About the customer

The client here is a leading integrated energy company, They specialize in the production of synthetic crude from oil sands. In the 2020 Forbes Global 2000, They were ranked as the 252nd-largest public company in the world

Suncor Petro canada




iOS (Swift RX), Android (Kotlin), iOS/Android

Project Duration


Project Details

Client deemed to have an Offshore team that can help them in there app development process and can coordinate with their counterpart to meet the development needs.


  • The client wanted to save the time that was being spent on the recruitment and training of personnel as per the business specifications
  • The client had already outsourced the deployment and the server end work to another vendor and it was becoming difficult to coordinate between the team due to time zone differences and was resulting in an unwilling delay
  • Employee churn was another major factor that was the concern as they were facing around 30 % Churn rate which was highlighted as a risk to the developmental cycle
  • The client was looking forward to a Monthly Model Plan with the leisure to Scale it Up and Down as per the need basis

Our Approach

  • In 2020 Client  partnered with Bigoh’s team, formed up a road map to achieve a better coordination among the different POD’s i.e. the Team working on the server end and prepare a risk mitigation plan for the delay that Product Management team was envisioning
  • Bigoh initially came into a trial engagement of 1 month with 2 Android and 2 iOS resource, flexibility to scale up and down the resource count was accounted in the contract
  • Bigoh’s resources acted as POD 2 and successfully coordinated with POD 3 which resulted into a No break development cycle
  • Bigoh’s resources were initially deployed for the Ongoing projects only but within 3 months of the engagement the maintenance project were awarded to be managed by Bigoh resources


  • The major benefit of this engagement turned out into freeing up the key resources and eventually helped the client in focusing on the core business i.e. Petrochemicals
  • The engagement resulted out into ~30 % cost cost reduction for client apart from time saving 
  • Round the clock uptime was achieved and the average closing time of any Most severe issue was 8 Hrs
  • There was no Administrative burden as all the support tasks for developers were taken care off
  • Engagement resulted into opening up new business opportunities from Suncor as well such as existing Project maintenance