About the Customer

Founded in 1989 in Mauritius, Emtel is a telecommunications company and the first mobile operator in the country. Since its inception, Emtel has grown to become one of the leading telecom service providers in Mauritius, offering a range of services including mobile, fixed line, internet, and enterprise solutions. 

The company is known for its innovative and reliable products and services, such as its mobile money platform and a wide range of data plans and packages for both individual and business customers. In addition to its services in Mauritius, Emtel also operates in several other countries in the region, including Madagascar, Reunion Island, and Rodrigues. The company has partnerships with several international telecom companies, allowing it to offer global connectivity to its customers.

Project Details

The client was seeking a one-stop shop for all telecommunications needs, offering a wide range of products and services for individuals, enterprises, and homes through an application. The client also wanted a platform with its own billing solution and real-time customer insights.





Design, Development and On-going Maintenance & Support


  • The client did not have any consumer-facing digital applications.
  • Additionally, Emtel did not have its own billing solution; the existing system was routed through the Ericsson payment and billing module.
  • The key challenge with this system was that consumers did not have access to real-time consumption of services, leading to user dissatisfaction.
  • Emtel was unable to cross-sell or upsell its services due to the lack of real-time visibility of customers’ usage.
  • Another key challenge was to understand the backend engine built by Ericsson and integrate it with the proposed application.

Our Approach

  • BigOhTech assessed the entire architecture and created RESTful APIs. 
  • We developed a middleware written in LARAVEL to convert data from SOAP to JSON and vice versa, ensuring seamless communication between Ericsson and Emtel systems. 
  • Additionally, we built a consumer-facing digital application (Android and iOS Native) and custom-created a Content Management System (CMS) for usage and retention/marketing, enabling Emtel to create on-the-fly offers for its consumers. 
  • We also developed a store locator solution to map nearby stores for their consumers, along with an in-app wallet and self-care portal for the client.


  • With BigOhTech’s solution, there was a direct impact on business growth, with sales increasing significantly. 
  • The application facilitated greater customer satisfaction, leading to higher customer retention.
  • Real-time offer management led to higher average revenue per user (ARPU). 
  • Accurate billing and usage details reduced the number of customer care calls, resulting in higher cost savings. 
  • The number of features and flexibility with the plans led to increased customer acquisition.

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