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wearable app developmentBig Oh Notation is a leading wearable app development company. We offer an extensive array of wearable app development services, including modern technologies such as smartwatch apps for both Android and iOS platforms. Our team can create user-centric wearable apps for a variety of wearable devices such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, VR headsets, and Medical Fitness Bands, among other devices.  

Our expert wearable app development team creates feature-rich wearable apps that facilitate the fulfilment of your business objectives, provide customized solutions to your customers, and allow you to ramp up marketing efforts at any time.

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    Wearable App Development Services

    Why choose our wearable app development service?

    Dedicated Team

    Dedicated Wearables App Development Team

    We at Big Oh have a highly skilled and dedicated team of top wearables app developers who help us transform your ideas into well-functioning, scalable and secure apps.
    Timely Deliveries

    Timely Deliveries

    Our team has worked on more than 50 wearable projects with on-time delivery and a shorter product development cycle. Time is money and we respect both.
    Stand Out

    Stand Out With Our Unique, Modern Solutions 

    We at Big Oh keep monitoring the last technological developments and trends in the industry. Thereafter, we brainstorm unique and creative solutions to help our clients stay ahead in the game.

    Communication Protocol Compatibility

    We specialize in protocols like MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport), HTTP, WebSocket, etc., and offer our clients accessibility across multiple platforms or languages. 
    Data Security

    Data Security

    The massive security concerns for wearable device applications are two-factor authentication, ensuring security browsers & secure cloud access. We ensure the encryption of basic data at the front end and the security of sensitive information at the back end. 

    Diversify Your Business With Our Wearable App Development Service

    With a highly skilled team of wearables app developers, we help you to transform your already existing business apps into wearables and put your marketing efforts in sync with company requirements. We like to keep ourselves abreast of industry trends to develop wearable app solutions that would help our clients to flourish. 

    Wearable App Development Process

    We follow an approach to application development that helps you create your presence across various devices and platforms. This enables businesses to increase their visibility by 10X.   

    We follow the agile approach to wearable application development to ensure unambiguity and clarity. This enables us to identify potential hiccups and create an application that gives optimal results.   

    wearable app development process



    The first and foremost step involves planning.

    Design, develop and test

    After planning comes - designing, coding and testing. Testing can be both, in-house or by the business itself.

    Deploy, review and launch

    Then the wearable application is deployed, reviewed and finally, launched.

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    We help you develop apps for smartwatches, fitness trackers, and smart glasses

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    Min 80 hours per Month 

    Min 2 months contract 

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    7 days Lead time

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    Technologies we use in wearable app development

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    spring boot

    Spring Boot






    Client Success Stories

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    Wearable App Development FAQs

    What are the different wearable Apps that you have developed so far?

    We've created apps for fitness and health tech companies that range from tracking fitness metrics to streaming audio and music to assisting users in navigating and mapping outdoor activities like running, cycling, and hiking.

    Can I launch my App in multiple languages?

    Android and iOS wearables can support multiple languages with the help of internationalization. With minor changes and adhering to accepted industry standards, we can assist you in developing an app that can operate in multiple languages.

    Can you also help in end to end product development for Wearable App?

    Yes, you heard correctly. We have every expert you could possibly need for your wearable, including a business analyst, an in-house designer, a wearable app developer, and a backend developer.

    We have extensive industry knowledge to provide you with all key ingredients for a successful Wearable App.

    How will the user interface and user experience be designed for a small wearable screen?

    Our product designers create visually appealing and engaging user interfaces for even the smallest wearable screen. We not only assist you in designing a visually appealing user experience, but we also review your existing designs using a 5-day design sprint and design heuristics.

    Is it possible to reuse my app code with the Wearables code base?

    Yes, we can reuse code in both Android, IOS, and Wearables apps using modular code practice, with the exception of code written specifically for wearables.