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it consultingWe at Big Oh assist clients with the best in class, reliable and revolutionizing IT Consulting services. We aim to help client’s implement their IT  initiatives by providing strategic, structural, and operational and implementation support.  

Our skilled and dedicated IT consultants assist clients to transform their modern technical ideas into seamless, well-functioning software and applications.  

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    IT Consulting Services

    Why choose our it consulting services?

    Dedicated Consultants

    Dedicated Consultants

    We at Big Oh offer you the best in business, highly skilled and dedicated IT Consultants. Assisting clients for over 15 years, we provide businesses with reliable, responsible and scalable solutions and strategies.


    Following structured approach to consultation and development, our IT Consultants begin to provide tangible business value as early as possible. We offer the most value, in short time at affordable costs.
    IT Consultation

    Value-Driven IT Consultation

    With every advise, out IT consultants aim to add value in the business and transform their IT and technical structure and models. We assist businesses to make right, most suitable IT investments with high returns to help businesses grow.
    IT Transition

    Facilitate Complete IT Transition

    Our IT consultants and professionals facilitate complete IT make over for businesses. From planning to designing to implementation, we assist businesses in implementing their IT strategies efficiently. We further help clients to keep the products up and running through continuous support and maintenance services.

    IT Consulting Service That Transforms Your Business

    We at Big Oh strive to improve the workflows, scalability and competitiveness of your business through most suitable technology. We assist our clients to enhance performance, reduce costs through digitization and automation.  

    IT Consulting Process Undertaken

    Big Oh’s expertise and experience in IT consulting services have helped many clients transform their workflows and processes. We employ clear, and transparent processes to provide our clients with optimal results.  

    it consultation process



    Our dedicated, proficient IT consultants thoroughly analyze current business software solutions and their usage across the company, identifying bottlenecks in workflows and automation.


    Big Oh’s IT consultancy service advisors create product strategy and roadmap for businesses that help clients to benefit from the modern technologies and improve their existing software infrastructure.


    As an IT Consulting company, our IT experts collaborate with the client to study and identify performance bottlenecks in workflows and advise suitable way outs.


    After looking closely into businesses processes and workflows, our IT consultants and software engineers suggest measures for future improvements, as well as assist with implementing them.

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    We enhance technology infrastructure, streamline processes, and improve project management through our IT Consulting services.

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    Min 80 hours per Month 

    Min 2 months contract 

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    Min 3 months contract 

    7 days Lead time

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    IT Consulting FAQs

    What are IT consulting services? Why Do Startups and enterprises need them?

    IT consultancy services helps out the organization in wide range of activities such as IT strategy planning, software and hardware implementation, IT project management, cybersecurity, data analytics, and more. 

    Startups and Enterprise need them since IT experts can provide them by identifying all the loopholes in their current codebase and IT infrastructure. Not only this they can help you with enabling IT processes in place and even conducting code review and relevant audits required for the IT domain.

    How do you assess a client's current IT infrastructure or solution and identify areas for improvement?

    Here is the process for assessing Client’s current infrastructure and solutions: 

    • View the entire setup and formalize an initial technical architecture for the same.
    • Review the DB structure supporting the product.
    • Review the code written for the product. 
    • Review how different services or applications are interacting with each other.
    • Provide suggestion and ways to improve the current setup.
    How do you handle data security and privacy in your consulting projects?

    Here are the few steps that we ensure to maintain the security and the privacy of the IT projects: 

    Access Control: Ensure that only the valid and authorized users are able to access the servers, therefore no one apart from the designated team can access the system and compromise the security and data.

    Encryption: Ensure that the data in transit and at rest are being encrypted and the decryptions keys are not checked in directly in the code, This allow the data to be secured and any unauthorized entity won’t be able to see the actual information.

    Logging and Auditing: Ensures logging and auditing tools are active to store and monitor all the interaction taking place and can detect any suspicious behavior taking place.

    Can you provide training and support for our IT staff to ensure the successful implementation of your recommendations?

    Yes, we can provide the same, Not only this we even review the if the suggestions are implemented in the suggested manner or not.

    What are the most important factors to consider when selecting an IT Consulting company?

    Here are the few factors that you should take into account while choosing an IT consulting company: 

    Expertise and experience: One should ensure that the company do have necessary experience and expertise to deliver your project. You should be sure about the resource size as well, As the company should have a dedicated development bandwidth for your project.

    Past Credentials: Always visit the past credentials of the company, Look for the key figures such as DAU and MAU to validate the type of project undertaken. App store and Play store reviews speaks the most volume about the credentials of the company, One can easily judge by looking at the review posted about the app on these stores.

    Quality and Testing: Have a look around for there QA team as well, They should have a QA team who do understand the business requirement and can judge the product on behalf of your end consumers.

    Support and Maintenance: Ensure that the company is offering Ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that the app works fine and adhere to the new changes in the application domain.

    Cost and Budget: Consider both the cost and the allocated budget for the product, Ensure that the company is providing a transparency in there pricing module and are in line with the rate being offered by other companies in the market.