application development team helps deliver an advanced, secure, and innovative application ready for release.      

We will ensure complete adherence to your specifications while building your application from the initial stage to the market launch. We’re driven by our customer’s business success and offer an efficient offshore application development team of dedicated developers, IT specialists, project managers, QAs, and designers.  

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    Why choose our application development team?

    Excellent Development Team

    Excellent Development Team

    Big Oh commands a team capable of tackling projects of any scope and complexity. Forget about the difficulties of finding the right combination of skills and talents.
    Fast & Safe Resource Management

    Fast & Safe Resource Management

    We put together the most suitable candidates for the project needs.
    Cost-Efficient Solutions

    Cost-Efficient Solutions

    We help businesses to grow fast and achieve new milestones by offering sufficient resources at a significantly lower cost, making Big Oh the best offshore application development company.  
    Motivation and Professional Growth

    Motivation and Professional Growth

    We take care of developers and highly encourage their professional growth. We provide internal & external training, mentorship, and certifications according to their development plans.  
    KPI-Controlled Progress & Transparent Cooperation

    KPI-Controlled Progress & Transparent Cooperation

    We use mature KPIs to ensure the high performance of our developers in a dedicated team cooperation model. To ensure transparency, we share our progress-tracking tools with you. 

    Hire our application development team of experts to accelerate your development process

    We have a dedicated application development team of developers, testers, designers, and analysts who build high-quality applications for businesses thereby improving the quality of software by 30-40%. 

    Key Roles & Responsibilities in Process

    Business Analyst
    Product Manager
    Product Owner
    QA Team
    Team lead
    Scrum master

    How to find best application development team?

    Process app dev team

    Technologies ar used by our application development team

    • Tools
    • Platforms
    • Programming languages
    • Technologies
    • Database

    Android Studio

    Google Fit SDK

    Google Assistance SDK


    Android Auto


    Apple UI Kit

    Apple UI Kit

    Android Phones

    Android Tablet

    Android Wear OS

    Android Desktop

    Android Fordable

    Iphone (iOS)


    iPad (iOS)


    Watch OS

    Apple Watch










    Android SDK

    Android Native Dev Kit (NDK)



    Jetpack Compose - Android Compose UI




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    How do you ensure the quality and security of the applications that you develop?

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    How do you handle changes or modifications to the project during the development process?

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    What are the most important factors to consider when selecting anApplication Development company?

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    What are the total costs and timelines for the App Development?

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    Which platforms and technologies are most suitable for App Development?

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    Can you provide AR/VR app maintenance and support after the App is Developed?

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