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Code Audit & Review  We provide comprehensive & risk-free code audit & reviews, ER diagrams & compliance services for clients looking to improve their software architecture security, performance, and also, scalability or to make any changes in the existing codebase.  

Our developers perform numerous comprehensive actions to improve the program code quality. We assure the high quality of the source code and prevent it from crashing. Our goal is to detect and explore insights about hidden security bugs and prevent cyber-attacks and issues. Additionally, BigOh works to minimize errors before the final software release and ensure overall client satisfaction. We offer source code audits and compliances for mobile apps, web apps, software, and systems.   

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    Code Audit & Review Services

    Why would you want a code audit?

    An Analysis Of Your Code Can Help

    Types Of Software Code Audit & Review

    Take advantage of our expertise in reviewing code and get recommended solutions to potential issues.

    Services in Code Audit & Review



    Auditing benefits for both MVP and fully-featured product development stages



    Audit performance, UI lag, Code review & responsive design & Architecture



    Reviewing attention to Scalability, technologies, code structure & Architecture

    Security Review

    Security Review

    Find security vulnerabilities, possible compliance challenges, compliance issues & reduce bug fixing costs

    Infrastructure Review

    Infrastructure Review

    Improves the reliability of Infra ,Server performance, Scaling and Security

    Why Choose Our Code Audit & Review Service?

    compliance as code

    Compliance as Code

    Our compliance as code methods assures that the correct regulatory or company compliance needs are accomplished with zero-touch on the path to production. It creates compliance into development & operations.   

    Early-Stage Detection

    Our experts reveal the security risks in the early stage of the software development process by doing detailed penetration testing and the pre-compliance audit.  

    Boost Security & Efficient Testing

    We help companies to meet security standards by using sets of controls, such as access control management & efficient testing.
    code quality maintanance

    Code Quality Maintenance

    We help to maintain the quality of code. We keep it clean and workable while doing the software source code audit.  

    Smooth Performance

    Our code audit and system review services effectively mitigate business risks and help your product to perform at its best.  
    coding standards

    Coding Standards

    We extensively evaluate your code through the prism of our professional expertise and explore what is needed to align it with the best coding practice standards.

    Experienced Audit Team

    Our specialist will do a comprehensive review and audit of your codebase so that the maintainability of software code remains robust. 

    Strengthen your code with BigOh’s Code audit and review services

    We at BigOh assist you with strengthening your code to achieve enhanced security, and performance with our code audit and review service. We are reliable partners and offer risk-free code audit and review of your existing codebase.  

    Our Code Audit & Review Methodology

    We have a team of dedicated IT professionals who provide top-notch IT solutions. We dig deeper to do overall market research, and competitor research and then develop solutions accordingly.  

    code audit review process

    Improve your code quality through Our Code Audit and Review services

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    5 Day Code Review Sprint

    One Frontend

    One Backend

    Max of 2 Repos

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    5 Day Code Review Sprint

    Two Frontend 

    One Backend 

    Max of 5 Repos 

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    Client Success Stories

    Take A Look At Our Achievements

    Petro Canada

    Code Review Case Study

    During this engagement our prime responsibility was to perform a code review cycle for the existing Backend, and Mobile applications (Both iOS and Android)

    Code Audit & Review FAQs

    Can you also assist in resolving code review issues ? How do I get an estimate for the same?

    Yes, we can assist in resolving code review issues as well. The estimate can be shared once the code review is completed within 24 Hrs. 

    Can you provide a detailed project timeline and cost estimate for the Code review plan?

    The usual time for a code review is of 15 days (Although it can vary depending on the total platforms and code files in each of them). 

    How do you ensure that my internal team implements code review points?

    We can review them again once the review is implemented. We usually cover this in the plan that we provide. Although you can be the judge by yourself as well. Once the code is structured and is following the basic sanity loading speed, response time is the certain criteria that improve automatically.

    What is the entire process of Code review?

    Once the code review requests is raised

     We start checking each file of the source code to ensure that it follows the basic structures of the coding principles such as SOLID’s and OOPs.

    Once this is done we ensure to run various linting tools and take an input from them as well.

    We not only picks the source code, but do review DB schema, Infra Setup and provide necessary feedback around them.

    Can code review guide me in the pre audit or compliance process?

    Yes, it can. In fact,  90 % will cover the audits. But for the remaining 10 %, you can tell us the compliance you need to ensure and will be exact in giving review points according to it. 

    Is code review point different than sonarqube or basic linting checks?

    Yes, it will be different as it covers the custom review as well by actually reviewing the source files.