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shopify app developmentWe deliver an optimal shopping experience to your customers with a feature-rich, multi-store setup, with payment gateway integrations e-commerce store. Big-Oh is a premier Shopify app development company that provides website design and development services for online stores. Our end goal is to create an online store that is aesthetically set up with custom features like third-party API integrations, ERP connectors, attractive UI, easy navigation, custom pricing apps & customer management apps designed to meet your unique business needs.  

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    Shopify App Development Services

    Why choose our shopify app development service?

    Dedicated Shopify Developers

    Dedicated Shopify Developers

    Our experienced Shopify developers hold years of experience in creating online stores. Leverage our experience and expertise to enhance your online business and stay ahead in the game with the latest technological advancements.
    Project Management

    Hassle-Free Project Management

    Our professional project managers keep you relieved of complex management issues that arise during product development.
    Flexible Engagement

    Flexible Engagement Models

    We offer you the flexibility to hire a Shopify programmer online; on a monthly, full-time, part-time, or hourly basis, as per your requirement.

    Transparency Guaranteed

    We ensure clear and continuous communication throughout the development process. Transparency is one of our core business values.

    Third-Party Integrations On Shopify App

    We perform third-party integrations based on the unique needs of a business. This makes the Shopify app more accessible and multi-feature, thus providing an enhanced user experience.

    Feature-Rich Shopify App

    Apart from an excellent UI, our developers make powerful and feature-rich Shopify apps to increase your business productivity in leaps and bounds.

    Increase Your Sales Through Shopify App Development service

    Our dedicated Shopify app development team understands your specific business requirements and builds a website that assists in capturing more traffic and revenue whilst providing a superlative online experience to your customers.   

    Shopify App Development Process

    Our Shopify web developers help businesses to create a presence in the e-commerce marketplace and reap the benefits of an online platform. Businesses enjoy more visibility and sales through our expertise in Shopify web development services.    

    We follow the below-mentioned steps to create the perfect, scalable Shopify web development solutions:  

    shopify development process



    The first and foremost step involves planning.

    Design, develop and test

    After planning comes - designing, coding and testing. Testing can be both, in-house or by the business itself.

    Deploy, review and launch

    Then the Shopify application is deployed, reviewed and finally, launched.

    Choose from Our Flexible engagement Models for Shopify App Development

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    Min 80 hours per Month 

    Min 2 months contract 

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    Min 3 months contract 

    7 days Lead time

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    Code Audit & Review

    One Shopify Web App

    One Middleware/Backend 

    Two Iterations

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    Technologies we use in shopify app development

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    • Database


    Custom android

    Custom android

    Custom iOS

    Custom iOS














    Client Success Stories

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    HCL Concerts is considered as India’s biggest & longest running live Indian music platform….

    HCL Music

    • Grillhouse wanted BigOhtech to enhance their app with multiple inventories….

    Shopify App Development FAQs

    Have you developed any custom app for Shopify, which is live in the Shopify platform?

    We are Shopify experts with a large number of live Apps on the Shopify platform. We have extensive experience developing custom apps using Shopify Rest and graphQL Apis.

    Do you have any Liquid JS team inhouse developers to help in Shopify-related activity?

    Yes, we have 5-8 Liquid JS developers on staff who can customize your Shopify theme to your specifications. We can also assist you in developing Shopify middleware and coding any Shopify custom requirements that your company may have.

    How easy is it to integrate my Shopify store with other platforms and systems?

    It's very easy to integrate with other platforms and systems with the use of Shopify plugins. If paid and free plugins are not available, your only option is to develop custom plugins, shopify middleware, and themes using the secure Shopify API.

    How does Shopify handle security and data protection for custom code and third-party integrations?

    The Shopify App uses HTTPS and server side rendering to prevent API calls from being visible on the network tab. You are always protected by a secured API that uses tokens, even if you want to use the Shopify API.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Shopify as an e-commerce platform?

    Shopify is a simple platform to get started with, but it may not be the best choice if your business is growing rapidly. Scaling a business necessitates extensive customization, which Shopify can accommodate but at a high cost.

    What are the common challenges in leveraging Shopify apis for our applications or any other client-server?

    Shopify Admin APIs have an API rate and throttling limit. This makes it extremely difficult for developers to deal with this disadvantage.

    Is it possible to handle multiple currencies and run multiple stores using Shopify?
    • Yes shopify can handle both multiple currencies and multiple store setup using a single Shopify Admin account. This is only possible in shopify premium accounts.
    Would you be able to assist me in migrating from woocommerce to shopify?

    Yes, we can help you migrate from WooCommerce to Shopify but migrating data might be a complex affair if you have loads of customer and transaction data but we got you covered.