android app development company in Delhi

A leading name in the app development market is BigOhTech. We are the most efficient Android app development company in Delhi, serving clients for more than 10 years. BigOh specializes in staff augmentation services and software development.  

We assist our clients with IT consultation, app development, app modernization, app support, and maintenance, among other services.

Our agile and dedicated development team has an army of developers, UI/UX designers, consultants, and QA software testers, who work day and night to build apps that place us at the top of software development companies list. We aim to enhance your business ROI by 5X through our effective app development services

We have extensive industry experience and diverse client exposure and have built robust Android apps for big names like Careem, Wild Fork, etc. These businesses have expanded multi-fold after the application development from us. 

Our Android team helps us to tap the numerous possibilities and capabilities of the Android world. As a result, we have solutions spanning multiple Android products such as wearables, TVs, tablets, and mobile. For these solutions, we use the latest tech stack & tools like Kotlin, android NDK, Java, Cordova, etc.

We are the best software development company, and across India. This has been reinforced by AppFutura which has hailed BigOhTech as the best mobile app development company in India. Furthermore, we are an ISO 27001 & CMMI Level 3 certified company.  


Android App Development Consultation Company Near You

BigOhTech offers its clients the best Android solutions and technology stacks that are best for those solutions. With a long-running existence in the tech industry, we assist our clients in transforming their raw ideas into highly functioning Android apps.    

We build the most suitable apps and also provide IT consultation services, keeping the nature and uniqueness of business in mind.

Android Custom App Development Company in Delhi  

With 10+ years of experience in the tech industry and exposure to multiple client projects, BigOhTech has proven itself as the top Android app development company in India through the years. We build custom Android apps that cater to the needs of businesses and their target audience.   

BigOh makes use of the latest and most appropriate technology stack and tools to develop Android apps that enhance the business’s visibility and engagement by more than 79%. We ensure that the Android app gains traction and engagement in a short span through our seamless and user-friendly UI/UX, offering the best-in-class app development services. 

Android App Modernization Company

Our dedicated team, along with assisting businesses in updating their old Android applications, also specializes in converting their outdated hybrid apps to more modern native Android apps.  

Our highly skilled and agile Android developers seamlessly convert the Ionic apps to Kotlin, Java to Kotlin, etc., without any loss of data.  Hence, we offer top-class app modernization services in Delhi.  

Android App Testing and Maintenance Company in Delhi  

We, as a high-quality Android app developer, believe in supporting and maintaining our Android products throughout the product’s life cycle. This is regardless of whether we have developed the product or not.   

We test the Android apps, ensure that they are bug-free, and maintain them for you, even if they are developed by your in-house team, a development partner, or another app developers. We ensure that your users have a frictionless experience while using your app, as hence app testing and maintenance are offered in our Android app development services.   

Why Choose BigOh?  

  • 10+ years of experience in expertise in Android app development  
  • We ensure 2x ROI for our clients  
  • 200+ Development Centres globally  
  • 20+ skilled and agile Android developers 

Thus, we are an attractive choice and justify our position as the top software development company. With over 200 trusted partners and more collaborations, we are a highly professional, results-oriented, and punctual application development company.   

We value our partnerships and evolve with every single innovation that we create with all our heart and hard work.   

Visit our website for more information on our Android app development services in Delhi. Read through our success stories and achievements and collaborate with us for a successful business future.   

Our clients, their feedback, and the project timelines are our priorities. And with all these in mind, we create highly functional, practical, and reliable Android apps for your business growth.   

So don’t wait up, contact us today!  


How much does it cost for an Android app development in Delhi?

The average cost of developing a simple Android mobile app with basic features can range between $310- $600.   

It would cost $1220 or more for a business seeking a more complex Android app with advanced features. 

How to find a good Android app developer? 

A business could look for a good Android app developer in Delhi on networking sites, or hire them through referrals, or staff augmentation companies.     

A good app developer should come with excellent problem-solving skills along with expertise in algorithms and data structure. Further, he/she should have both, theoretical and more importantly, practical knowledge. Soft skills and the right attitude are a must.     

These were some points to bear in mind while hiring an in-house Android app developer in Delhi. 

However, if a business is opting to hire through the staff augmentation model, then the following points must be kept in mind:    

  • A good staff augmentation company should be able to provide vetted Android app developers with appropriate industry experience and exposure, and technical proficiency.   
  • Furthermore, the third-party service provider should be able to provide the most suitable resources at the time of requirement, especially at the time of scale-up.    

For more tips to find the right Android app developer for your product, read through our very informative blog.   


What are the things need to keep in mind before hiring app developers?

The right Android app development company should come with the following:   

  • A considerable amount of industry experience, domain expertise, and product sale strategies.  
  • Furthermore, portfolios, success stories, and use cases should be analyzed.   
  • Additionally, check if the third-party services provider offers support and maintenance services after app development.