About the customer

  • Careem is a cab-for hire organisation which is based in Dubai. It runs its operations in more than 100 cities, covering 15 countries including South Asia, Africa & Middle East. It is enlarging its services across its platform to include mass transportation, delivery and payments to become the region’s everyday SuperApp.


Automobile & Food


Android, IOS, Blackberry, J2EE, Spring MVC, Pubnub, Google Map

Project Duration


Project Details

  • The main objective of the client was to enhance their business and get their cab booked for any destination. They wanted to gain huge popularity particularly through Dubai tourism therefore they wanted to set their tablets at the front desk of the various hotels so that the guests and hotel staff can book their cabs only.


  • Client earlier had “Business to Consumer” B2C revenue stream & Dubai, being an overseas tourist destination, client wanted to grab an opportunity where businesses & their staff can motivate their guests to use careem for cab booking. 
  • Clients wanted to get “word of mouth” globally with the help of tourism but that couldn’t be accomplished since hotel staff were only focused on getting the cabs booked by their competitors.  
  • Guests had inconvenience while booking a cab and scheduling it, since they do not have internet access in a new country & thus, they rely on front desk to plan their local trip & book the cab.  
  • Since, the front-desk staff referred guests to the competitors’ cabs after gaining a particular bonus. Hence, the client was facing losses.

Our Approach

  • Install a tablet on the hotel lobby through which the hotel staff or guests can directly book a ride for any destination. Passengers can connect through consumer mobile apps whereas drivers can connect through driver apps.  
  • When a cab is booked from particular destination certain points are earned by that specific property which can be reimbursed twice a month to the referrals.  
  • Hotel property earns certain cashback points on every cab booking; hence they are motivated to give more business to the client.  
  • A new revenue channel was introduced which can be used by affiliates as a referral bonus to hotels and their staff.  
  • User can easily track the car’s location and get an alert message when it arrives 
  • Users can book the cars, track their location, post reviews and pay via multiple payment modes. 


  • Users can easily book a ride now as per their convenience. In fact, even drivers can easily track their passengers while coming to pick them up. 
  • Right from surviving to thriving, client enhanced their business from various hotels, making their staff as their primary sales person.  
  • Affiliates earn huge commissions on every booking which they can easily reimburse twice a month. 
  • With the help of our Niche Technology, Careem became the success story of Dubai & was recently acquired by Uber for 3.1 billion Dollar.