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Product developmentBig Oh helps companies at each stage of product development from ideation and testing a product with MVP, to finding a perfect product-market fit & scaling.  

At Big Oh, we use the lean startup approach and scrum framework to deliver digital products that generate value for our clients. We not only streamline the entire process but also bring the right people, strategies & framework to the table and help you build great products for startups and enterprises across the industry verticals.  

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    Our Product Development Services

    Why choose our Product Development?

    Talent Pool

    Our Strong Talent Pool

    Our strong talent pool with deep domain knowledge & experience provides robust product features that will create business impact.
    Protect Your Idea

    Protect Your Idea

    Every project starts with an NDA. We make sure that your IP is always safe & secure. 

    Consultation and Assessment

    We discuss the idea & inform client about Project Planning & Execution Strategy. 

    Project Scoping

    In our scoping sessions, we value client’s propositions, characterize the product features & formulate a well-defined scope of work.

    Estimation and Proposal

    Depending on the complexity of the project, we give the client an estimation & submit a detailed proposal with cost, timeline & project execution model.  

    Product Maintenance

    Big Oh takes care of the project’s administrative tasks, providing your team with a chance to focus only on the most important business goals. 

    Transform your business with Big Oh's product development service

    Begin your technical transformation journey today with Big Oh’s full cycle product development services. We assist you achieve your digital and technical business goals faster and efficiently with reliable and scalable products.  

    Full-cycle product development stages

    At Big Oh, we follow structured full-cycle product development stages    

    Process fcpd

    Product prototype

    Product Prototyping

    A good prototype will help you estimate the prospect of your project without spending a lot of money. Our team of experts will analyze your ideas & business goals to come up with cost efficient solution.

    MVP Development

    It is the product that’s launched in the market with features, to gain the attention of customers to get valuable feedback and improve it iteratively.
    Market fit

    Product –Market Fit

    At this stage, we test, analyze & iterate the product in cycles to achieve a perfect fit for the market and draw conclusions that will serve for subsequent iteration.
    Product scaling

    Product Scaling

    After validating product hypotheses and finding the perfect market fit, it is time to scale up and build a viable product. Our team will lay out a plan for refactoring and building a sustainable, scalable & secure system. 

    Technologies we use in product development service

    • Tools
    • Platforms
    • Programming languages
    • Technologies
    • Database

    Android Studio

    Google Fit SDK

    Google Assistance SDK


    Android Auto


    Android Phones

    Android Tablet

    Android Wear OS

    Android Desktop

    Android Fordable






    Android SDK

    Android Native Dev Kit (NDK)



    Jetpack Compose - Android Compose UI



    Client Success Stories

    Take a look at Our Achievements


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    Product Development FAQs

    Can you provide references or case studies from previous full-cycle product development projects?

    Please check out BigOh's Portfolio

    What is the process of full cycle product development?

     Product Discovery : First gather the requirement, With the help of BA’s and SME’s we gather the requirement which covers persona study and User study

    1. Design the UI / UX for the application / web panel
    2. Post that we develop our backlog and collate the features into logical sprints
    3. Post this each Sprints start getting build 
    4. Testing happens in parallel, We usually follow test as we code
    5. First iteration is passed to the business stakeholders for review after every 2 sprints (It can be more frequent as well, As per the needs)
    6. Once the first phase of the product is ready same is launched into the market
    7. Repetitive iterations of the launch also takes place, An average frequency is normally of once in 2 month. Functional features get added as per the needs of the application.
    What are the benefits of using a full cycle product development?

    Benefits of full cycle product development : 

    1. Since, all the activities are happening under one roof it ensures better connectivity and increase efficiency
    2. Better coordination, This improves coordination since all the teams are easily accessible there is better coordination among the design, testing and development team
    3. Faster time to market : The process is more systematic since it is under one roof and whole product is managed by one manager, He has a hang of all the team and can get identify and raise the risks if any quite early
    What is the project's development timeline and budget?

    Project’s development timeline can be exactly determined after the scoping session.

    Do you have an in-house product designer for full cycle product development?

    Yes, We do have an In - House team of both UI/UX designer to assist in the design and discovery phase of the product development.

    What do you believe is the key to successful product development?

     Clarity in the thoughts of what is being built and what needs to come as an output is the core ingredient that defines the success of the project. Along with this understanding of the end consumer problems, regular feedback from the end consumers and effective team collaboration can easily make the product hit.

    Who are the project's key stakeholders, and what are their roles and responsibilities?

    Key Stakeholders

    Product Manager: Responsible for defining and hashing out the requirements. He is the key person who can tell what the requirements are and what is the acceptance criteria around the requirements

    Product Designer: Responsible for developing a UI/UX design for the product which is rich and following the latest UI trends and avoiding the hindrance from UX point of view

    Solution Architect: Responsible for studying the systems and figuring out the technical hindrance and solutions to these hindrance

    Developer: Responsible for the coding of the product

    Technical Architect: Responsible for reviewing and maintaining technical health of the product

    QA: Responsible for figuring out if the product is matching the accepted criteria or not

    Consumer : The ultimate stakeholder who will actually use the product and will be benefited from the same