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Apple is introducing web distribution options for developers, allowing them to offer iPhone and iPad users the choice to download apps directly from websites starting this spring.  

This provides developers with flexibility as they are not required to pay commissions to the app store anymore. 

Apple faced challenges in controlling app distribution due to new regulations (Digital Market Act) in the European Union (EU). 

In Tuesday’s announcement, Apple clarified that only authorized developers would have access to APIs for web distribution, enabling seamless app integration with system functionality, backup and restore system apps, and more. 

Web app distribution is not an open-source initiative for developers in the EU market. 

Apple has set various benchmarks for web-based app distribution.  

Developers must be registered in the EU, be part of the Apple Developer Program, and have enrolled in the program for two continuous years.  

Additionally, the app should be popular, with more than 1 million installations on iOS in the last year. 

By establishing these thresholds, Apple aims to prevent users from downloading apps containing malware or supporting piracy. 

According to Apple’s support document, users need to give approval for developers to install apps in their iPhone settings. Users can download apps directly from the developer’s website without the need for an app store or alternative marketplace. 

During the app installation process, a system sheet will display information that developers submitted to Apple for review, such as the app’s name, developer name, screenshots, and system age rating. 

In January, Apple announced that developers could easily distribute iOS apps through alternative app marketplaces, with a stipulated fee (50-euro cents for an additional installation and update) for apps exceeding 1 million installs per year. 

Apple will continue to charge a core technology fee, regardless of whether apps are distributed through the developer’s website, an alternative app marketplace, or Apple’s own marketplace. 

Developers must adhere to additional eligibility requirements: 

  • Apps must be readily available through the developer’s account. 
  • Developers are responsible to Apple’s team if their app impacts the privacy or security of users. 
  • Transparent data collection policies must state how users’ data is collected and stored. 
  • Adherence to local laws, such as the Digital Service Act, consumer protection laws, or General Data Protection Regulation, is mandatory. 

The core technology fee remains the same for web technology distribution. Educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and government entities are exempt from this fee. 

Furthermore, Apple is not mandating EU app developers to use their templates; they have complete freedom to use their design templates for in-app purchases, discounts, and promotions. 

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