About the customer

  • Our client here has been one of the largest OEM’s supporting new and Used vehicle mercahndising. They have partnered with Volvo retailer as well to merchandise the
  • The company provides various solutions to dealers, including full serve, car service, and 360-degree walkarounds wherein people can interact with their photo and video content.   




Azure, .Net, Angular, Angular Material, Firebase (Push Notification), Kotlin, Swift 

Project Duration

4-5 months


Project Details

  • The client wanted BigOhTech to modernize & enhance its platform to capture and track the dealership’s automotive inventory merchandising operation.


  • Client wanted to infuse a better design by overhauling the existing mobile & web application. 
  • They wanted to in-corporate 360-degree camera look to the car images which would give interior and exterior details of the car as well. Thus, giving an amazing car spin experience to the user. 
  • Users are not always attentive hence client an efficient hotspots management so that they don’t even need a minute detail. 
  • Client also wanted to develop a player component where dealers can show a 360-degree view of any car and also schedule a live meeting on the same by demonstrating this to their customer. 

Our Approach

  • BigOhTech has given an alluring user experience to the end client by enhancing the design study, persona management, empathy mapping, user interviews, wireframe, mockup and a lot more.            
  • The third-party tool was used to capture a 360-degree view of both interior & exterior of the car with the help of a self-guided tour. 
  • BigOhTech had implemented hotspot detection manually in the initial stage and artificial intelligence-based auto-detection in the later stage. 
  • Integration of a 360-degree view player with VOIP service with a customised view is a bonus for a client. In fact, the real-estate of the screen is used in a way that the right side is used for call & meeting options whereas the left is used to spin the car. 



  • Enhancing the user’s ability to capture media by reducing time to complete an assignment and increasing the total number of assignments done by a user for a specific dealership.               
  • Increasing the number of views by enhancing the quality of media.                     
  • Better Hotspot management and 360-degree capture view will reduce number of reshoots per assignment and increase the detailing of cars that would indirectly help in increasing sales revenue. 
  • Users will have a seamless and unified experience of explaining car features and viewing images while presenting the same to the end customer.