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As a leading provider of IoT solutions, we specialize in developing innovative apps that harness the power of the Internet of Things (IoT).

With 15+ years of experience in IoT application development services, we are here to make businesses SMARTER by providing a SMART ecosystem that increases your business productivity, maximizes your ROI and secures your connected devices.

Whether you’re looking to automate processes, improve efficiency, or enhance customer experiences, we’re here to turn your IoT vision into reality.

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    Scalable and Custom Solutions from Top IoT App Development.

    With a dedicated team of 90+ IoT developers and consultants, we help small businesses and mid-size enterprises achieve their digital transformation goals by turning analog products into SMART technologies. This makes your customers’ lives more convenient.  

    We have successfully handled various IoT projects in different industry sectors such as retail, real estate, electronics, healthcare, etc. By investing in our custom IoT app development solutions, you can enhance your operational efficiency, automate your workflows, and unlock valuable data insights.

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    BigOh is an IoT Application Development Company

    Dedicated IoT Developers

    Dedicated IoT Developers

    Our IoT app developers keep themselves up to date with the latest trends and assist companies on how to take full advantage of this technology in streaming their business processes and providing a better customer experience. With us, you will not experience a delay in any of your projects because we are committed to delivering solutions on time.

    Multi-Field Solutions

    Multi-Field Solutions

    As an IoT app development company, we’ll help you achieve your IoT goals no matter what your business size is. Our experts have multi-domain expertise in building custom IoT solutions for different industries such as smart homes & buildings, healthcare, retail, wearable, banking & insurance, automotive & transportation.

    Continuous Support

    Continuous Support

    As business needs evolve and so does technology, we ensure that your IoT-enabled products remain up to date. We’ll provide you with ongoing support and maintenance so that your IoT applications support connected devices.

    Ongoing Routine Optimization

    Our industry experts help you in delivering IoT app development solutions that are confined to high-quality standards. At the same time, we’ll adopt the best optimization practices for IoT devices to keep your costs under control and bring a steady flow of revenue to your business.

    Huge Cost Savings

    Huge Cost Savings

    Investing in our IoT app development services ensures that smart solutions developed by us provide the best possible returns to you. In addition, our tech wizards make the best use of optimization strategies and fine-tune your business processes before they become a costly affair.

    Tech-Added Values

    We use a structured approach and possess a technical knack for building modern IoT apps that delight your customers. Our motto is to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds by developing innovative solutions that provide a competitive edge to our clients.

    IoT App Development Process

    iot app development process

    IOT Consulting

    Consulting and Planning

    In this step, we will consult with you and gather inputs before developing an IoT-enabled app such as the app’s purpose, target audience, and features. Understanding user requirements is important for us to fine-tune the app.

    Design & Discovery

    Next, our product team will sit with designers to decide the visuals and what functionalities are required in the IoT product and its admin panel. They will map the user’s journey to create user-centric designs that are easy to use, and users can resonate with.
    Hardware selection

    Hardware Selection

    Based on your business needs, we’ll choose the hardware and platforms required for creating IoT apps such as sensors, microcontrollers, communication modules, actuators, etc.
    Platform selection

    Platform Selection and Rapid Prototype Development

    Now, we’ll work on converting your inputs into a prototype so that you can see what the IoT-enabled app looks like.

    Compliance and Certification

    We will assist you in applying for patents, compliances, and certifications from the appropriate government body so you can confidently launch your IoT products in the market.

    Production and Deployment

    After you comply with the necessary compliances and obtain certification, you can scale up production by collaborating with either an onshore or offshore IoT development service provider.

    Why our clients love us the most?

    Enhance Your Business Proficiency with IoT App Development Solutions

    Over the years we’ve helped various businesses in different niches with custom IoT application development solutions that help you meet your business challenges at affordable cost. No matter if your business needs an Industrial IoT, Consumer IoT, or healthcare IoT solution, we will help you kickstart your digital transformation journey, so you get more business revenue.

    FAQs regarding IoT App Development

    What is IoT application development?

    IoT app development is related to crafting unique solutions where different devices are connected. By connecting these cloud-based apps through the internet, businesses can perform multifaceted functions such as remote monitoring, predictive maintenance notifications, etc.  

    There’s no manual intervention required; all the interactions are based on the M2M principle (machine to machine). 

    What are the examples of IoT applications?

    A few examples of IoT apps include Google Home, Spothero, Latch, etc.   

    Say for instance – Google Smart Home is an IoT-enabled app that allows users to manage homes from lighting to cameras to knowing weather forecasts or controlling the noise level of TV. 

    How much does it cost to develop an IoT app?

    To give you an estimate, the cost of developing a simple IoT application range between $10000- $50000. While, if you want to go for extensive features such as geolocation, encryption, and third-party APIs, then it would cost you $50000- $250000.  

    Various factors affect the development cost of IoT-enabled apps such as -  

    • How simple or complex the application is  
    • Country   
    • Size of Company  
    • Development process  
    • Developers' cost per hour 
    • Security  

    How do you ensure the security of IoT applications?

    You can keep your IoT devices secure by employing the following measures-  

    • Choose IoT devices wisely. They should comply with industry standards.  
    • Update your IoT apps regularly.  
    • Using secure communication protocols (TLS/SSL) is a MUST.  
    • Encrypt your IoT data to prevent unauthorized access  

    What are the advantages of outsourcing IoT app development?

    Outsourcing to an IoT application development company provides several advantages-  

    • You will save at least 60% of the total project cost. When you outsource an IoT app development project, you need not worry about spending money on hiring, training, or paying regular salaries to the in-house employees.  
    • By partnering with an app development company with IoT expertise, you can save time. They will handle the entire development process ranging from ideation to deployment. 
    • Your business processes will become more efficient. Not every founder has sound technical knowledge. That’s why they need a helping hand who has more expertise in creating IoT apps.