About the customer

A prominent player in the fantasy sports industry, our client had developed a popular application catering to NFL enthusiasts. This platform allowed users to create fantasy teams and earn rewards based on player performance.


Optimizing Cloud and Server Costs for a Fantasy Sports Giant


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With an impressive user base of around 50,000 users, they were grappling with rising cloud and server maintenance costs.


Our Approach

Our team of technical consultants stepped in to assess the existing backend infrastructure and cloud service providers. The objective was to identify areas of cost inefficiency while maintaining the application’s performance and reliability.

Assessment and Analysis:

  • Cloud Infrastructure Audit:

We conducted a thorough review of the client’s cloud infrastructure. This included examining the usage patterns of virtual machines, storage, and networking resources.

  • Cost Breakdown Analysis:

We analyzed the cost breakdown of cloud services to identify where the majority of expenses were occurring.

  • Server Utilization Assessment:

Our team assessed the performance and resource utilization of the existing servers, pinpointing any over-provisioned or underutilized instances.

Optimization Strategy:

  • Rightsizing Resources:

Based on usage patterns and performance metrics, we recommended right-sizing virtual machines and storage resources to match actual needs. This eliminated over-provisioning and wastage.

  • Cost-effective Cloud Services:

We identified more cost-effective alternatives for some cloud services without compromising performance or security.

  • Automated Scaling:

We implemented automated scaling mechanisms that allowed resources to be dynamically adjusted based on user demand. This ensured that the client was not paying for idle resources during low-traffic periods.

  • Serverless Architecture:

Where feasible, we transitioned to a serverless architecture, reducing the need for maintaining and provisioning servers. This had a significant impact on cost reduction.


  • Cost Reduction: Through rightsizing, optimizing cloud services, and automation, our client witnessed a substantial reduction in monthly cloud and server maintenance costs.
  • Improved Scalability: The implemented automated scaling mechanisms ensured that resources were always aligned with demand, improving application performance during peak times while minimizing costs during lulls.
  • Reliability and Performance: Despite cost-cutting measures, the application’s reliability and performance were maintained, ensuring a seamless user experience.

By partnering with our technical consultants, the fantasy sports giant successfully addressed their cost challenges related to cloud and server maintenance. This case study underscores the importance of regularly evaluating cloud infrastructure, optimizing resources, and implementing automation to achieve cost savings while preserving application performance. As a result, our client was able to continue growing their user base and maintaining their position as a leader in the fantasy sports industry.