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Blockchain App developmentWe are a reputed blockchain app development company with years of experience and expertise in developing and managing secure, decentralized solutions.  

We are helping businesses tap into a decentralized ecosystem & enjoy a wide range of benefits that come with blockchain app development solutions. Build your first blockchain app with us and add scalability, transparency, and security to your business ecosystem. 

BigOh has proved to be one of the best blockchain application development companies that offer you a highly skilled and dedicated team of Blockchain developers , SME and other experts as per business requirements. We are experts in building next-gen Decentralized Apps (dApps) for your business needs. 

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    Blockchain App Development Services

    Why Choose Our Blockchain App Development Service?

    dedicated team

    Dedicated Blockchain Developers

    Our skilled and professional blockchain app developers handhold companies as they get familiar with the concept of blockchain technology and incorporate it effectively in their business models by building robust blockchain nodes.

    Multi-industry Blockchain Solutions

    Our blockchain app developers are experts in building solutions for various industries such as Finance & Payments, Retail, Supply chain, Education & Learning, Voting & Government, Music & Entertainment, Travel & Tourism, Real Estate, and Legal. 

    Use of Robust Technology

    Our holistic approach and state-of-the-art technology use help enterprises to add value to their businesses and get ahead of their competitors in the modern, technology-driven marketplace.
    expert guidance

    Expert Guidance

    Leverage BigOh’s extensive knowledge and experience for cost-effective, affordable solutions without having to comprise on performance, options and flexibility.

    Strong Foundation

    With a pragmatic approach undertaken for blockchain software architecture, BigOh develops a robust structure that fits in and complements the business model in long run.
    cost effective


    We offer all the required resources at a significantly lower cost, making BigOh the best and most effective blockchain development company.

    Make Your Business Highly Secure with Our Blockchain App Development Solutions

    With our advance Blockchain solutions, make your business more secure, efficient, and scalable. Build your first decentralized app with BigOh’s wide range of affordable, cost-effective, and custom blockchain application development solutions, catering to the needs of your business.

    Blockchain App Development Process

    blockchain app development process


    Consulting and Requirement Analysis

    We begin by addressing important questions like what, and how blockchain technology can benefit your business. Then we analyze your business requirements and deliver a blockchain development roadmap and functionalities to be included.

    UI/UX Design and Prototype

    In the next step, we work out the UI/UX designs to ensure that they are user-friendly, interactive and engaging. After designing, we develop a prototype for the Blockchain product and test the prototype for suitable designs.
    Blockchain development

    Blockchain Development

    The next crucial step is developing the Blockchain application or software after rounds of initial feedbacks and recommendations.

    Testing and Quality assurance

    Our highly skilled developers run test rounds to ensure delivering quality and user satisfaction.

    Product Deployment

    After development and test runs, the product is deployed smoothly. We ensure to deliver the Blockchain product in a timely manner and following a structured approach.
    Support and maintenance

    Support and Maintenance

    We offer our clients with excellent and constant after development maintenance and support to keep the product bug free.

    Technologies We Use in Blockchain App Development

    • Tools
    • Platforms
    • Programming languages
    • Technologies
    • Database
    Android Studio

    Android Studio

    Google Fit SDK

    Google Fit SDK

    Google Assistant SDK

    Google Assistance SDK

    Open GL


    Android Auto

    Android Auto

    AR Core


    Android Tablet

    Android Tablet

    Android Phones

    Android Phones

    Android Desktop App Development

    Android Desktop

    Android Foldable Development

    Android Fordable

    Android Wear

    Android Wear OS

    Kotlin App Development


    Java Development






    Android SDK

    Android SDK

    Android Native Kit

    Android Native Dev Kit (NDK)





    Jetpack Compose

    Jetpack Compose - Android Compose UI





    Blockchain App Development FAQs

    What are the functional and nonfunctional Blockchain App requirements?

    Functional requirements for a dApp include:

    - Decentralization: Ensuring the app is built on a decentralized, distributed network.

    - Interoperability: Ensuring the app works with other dApps and blockchain networks.

    - Autonomy: Ensuring the app is self-executing and autonomous.

    - Trustlessness: Ensuring the app does not require trust from its users.

    Nonfunctional requirements for a dApp include:

    - Scalability: Ensuring the dApp can handle an increasing number of users and transactions.

    - Availability: Ensuring the dApp is available at all times to its users.

    - Security: Ensuring the data is secure and protected from any unauthorized access.

    - Performance: Ensuring the dApp response quickly and reliably, even under load.

    - Usability: Ensuring the dApp is easy to use and understand.

    Technical Requirement:

    - Blockchain App or dApp must require a smart contract with blockchain.

    - Gas Fees for smart contract programming

    - Solidity Programming Language for Smart Contracts

    - Tokenization 

    - Decentralized Storage

    - Big Query

    - Choosing Blockchain as a platform - like Eithirum.

    - Understanding of immutables - once it’s uploaded to the blockchain it can’t be changed.

    How can blockchain APIs be integrated into existing mobile apps?

    For building an API that can interact with blockchain we can use - alchemy SDK and Ethers.js. Integrating blockchain APIs into existing mobile apps is a complex process that requires a deep understanding of the underlying technologies and how they interact. There are several steps involved in the process, such as:

    • Setting up the blockchain platform: The first step is to set up the blockchain platform, such as Ethereum or Hyperledger, and configure it for the specific needs of the app.
    • Developing the smart contract: A smart contract needs to be developed to provide the logic and rules for executing automated transactions.
    • Integrating the distributed ledger: The distributed ledger needs to be integrated into the existing mobile app in order to provide secure and immutable data storage.
    • Implementing cryptography: Cryptography needs to be implemented in order to provide secure communication and data encryption.

    Implementing consensus algorithms: Consensus algorithms are used to validate transactions and ensure the data stored on the blockchain remains consistent.

    What Blockchain App Development support and maintenance services are available?

    The following support and maintenance services are available for Blockchain App Development:

    • Troubleshooting and bug fixes
    • Software upgrades and version control
    • Performance optimization
    • Security monitoring and patches
    • User support and training
    • Data backup and recovery
    • Network and system administration