About the Client

Our client, a leading OEM supporting new and used vehicle merchandising, has partnered with Volvo retailers to offer a comprehensive merchandising solution. They provide dealers with various services, including full service, car service, and 360-degree walk around tours that allow customers to interact with detailed photo and video content.

The client approached BigOhTech to modernize and enhance their existing platform for capturing and tracking dealership automotive inventory merchandising operations.





Design, Development & Launch


  • The client desired a complete design overhaul for their mobile and web applications. 
  • This included incorporating 360-degree camera functionality to showcase car interiors and exteriors, providing users with an immersive car spin experience. 
  • Additionally, they aimed to improve user attentiveness through efficient hotspot management, eliminating the need for overly detailed explanations. 
  • Finally, they wanted a dedicated player component for dealers to showcase car 360-degree views and schedule live meetings while demonstrating these features to customers.

Our Approach

  • BigOhTech delivered a captivating user experience for the client through a comprehensive design process, including design studies, persona development, empathy mapping, user interviews, wireframing, mockups, and more. 
  • We employed a third-party tool to capture high-quality 360-degree views of both car interiors and exteriors, enabling self-guided tours. 
  • Hotspot detection was initially implemented manually, transitioning to an AI-powered auto-detection system in a later stage.
  • A key feature of the project was the integration of a 360-degree view player with VOIP service and a customized interface. The interface efficiently utilizes screen space by dedicating the right side for call and meeting options, while the left side allows users to spin the car model.


  • The improved platform streamlines capturing media by reducing completion time for assignments and allowing users to complete more assignments per dealership. 
  • High-quality media enhances viewership and engagement. 
  • Additionally, efficient hotspot management and 360-degree capture significantly reduce reshoots and improve car detailing, leading to increased sales revenue. 
  • Finally, the platform offers users a seamless and unified experience for explaining car features and showcasing images during customer presentations.

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