WhatsApp Chatbot Development Services

BigOhTech is a leading provider of WhatsApp chatbot development services. We create AI-powered chatbots that handle a variety of customer interactions such as answering FAQs, processing orders, providing customer support etc.

  • Automate customer interactions
  • Reduce response times
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase sales

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    WhatsApp Chatbot Services

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    Catch Your Customer’s Attention With Our WhatsApp Bot Service

    BigOh turns businesses into lead-generating machines through its WhatsApp chatbot development services. Our bot has helped thousands of businesses to manage their conversations on the go.

    Our WhatsApp chatbot talks like a human with users, through NLP/NLU algorithms which in turn increases the customer retention rate by 95%.

    Industries We Serve

    Banking & Finance (Fintech)

    Real Estate


    Transportation & Logistics

    Retails & E-Commerce


    Marketing & Social Media


    Market Research


    Government & Public Services


    Why Choose Our WhatsApp Chatbot Service?

    Affordable Option

    Affordable Option

    BigOh develops WhatsApp bots for businesses that scale business revenue by 50%. We are here to convert your business into revenue generating machine. It’s better to invest your hard earned dollars in an expert WhatsApp bot development company.

    Dedicated WhatsApp Bot Developers

    Dedicated WhatsApp Bot Developers

    Our dedicated WhatsApp bot developers have a technical know-how of building WhatsApp bots. These bots use NLP/NLU capabilities to answer mundane questions of customers. It allows businesses to gain an edge over the competitors by managing customer conversations using the single AI bot.

    Provides Multi-Lingual Support

    Provides Multi-Lingual Support

    Tired of replying to customers by learning multiple languages? That’s why we developed WhatsApp chatbot that provides you multi lingual support to answer customer questions in multiple languages. Currently, our WhatsApp bot is able to handle 200+ languages to chat with customers.

    24*7 Chatbot Support and Maintenance

    Our expert WhatsApp bot developers assure businesses about the end-to-end support we provide. We work round-the-clock to make your business profitable and turn your customers conversations into regular cashflows.

    WhatsApp Chatbot Development Process

    whatsapp chatbot process

    Understanding Business Requirements

    As a first step, we analyze the business requirements through consultation and planning. This helps us to better understand the business and product objectives.


    Further in the process, we work on the designing the interface and chatbot flows for enhanced user experience as per the use cases .

    Register Number for Business API on Meta Business Account

    A business needs to register with fresh contact details to develop a WhatsApp Chatbot, different from a number already registered.
    development & deployment

    Chatbot Development and Deployment

    Once the business has registered with a new number on WhatsApp, they provide it to us and our BOT magicians do their magic with the help of WhatsApp business APIs and develop the BOT programming. After development process is complete, we run tests and ensure to host the WhatsApp Chatbot smoothly. We assure product quality throughout the process.
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    After successfully hosting the WhatsApp Chatbot, we provide our clients with constant maintenance and support services.

    Why our clients love us the most?

    Certified WhatApp Chatbot Development Company

    Leverage our certified WhatsApp Chatbot expertise to grow and spread your business to every nook and cranny of the world!

    With an experience and expertise of 15+ years in technical solutions, we use latest and the most suitable technologies to help businesses grow by 10.5X.

    Technologies We Use in WhatsApp Chatbot

    • Tools
    • Platforms
    • Programming languages
    • Technologies


    ĬBM Watson

    IIBM Watson

    Google DialogFlow

    Google DialogFlow





    WhatsApp API

    WhatsApp API

    WhatsApp Bot

    WhatsApp Bot

    Web Bot

    Web Bot

    AI Conversational BOT

    AI Conversational BOT





    Es6 and Es7

    Es6 and Es7







    Next js


    WhatsApp Chatbot FAQs

    Are you an authorized vendor for WhatsApp Chatbot?

    Yes, we are an authorized vendor for WhatsApp Chatbots. We have already hosted WhatsApp chatbots successfully in the past. 

    How can I integrate a WhatsApp chatbot into my business?

    Firstly, one must have a WhatsApp business account to start using the WhatsApp chatbot.

    • One must have WhatsApp business API to point back the Chatbot to the WhatsApp portal.
    • Connect the Chatbot with WhatsApp business APIs and ensure connectivity is established between WhatsApp users and the chatbot.
    • Rest one needs to follow the basics, and keep on training the bot for better results from time to time.
    Is there any additional cost for sending message in a WhatsApp Chatbot?

    There are additional costs for sending messages due to the consumption of WhatsApp business APIs. However, it depends upon the no. and type of the messages sent. 

    What is an outgoing template message in WhatsApp chat?

    Outgoing template is a readily defined template in WhatsApp, supported by WhatsApp business APIs. One can define the process and rules around sending these templates. These templates need to be verified by WhatsApp as well before use.

    Do I need to take the consent of the customer before initiating the WhatsApp conversation?

    Yes, user consent before initiating a chat with the WhatsApp bot is required. Although, this consent can be taken on some other channel as well such as on a  website or some predefined forms for taking in consents. 

    Can a WhatsApp chatbot handle complex customer inquiries?

    Yes, the WhatsApp chatbot can handle complex queries. However, it also depends upon the training and the type of data pool one has for the chatbot.