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Responsive web development servicesBigOhTech is a top responsive web design company. With experience spanning over 8 years, we at BigOh are experts in developing responsive web solutions that are secure and scalable. We build SEO-friendly, adaptive, and easily navigable websites that fit in different screen resolutions, giving users an unforgettable, app-like experience.   

As a leading responsive website designing company, our team of developers keeps your business needs in mind and aims to provide web solutions that gather more engagement and 5X brand visibility. Our solutions are intended to save a user’s time and be cost-effective for the business.    

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    Responsive Web Design & Development Services

    Why Choose Our Responsive Web Design & Development Service?

    dedicated web development team

    Dedicated Web Development Team

    We provide you with the best in business, a highly motivated and dedicated web development team that works round-the-clock to provide services and support to increase your profitability. Our expert team combine the best, most suitable and latest web designs, web development & SEO techniques that give our clients an edge in the market.
    careful project analysis planning and strategy

    Careful Project Analysis, Planning and Strategy

    Our experienced & dedicated team carefully studies and analyses all the project details and gets together to discuss and strategize even the tiniest of details before jumping into the responsive website designing process. We believe in keeping our clients updated about the progress of the project by providing frequent reports that highlight the project status.
    competitive costing

    Competitive Costing

    At BigOh, we understand that a responsive website creation that resonates with your target audience doesn't have to break the bank. We provide all the required resources at a significantly lower cost, making BigOh the most affordable yet effective responsive web design company for your business.
    quality and result oriented

    Quality and Result-Oriented

    At BigOhTech, we are committed to delivering exceptional responsive web design services that drive results. We work to deliver exceptional results through a blend of innovation, expertise, and seamless communication. Our focus on perfection ensures your goals are achieved, leading to increased traffic, brand loyalty, and customer engagement.
    Fostering Long-Term Relationships

    Fostering Long-Term Relationships Through Our Services

    We aim to forge a long-term, warm relationship with clients through our excellent and dedicated services and teams. Our excellent track record proves the same. We take pride in giving life to your visions and keeping them up and running. 
    user centric approach

    User-Centric Approach

    We focus on creating seamless and intuitive user experiences, ensuring that your website adapts flawlessly to various devices and screen sizes. By prioritizing user needs and behaviors, we enhance engagement, satisfaction, and overall usability, providing a website that caters to the diverse preferences of your audience.

    Build Your Custom Web Solutions with the Best Responsive Web Design Company - BigOhTech

    Our web solutions intend to save a user’s time and be cost-effective for the business. We assist you to turn your ideas into a profitable business solution with our well-structured development approach that starts with strategy, followed by product design, and development and ends with quality assurance.  

    Responsive Web Design and Development Process

    The responsive web designing process involves several key phases, each playing a crucial role in crafting a website that meets the needs of today’s diverse digital landscape. Our web creation services aim to transform your raw, ambitious ideas into well-functioning, scalable, and profitable applications. These applications increase brand visibility and accessibility by 10X and bear business fruits. 

    We follow a clear and meticulous process to create the most secure and engaging web solutions. The following are the steps undertaken:

    responsive web design process


    Plan and Strategize

    By carefully planning and strategizing, we can ensure that the responsive web design meets the client's needs and delivers the desired results.

    Design, Develop and Test

    We prepare designs as per customer requirements and keep an open window for the introduction of breakpoints if needed. Thereafter, we develop the product and test it for quality assurance purposes.

    Deploy, Review and Launch

    The final stage of the responsive web design and development process involves deploying the website to a live server, conducting thorough testing, and officially launching the site to the public.

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    Two Iterations

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    Technologies We Use in Responsive Web Design & Development Service

    • Tools
    • Platforms
    • Programming languages
    • Technologies
    • Database
    • IDE
    Developer Tools

    Developer Tools











    Web Apps

    Web Apps





    Es6 and Es7

    Es6 and Es7









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    Local Storage

    Local Storage

    Session Storage

    Session Storage



    Visual Studio Code

    Visual Studio Code



    Text Chrome

    Text Chrome

    Client Success Stories

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    Responsive Web Design & Development FAQs

    How can you make sure a website is responsive and functional across all platforms?

    Website is responsive without actually buying devices of different width sizes.

    website doesn’t break on tablets and different smartphones.

    How long it takes an MVP to complete a project to develop a responsive web page?

    A normal Go to market time for an MVP is around 3-5 months. Within this time frame a product can be in a ready-to-launch state.

    How do you manage change throughout the project?

    We always provide flexibility to the clients and accommodate changes. To lower the cost of changes, we prefer using common components which enable us to make the change in one place and get it covered throughout.

    Has your team ever worked with a team outside India?

    Yes, we do have a vast clientele covering North American geography as well. BigOh has its footprints in the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Middle East Asia. Our team is well aware of various cultures and comfortable working in your timezone with max overlap available.

    What are the different tech stacks for which you can provide the resources right away?

    We can provide Technical resources for J2EE, Node, Angular, React, Swift (iOS), Kotlin (Android), and Managerial Roles such as QA, BA, PM, Technical Architect, and CTO’s.

    What is the total size of your Bench resources?

    Our total bench strength is around 2-4 resources per stack, raising the total strength to be approx. 30. 

    How soon can we get resources on board for our projects?

    After completing formalities such as signing NDAs, we can have the resources onboarded within 24 hours.

    Do we have an offering where we can onboard the entire team, responsible for end-to-end development?

    Yes we do have offerings such as Team Augmentation where we cover the entire development stack (Right from the development team, to PM’s and Tech Lead we got you all covered).

    What is the minimum quantum for engagement of a particular resource?

    We usually have a 3-month minimum subscription period and a 15-day trial period per resource. This gives you an option to try before you buy.

    What is the lead time and notice period for a resource?

    Resources of J2EE, Angular and React are usually available right away. For other tech resources are available within a lead time of 15-20 days or less.

    Do we sign an NDA on behalf of the resource who is being hired?

    Yes we do sign an NDA on the behalf of the resource we are getting on boarded.

    How do you communicate and collaborate with your onshore counterpart in general?

    We are open to all channels for communication, ranging from Slack, e-mail even whatsapp for reaching out quickly.

    If I hire dedicated developers, do you accept delivery responsibility?

    Yes, we are responsible for the delivery of our developers. Considering the facts, all the hindrances and other blockers have already been taken care of.

    How much does it cost to build a responsive website?

    Responsive web design costs can vary widely, depending on the size and complexity of the project. Professionals from a web design company consider many factors when they build websites, so the price range is extensive. Connect with our expert to know the exact cost of your project. 

    Which technology do you use for responsive web design?

    There are a number of technologies that can be used for RWD, but some of the most common include: HTML5, Typescript, JavaScript, Es6 and Es7, and CSS.