Client Overview:

A leading hotel wanted to change how they set prices by using a Dynamic Pricing System. The goal was to automatically push hotel prices onto Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and Booking engine according to market trends, seasons, demand, and competitors’ analysis.

AI ML Case Study


  • The client faced challenges in optimizing hotel revenue amid ever-changing market conditions. They required a robust Dynamic Pricing System capable of autonomously analyzing various factors influencing pricing and promptly updating rates across multiple OTAs. The goal was to maximize revenue, stay competitive, and ensure a flexible pricing strategy.

Our Approach

Market-Responsive Algorithm: We used machine learning (ML) to make an algorithm that looks at trends, seasonal patterns, and what competitors are charging. It then suggests the best changes to make sure hotel prices adjust smoothly with market changes. 

OTA Automation: No more manual work needed! The system easily works with channel managers, automatically updating room rates on all travel websites. It optimizes how rooms are distributed based on suggestions from the algorithm. 

Real-time Data Analysis: We developed a system that keeps an eye on market changes, what competitors are up to, and seasonal ups and downs. This ensures that hotel prices stay perfectly in tune with what’s happening in the market. 

Rules Engine for Control: We gave the hotel the power to customize pricing strategies with a flexible rule’s engine. This meant they could set specific rules for automated adjustments, tailoring the system to match their individual business goals and respond to the unique details of the market. 


Revenue Surge: The Dynamic Pricing System boosted revenue significantly by smartly adjusting prices according to demand, seasonality, and competitive positioning. 

Market Leadership: Our client outpaced competitors by quickly adjusting to market changes and providing the most competitive rates. This drew in more customers and strengthened their position as a market leader. 

Operational Efficiency: Seamless integration with channel managers resulted in a 35% reduction in manual intervention, streamlining the process of updating room rates across all OTAs and minimizing the risk of errors. 

Flexibility and Adaptability: They had the power to customize pricing strategies with our flexible rules engine. This allowed them to fine-tune their approach based on their specific business needs and the details of the market. 

Data-Driven Decisions: Equipped with up-to-the-minute insights, the hotel could confidently make informed pricing adjustments, skillfully navigating the constantly changing market landscape. 



Increase in Revenue


Reduction in Manual Intervention


Increased Bookings