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ui ux design servicesLeverage the power of BigOh’s UI UX design services to create digital products and platforms that strengthen user engagement, trust, and loyalty.

We help you to reap the benefits of responsive and intuitive UI/UX designs. BigOh has a team of professional UI/UX designers who focus on user demands and incorporate the best UI/UX design practices in each stage of the web and app development cycle. We are experts in creating interfaces that are aesthetically appealing, easy to navigate, and truly user-friendly.

We offer UI/UX design services that are easy to scale as per future business requirements as well as offer their customers an unforgettable experience. All this gives a positive ROI and communicates the business branding strategy to the potential audience. 

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    Our UI/UX Design Services

    We found that a successful design is a product of experience, strategy, art, and engineering. Our web and mobile interface designers and developers help you achieve the best ROI.

    Serving All Major Industries

    Why Choose BigOh For UI/UX Design Service?

    latest trends for end users

    Latest Trends for End Users

    The best products are the ones that are more engaging, customized, designed to perform, simple-to-use, incorporating the new trends.
    professional design team

    Professional Design Team

    Our team consists of UI and graphic designers, mobile technology developers, interaction architects and experts, and creative thinkers who work together and ensure responsive functionality to the product.

    Platform Specific Design

    We design web and apps for the specified platforms like iOS , Android and offer consistent user experience across different mobile gadgets and cross platform applications too. We design responsive websites for different web browsers.

    Technical Feasibility Checks

    We validate the minute aspects of the product design, analyze the scope and limitations from technological aspects, mobile ecosystems and bring feasible ideas into reality.
    digital artifacts

    Digital Artifacts

    It adds more life, energy, and vintage appeal to the product app designs. It helps to bring emotional experience with the digital devices and make the product more engaging for the user.
    usability testing

    Usability Testing

    We deploy the latest tools and technologies to test user experience and ensure that your product is delivering welcoming results.

    Benefits of Availing Our UI UX Design Services

    remarkable interface

    Remarkable Interface

    Professional UI/UX design services ensure that your products have appealing interfaces and a capability to bring in and engage users.
    intuitive experiences

    Intuitive Experiences

    Interactive UI with flawless functionality and user-centric communications to boost intuitive user experiences.
    higher conversions

    Higher Conversions Rate

    Our well-designed web and apps have features to keep the user engaged for long, and thus improve engagement and conversions.
    brand visibility

    Brand Visibility

    High-end UI/UX design makes your product stand apart from its competitors as well as strengthens the business brand.

    Expert UI/UX Consulting & Design Services for Web Applications

    Our company focuses on offering professional user interface design and UI/UX consulting services that are especially suited for web applications. Our interfaces are visually appealing and intuitive because we use state-of-the-art UX design technology, with an emphasis on optimizing usability and improving user experience. Our UI/UX consulting and design services ensure a smooth and engaging user experience that increases user pleasure and commercial success, whether you’re launching a new web app or redesigning an old one.

    Custom UX & UI Design & Development Process

    ui ux process



    User Demographics > Define User Goals > Define User Challenges > Define Metrics & Form Hypothesis


    User Persona > User Scenarios > User Testing > User Experience Map


    Wireframes > Moodboard > Mock-Ups > Style Guide


    Usability Tests > Review Metrics > Track Usage > Inform Next Iteration


    Usability Tests > Review Metrics > Track Usage > Inform Next

    Transform your idea into a beautiful clickable product with our UI/UX Services

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    Technologies We Use In Our UI UX Design Service

    • Tools
    Adobe Flash

    Adobe Flash

    Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe Photoshop



    Adobe Illustrator

    Adobe Illustrator















    Corel Draw

    Corel Draw

    UI UX Design FAQs

    What are the most important factors to consider when selecting a product design company?

    Here are the key factors that one needs to take into account while selecting a product design company: 

    • Experience and Portfolio: Try to understand the portfolio and the experience of the Product design company. If the company has a relevant experience in product designing and have taken up designs for some relevant industries this can be the most prominent factor to sign up the company.
    • Intellectual Property: Ensure that the company understands and respect the IPR of your product.
    • Cost and Budget: Understand the cost of the design process vs the budget that you have allocated for the design services.
    Can I skip the entire UI/UX process in product designing and directly create High fidelity design?

    It is not recommended to skip the entire UI/UX process and directly create High Fidelity design.

    UI/UX process involves understanding the need, goals and behavior of the system. This process helps in creating User personas, developing user flow, wireframing and prototyping.

    Skipping this entire process can lead to a product that is aesthetically pleasing but may not function as intended.

    Why are UI UX services important?

    The UI UX services are important as this not only helps in designing aesthetically appealing products but also helps in building the product that is easy to use, appealing to consumers and easy to navigate and address the core problem.

    How do you conduct user research and gather user requirements for a UI/UX project?

    Here are the following methods to conduct user research and gather requirements: 

    • Define business intent: Cleary state out the business intent, cover the problem the business is addressing and the intended solution to it.
    • Identify the targeted audience: Identify the targeted audience and then conduct the user persona study to understand the targeted consumer better.
    • Analyze Data: Clearly analyze the past data and understand the User dynamic, This will help you to design better.
    • Gather requirements: Gather out the key requirements collected from the persona study and helps you to make better decision in terms of designs. 
    • Prioritize requirements: Prioritizing the requirement based on the business severity and the importance of the overall projects.
    How do you approach accessibility and inclusive design in your UI/UX work?

    Our UI/UX expert team usually follow the accessibility standards and the UI/UX designs are in compliant with the AODA standards.

    How do you collaborate with cross-functional teams, such as developers and product managers, during a UI/UX project?

    We do have a team of product managers who ensure designs are in compliance with the native elements that the designer can leverage from the existing libraries.

    Can you help with branding and visual design, in addition to interaction design?

    Yes, we do help with the branding and visual designs. We have successfully designed brand guidelines for more than 15 enterprises.