UI UX Design Review Services

Frustrated with your digital product’s user experience? We can help! BigOhTech offers UI/UX design reviews to identify areas for improvement in usability, visual appeal, and user flow. Let our experts help you create a user-friendly and visually stunning product that drives engagement and growth for your business.

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    UI UX Design Review Services

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    Provides Consistent User Experience To Customers With Our UI UX Design Review Service

    Unleash the power of BigOh UI UX design review services to create digital products and platforms that strengthen engagement, trust, and loyalty with your users.

    So, Collaborate with us for award-winning design and development solutions.

    Additionally, We have a team of professional UI/UX designers who focus on user demands and incorporate the best UI/UX design practices in each stage of the web and app development cycle.

    Meanwhile, We are experts in creating interfaces that are aesthetically appealing, easy to navigate, and truly user-friendly.

    Our UI/UX design services enable our clients to get a robust user experience, which maximizes their ROI and promotes their branding strategy to the masses.

    Industries We Serve

    Banking & Finance (Fintech)

    Real Estate


    Transportation & Logistics

    Retails & E-Commerce


    Marketing & Social Media


    Market Research


    Government & Public Services


    Why Choose Our UI UX Design Review Service?

    Clarity Over UX Hindrance

    Clarity Over UX Hindrance

    Our UX consultants can provide a clear picture for the hindrance points. Additionally, These hindrance points help you to identify clearly what are the flaws on your app/website that restricts the users to perform desired action on the platform.

    Adherence To Brand Guidelines

    Adherence To Brand Guidelines

    There have been issues such as a brand’s website doesn’t embody their brand vision and guidelines. This is especially the case with early aged startups. So, Our consultants do not only help in adhering to the guidelines, but also help in revamping the guidelines to an extent.

    In line With Global And Upcoming UI Practices

    We can hash through and figure out the outdated UI elements. Additionally, we suggest improvements in the UI component making your app/web modern and in line with current trends.

    UI Compliance Issue

    Our HTML and UX experts even helps you to be compliant with the global UI standards such as AODA and other necessary compliance. Moreover, We also provide you with a detailed reports comprising of factors such as readability, usability, etc.


    Professional Design and Audit Team

    Audit by the SME’s, we often believe in providing our clients and users with the best UX experience. This is not only provided by just a UX expert but we do give necessary UX advices from the person who has expertise in that.

    Wide DAU’s

    Wide DAU’s

    Our facts and solutions are based on the practical experience that we have gained from over more than 100 Live Products. More Importantly, These products have DAU’s around in millions.

    UI UX Design Review Process

    ui ux review process

    goal identification

    Identify Business Goals

    UX review team understands your business requirements . Meanwhile, our UX review consultants take feedback from customers to evaluate how users are interacting with your app.
    user needs

    Identify User Needs

    Our UX review consultants understand the objectives of the users as to why they are using an app or website. In addition, We identify the loopholes that are deteriorating the experience of customers.

    Check The Analytics

    We track the user behavior using analytics to analyze where users are spending time on an app or website.

    Prepare Your Report

    On the basis of analytics, UX review consultants prepares a report to check whether the business have consistent designs on various platforms , whether design aligns with their mission and vision.

    Why our clients love us the most?

    Provides Top-Notch Design Capabilities To Enhance User Experience By 5x

    Our UI UX design review services facilitate scalable and robust user experience, maximizing ROI for our clients and promoting branding visibility and engagement.

    UI UX Design Review FAQs

    What is the purpose of UX review?

    The Purpose of a UX review is to figure out the User Experience across the application. This helps us to figure out all the hindrance points that are there in the application. Not only this we even help you with suggestions to overcome these hindrance points.

    What is a design review plan?

    Here is the design review plan being followed by us : 

    Usability Testing : First of all we will figure out the usability of the application using specific tools and manual audits

    View User Interaction : Then, we usually figure out the heatmaps for both the app and website, This report is generated using various tools such as Hotjar, Which allow us to view the most interacted flow or screen throughout the application

    Hinderance Points : Post this we figure out the hindrance points across the applications, This document is generated based on the feedback of Heatmaps and manual interaction with the application

    Suggest Feedback: We usually provide feedback on the same hindrance points and suggestions to improve them, These are basic changes needed in terms of designs and flows.

    Our result : Our design reviews have helped website and application to increase the traffic on the website by 48 % quarterly.

    How do you provide feedback on designs?

    After analyzing the application / website, we provide the feedback in the form of UI/UX document where all the views and flows are captured and the designs/improvement against them are also provided.

    Do you check design against branding and visual design guidelines?

    Yes, we do check the designs against your brand guidelines. Not only this we even validate if the designs are following the global standard or not and if it is AODA compliant or not.

    Can you help with ensuring that the design meets accessibility and inclusive design standards?

    Yes, we do ensure that the designs meet accessibility standards, As we even check if the designs are AODA compliant or not. If not, We do provide suggestion as well to become compliant.