About the Customer

Careem is a cab-for-hire organization based in Dubai, operating in over 100 cities across 15 countries, including South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. It is expanding its services to include mass transportation, delivery, and payments, aiming to become the region’s everyday SuperApp.

Project Details

The main objective of the client was to enhance their business and increase cab bookings for any destination. They aimed to gain significant popularity, particularly through Dubai tourism, by placing tablets at the front desks of various hotels, allowing guests and hotel staff to book their cabs directly.

Fintech Case Study


On-Demand Services


Design, Development & Launch


  • Previously, the client had a “Business to Consumer” (B2C) revenue stream. 
  • Given Dubai’s status as an overseas tourist destination, the client wanted to leverage an opportunity where businesses and their staff could encourage guests to use Careem for cab bookings. 
  • However, this could not be accomplished as hotel staff were focused on booking cabs with competitors. Guests faced inconvenience booking and scheduling cabs due to lack of internet access in a new country, relying on the front desk to plan their local trips and book cabs. 
  • The front desk staff often referred guests to competitors’ cabs to gain bonuses, resulting in losses for Careem.

Our Approach

  • We installed tablets in hotel lobbies, enabling hotel staff or guests to book rides directly. Passengers could connect through consumer mobile apps, while drivers connected through driver apps. 
  • When a cab is booked from a specific location, the property earns points that can be reimbursed twice a month. Hotel properties earn cashback points on every cab booking, motivating them to increase business for Careem. 
  • A new revenue channel was introduced, offering referral bonuses to hotels and their staff. Users could easily track the car’s location and receive alert messages upon arrival. 
  • They could book cars, track locations, post reviews, and pay through multiple payment modes.


  • Users can now easily book rides at their convenience. 
  • Drivers can efficiently track passengers when picking them up. 
  • Careem’s business enhanced significantly through hotel partnerships, turning hotel staff into primary salespersons. 
  • Affiliates earn substantial commissions on every booking, reimbursable twice a month. 
  • With our niche technology, Careem became a success story in Dubai and was recently acquired by Uber for $3.1 billion.


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