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As a leading AI & ML development service providing agency, BigOhTech takes your business in world where smart machines team up with you, handling tasks, analyzing data in a flash, and making insightful predictions. It’s not science fiction – it’s the reality that BigOh’s AI development brings right to your fingertips.

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    Recommendation System

    Our recommendation systems leverage AI to analyze user behavior and preferences, offering tailored product or content suggestions. Increase user engagement, boost sales, and foster customer loyalty.

    Fraud Detection

    In financial services and e-commerce, AI/ML helps detect fraudulent transactions and activities in real-time.

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    Image and Video Recognition

    AI/ML is used for facial recognition, object detection, and video content analysis, benefiting security, healthcare, and content management.

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    Generative AI

    Unlock the creative potential of AI with generative models that produce content, art, and even code such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, Bard etc. These tools can inspire innovation, automate content generation, and boost productivity.

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    NER (Named Entity Recognition)

    Benefit from more accurate data analysis, content tagging, and improved information retrieval with our advanced NER models.

    Intent Classification

    Elevate your customer support, engage users on a deeper level, and offer highly personalized experiences with our intent classification solutions.

    Predictive Maintenance

    In industries like manufacturing and aviation, AI/ML is used to predict when machinery or equipment needs maintenance, reducing downtime and costs.

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    AI-Based Energy Management

    Smart grids use AI/ML to optimize energy distribution, Load Forecasting, Energy Theft Detection and Grid Optimization.

    Supply Chain Optimization

    AI/ML is used to optimize inventory management, logistics, and demand forecasting, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

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    Dynamic Pricing

    Dynamic pricing powered by AI is your key to revenue optimization. Our algorithms adapt pricing strategies based on real-time market dynamics, allowing you to maximize profits and maintain a competitive edge.

    Providing Different AI Development Services

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    Benefits of Partnering with BigOhTech

    • Agile methodology
    • Expertise in AI ML
    • Customized solutions
    • Accelerated innovation and improved operational efficiency
    • Enhanced decision-making with data-driven insights
    • Dedicated support and collaborative partnership
    • Scalable solutions for growth
    • A trusted partner for long-term success
    • Flexible engagement models

    Industries We Serve

    Banking & Finance (Fintech)

    Real Estate


    Transportation & Logistics

    Retails & E-Commerce


    Marketing & Social Media


    Market Research


    Government & Public Services


    Why Choose BigOhTech for AI & ML Development?

    expert app developers

    Expert AI Engineers

    Our expert team has a wide range of knowledge in AI services, making sure your project gets the latest and best ideas in the field. Book a free consulting call with us to know how our expert AI development team can help your business.

    Collaborative Approach

    Holistic Approach to Business Challenges

    We build AI solutions that aren't just fancy tech but useful tools that solve your specific problems. Whether it's making customers happier or making things work better, our solutions are customized to meet your business goals.

    Premium Services

    Premium Services

    We focus on excellence in every way, making sure you get top-notch expertise and dedicated support. Whether it's the latest tech or personal attention, our premium approach ensures an outstanding experience tailored to your specific needs.

    Deep Learning Solutions

    Problem Solving Solutions

    At our core, we're here to solve problems. We develop solutions to tackle your specific challenges. Whether it's streamlining operations, improving customer interactions, or overcoming any obstacle you encounter, our problem-solving approach ensures practical and effective solutions that propel your success.

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    AI ML Case Study

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    Why our clients love us the most?

    Leading AI & ML Development Company

    We are a leading AI/ML development company that helps transform a diverse range of industries such as education, fintech, e-commerce, etc. 


    Technologies We Use in AI & ML Software Development

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    • Tools
    Scikit Learn

    Scikit Learn











    Deep learning

    Deep Learning

    ML Flow

    ML Flow



    Visual studio code

    Visual studio code



    FAQs Related to AI Application Development

    How much does it cost to develop an AI app?

    The cost of making an AI app can change a lot, depending on a few things. Things like how complicated the solution is, what features it needs, how customized it is, and how skilled the development team is all play a part. To figure out the exact cost for your AI app project, it's important to discuss it with our team. They can understand your needs and give you a personalized estimate. 

    How long does the AI development process typically take?

    Development duration of your AI project depends on its complexity, scope of work, and specific requirements. Simple AI apps with standard features may be developed relatively quickly, while more intricate projects, like those with advanced machine learning or complex integrations, might take more time. With our agile development approach, we prioritize efficiency and flexibility to accommodate evolving project needs. Get a better sense of the timeline for your AI development project by discussing the details with us during the initial consultation. 

    Is AI development only for large enterprises, or can small businesses benefit as well?

    AI development isn't just for big companies; it's beneficial for businesses of all sizes, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Our AI development services are made to grow and adjust, fitting the special needs and budgets of small businesses. Whether you want to make customer interactions better, streamline your operations, or understand data better, AI can be customized to meet the unique needs of your small business. We believe in making AI available to everyone, encouraging innovation and competitiveness in the business world. 

    What industries can benefit from AI development services?

    AI development services have widespread applicability across various industries, bringing transformative benefits to diverse sectors. Some key industries that can particularly benefit from AI ML development include: 

    Healthcare: AI can be utilized for medical image analysis, personalized treatment plans, and predictive analytics for patient outcomes. 

    Finance: AI is instrumental in fraud detection, risk assessment, algorithmic trading, and personalized financial services. 

    E-commerce: AI powers recommendation engines, chatbots for customer support, and inventory management optimization. 

    Manufacturing: AI-driven automation improves production efficiency, predictive maintenance reduces downtime, and quality control is enhanced. 

    Retail: AI facilitates personalized shopping experiences, demand forecasting, and inventory optimization. 

    Telecommunications: AI aids in network optimization, predictive maintenance, and customer service automation. 

    Education: AI supports personalized learning experiences, automated grading, and adaptive educational content. 

    Automotive: AI is integral to autonomous vehicle technology, driver assistance systems, and predictive maintenance. 

    Marketing: AI enhances targeted advertising, customer segmentation, and sentiment analysis for effective marketing strategies. 

    Insurance: AI is used for risk assessment, fraud detection, and personalized insurance offerings.