Turn Your Idea Into Reality With Intensive Scoping Session Services

Scoping session services

Speed up your product launch with our scoping session services to shape your unique product idea into reality per your business goals and vision.

Meanwhile, Our competent team of professionals will map your business requirement (user stories) and categorize them as per the priority and severity of your business visions and goals and help you embark on your digital product journey with our intensive scoping session that helps in building robust custom MVPs and full-fledged product development.

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    Why You Should Choose Us For Scoping Session Services?

    custom roadmap creation

    Custom Roadmap Creation

    We work closely with you to understand your business requirements, visions, and goals to draft a custom roadmap that will guide us to deliver a technically-outstanding product. 

    Strategy & Recommendations

    Our professional project managers will take all your project requirements into account to provide you with the best-fit development plan, recommendations, and strategies.

    Project Management

    Our top-notch expert project managers will make sure that your unique business idea is translated into a technically sound and actionable plan. 

    Experienced Professionals

    We have a pool of experienced professionals who go the extra mile to make sure you have a better start to reap better outcomes.

    Scoping Session Services: Transform Your Ideas Into Live Products

    We at BigOhTech help you transform your raw ideas into well–functioning digital products. Then, we study your ideas and our experts provide you with the most suitable recommendations to give optimal results.

    We Stay With You Right from the Beginning Till The End To Shape Your Vision

    From cost estimation to scope definition and right tech stack implementation, our experience confirms that scoping sessions have a major impact on the final outcome of the products that we create.  

    Moreover, We deliver the right product by asking the right set of questions. Here’s a glimpse into how we conduct an intensive scoping session.

    scoping session service process

    Getting to Know You

    Getting To Know You

    We ask various questions to gather a clear understanding of the business goals. Then, We provide the necessary insights & carefully analyze all the project concerns.
    Project Scope Analysis

    Analyze The Scope Of The Project

    Secondly, we discuss expectations & strive to enhance the understanding of the project. Thus, Expertise helps us infer the value propositions, characterize the product & define the scope of the project.
    Map Your Business Ideas

    Map Your Business Ideas Into An Epic

    We outline your business ideas, and the MVP & prioritize the milestones. Additionally, A well-organized project facilitates smooth sailing toward full-fledged product development.

    Documentation Of Scope Of Work

    It is a detailed report where we underline your designed project scope and a ballpark estimation of the project budget and timeline. 

    Take An Advantage Of Intensive Scoping Session Through RAID Analysis

    After the Intensive Scoping Session, we do RAID analysis that sets us apart from others in the market.

    RAID Analysis


    Threats that can have an adverse impact if they occur.


    Things we assume are in place which contributes to the success of the project.


    Current events that may jeopardize project, addressed by our experts.


    Other projects or triggers that need to be accomplished for the project to be successful.

    Client Success Stories

    Take A Look At Our Achievements


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    Scoping Session FAQs

    What is a scoping session?

    In our Scoping Session Services, A Business analyst and relevant tech and business stakeholders conduct a brainstorming session for the product that needs to be developed. The outcome of this session is usually a functional requirement of the product, an Entire product backlog in terms of User stories, and a Product launch plan.

    How do you approach project planning and ensuring that all tasks are assigned and on track?

    An outcome of the scoping session is the Project plan. Moreover, We ensure that all the tasks are being assigned to the respective dev team, keeping the Backend team to be a sprint ahead of the front-end team. We do use certain project management tools and the health of the product is being measured by certain parameters such as Backlog Health, Total Story points covered vs Planned story points to be covered to date (This helps you to identify if the project is on Track or Not), Resource utilization matrix.

    How do you approach resource allocation and ensuring the right people are working on the right tasks at the right time?

    Resource allocation is done on the basis of the needs of the product and also it’s ensured that each resource is having at least 22 Story points to be covered per sprint (To achieve 100 % utilization/resource). This whole plan is designed during the scoping session only. Also, to track the progress we do have daily scrum meetings, where everyone reports their progress and also we follow sprint testing where our QA team tests as the dev team codes.

    Can you help with identifying and mitigating risks associated with the project?

    Yes, we can help in identifying and mitigating the risks that are associated with the project. Our PM team usually senses the risks by looking at the product matrix and providing a mitigation plan for the same, Before that, risk turns out into a Go-Live Delay.

    What is the cost of scoping session? Does it vary if project scope is too complex?

    Yes, it does vary sometimes.