About the customer

  • Ferns n Petals (FnP) is a popular online platform that offers a wide range of gifts and floral arrangements for various social and corporate events.
  • Founded in 1994 by Vikaas Gutgutia with just 1 flower shop in Delhi, India, FnP has expanded greatly since. It currently has more than 400 functional outlets across India and in several other countries.
  • With a strong network of local vendors and suppliers who help the company offer fresh and high-quality products to its customers, FnP has become a trusted household name in a short span.
  • The company has received several awards and recognitions for its services, including the ‘Best E-commerce Website Award’ at the Indian e-Retail Awards 2013 and the ‘Best Florist Award’ at the Indian Retail Awards 2015, adding multiple feathers to its cap.


Gifting & Flower Retail


React, Redux, HTML5, Server side rendering, Node, RxJS

Project Duration


Project Details

The client was looking to revamp its consumer-facing website, enhance the loading speed of its website, fix Google crawler, and make the website SEO-friendly. Furthermore, the website crashed during peak seasons and the backend was still running with a monolithic approach. The client was seeking a solution to all these issues.


  • The client was seeking to revamp the entire consumer-facing website. 
  • The client was facing issues with the loading speed of the website; the initial page of the website was taking more than 7 seconds to load. 
  • Furthermore, the current website was not SEO friendly.  
  • The client complained about Google crawler being unable to effectively crawl the SPA.  
  • Load handling was an issue across the entire application, the website used to crash during peak seasons.  
  • The backend was still hosted on a monolithic approach which created issues with updates and scalability of the website. 

Our Approach

  • Big Oh Notation helped FnP revamp their entire website. 
  • The loading speed of the website was enhanced. It takes around 3 seconds for the initial page to load now. 
  • The website was made more SEO compatible with SEO server-side rendered after Big Oh took the case into its hands. 
  • The issue with the Google crawler was solved efficiently. Google crawler is able to effectively crawl the SPA in the revamped website. 
  • The backend monolithic approach was replaced with a backend microservices base, enabling easy scalability and flexible updates. 
  • The client was able to achieve an automated pipeline system after the Big Oh intervention (CI/CD was in put in place). 
  • Blue-green deployment was achieved due to microservice-based architecture. 


  • With more than 9 million online users, FnP has a global online presence in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, UAE, etc.  
  • With a website presence, the number of FnP customers has grown at a CAGR of 16% since 2015. 
  • The website no longer crashes during peak times and FnP is able to enjoy the increased revenue from online customers during festivities.