Scale Your Business Through Our Product Launch and Growth Hacking Services

product launch and growth hackingWe have a dedicated team of product launch and growth hacking who believe in launching your product to the next level. Moreover, Our product marketers have 8+ years of experience in creating a defined product strategy that helps businesses to make 8 figures in the future.

We know the importance of doing an effective product launch because we care about you. As a product launch and growth hacking company, we take care of all the business requirements starting from creating a product launch checklist to marketing your product across all the channels.  

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    Why Product Launch and Growth Hacking?

    Why Choose Our Product Launch And Growth Hacking Service?

    cost effective solution

    Cost Effective Solution

    We believe in taking businesses to the next level. Our team members never compromise with quality aspect as our prime moto is to provide 100% satisfaction to our clients. Furthermore, We promise you that this collaboration will do wonders for your business.
    customer centric approach

    Customer Centric Approach

    As a product launch company, we tend to follow a customer-centric approach. Usually, We believe in understanding client requirements first and then focusing on delivering customized campaigns.

    Dedicated Expertise

    We have a team of dedicated product marketers and growth hackers who have 10+ years of experience in launching the product. In addition, We have successfully delivered more than 100+ product launches so we know how to tap the market by using proven strategies that worked well for many clients.

    Take Advantage of Product Launch and Growth Hacking Agency

    As a growth hacker agency, we help you launch your product in the market and make businesses hit the ballpark figure. Ultimately, Our goal is to stay with businesses all the time helping them to turn their venture into revenue generating machine.  

    Product Launch And Growth Hacking Process At BigOh

    product launch process

    Market Research

    Conduct Market Research

    At BigOh , we start our product launch process by doing research about target audience and customers. We also perform competitive analysis to find out how our product is different from our competitors. In this stage, we focus on creating a perfect market strategy that aligns with your business goals.
    Target Audience

    Figure Out Target Audience

    After doing market research, our next step is to identify specific target audience that we want to cater. There is a phrase “targeting everyone means targeting no one”. Here, we create marketing personas to find our ideal customer avatar.
    product launch

    Right Time To Launch Your Product 

    Once we figured our right audience for our product, it’s the right time to decide the launch date. We believe in taking first mover advantage for making our product visible in the eyes of customers but at the same time we keep an eye on competitors.
    marketing plan

    Develop An Effective Marketing Plan

    Here, we create a detailed marketing plan checklist to build awareness about our product. We ensure that the launch of product is successful only when its real customers start using it. We take decisions with respect to running campaigns on social media, leverage the power of social media and create multi-channel marketing program.

    Promoting Product On Social Media

    Our expert team of product designers select the right marketing channel to do promotional activities. Here are the few strategies that our growth hackers at BigOhTech uses - Search engine optimization, Search engine marketing, Influencer marketing ,and E-mail marketing

    Client Success Stories

    Take A Look At Our Achievements



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    HCL Music

    • Grillhouse wanted BigOhTech to enhance their app with multiple inventories….

    Product Launch and Growth Hacking FAQs

    What do you do as a growth hacking agency?

    As a growth hacking agency, we do provide the following services : 

    • Firstly, Do some research to identify potential growth opportunities and target markets.
    • Secondly, Analyze data to track performance, identify trends, and make an informed data-driven decision.
    • Thirdly, Developing and executing creative campaigns across different social media channels.
    • Finally, Running A/B tests to measure the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns and strategies.
    How does BigOhTech assist companies in the product launch process?

    We do assist companies in product launch processes, Not only do we help them in developing functional requirements of the product but also in prioritizing the features list and executing them in a tech-enabled product.

    How do you measure success in this type of project?

    Success in this type of the project is usually measured on the following factors: 

    • Go to Market Date : Earlier your product is in the market, Better is the success for the product.
    • Active DAU and MAU: These are the key parameters to measure the success.
    Can you help with user acquisition and retention strategies?

    Yes , we can help with User acquisition and retention strategies

    • Build a targeted customer base and understand your audience.
    • Use social media to reach the desired audience.
    • Optimize your websites for search engines.
    • Use paid advertising, and run different PPC campaigns.