BigOhTech is at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies and pioneer of next-generation software development solutions. BigOhTech, a leading software development company in Delhi, excels in delivering tailor-made software solutions to businesses.

Having a dedicated team of 250+ software developers with 14+ years of experience in the software development domain. We aim to enhance your business efficiency with our innovative products and solutions.

We follow a customer-centric approach in developing custom software applications that can help businesses improve their business efficiency and help them attain a competitive advantage.

Not only that, BigOhTech helps enterprises and unicorn brands by developing secure, reliable, and scalable products.   

Certified Solutions with Our Software Developers in Delhi

BigOhTech was founded in April 2020 with just 5 members with the motto of providing innovative solutions that could create impeccable results in the life of its customers. We take the extra mile to help businesses get satisfactory results.  

As the Software development agency in Delhi, we never stop innovating, as being creative and innovative lies in our DNA. Before developing custom software, we spend hours doing market research and then developing top-notch products that align with the business goals.   

We have a dedicated team of software developers in Delhi and Q/A testers with 11+ years of experience developing custom software solutions using cutting-edge technologies such as IOT, Blockchain, AR/VR, AI/ML, etc., that can create an impeccable impact on your business.  

Software developers at BigOhTech provide innovative software solutions to startups and enterprises using 6 step software development methodology, which primarily includes research and discovery, validating and shaping the idea, designing and prototyping, development, conducting testing, to providing maintenance and support services.  

Software Development Company in Delhi NCR

As Delhi’s leading software development company, BigOhTech strives to have a dedicated team of 120+ IT consultants who can transform your business idea into high-quality software applications.   

We helped hundreds and thousands of enterprises and Unicorn brands to level up their business game using cutting-edge software products.

One such brand, BigOhTech, helped includes Airtel Xstream, wherein we helped the company by developing video-on-demand applications.   

Then, we achieved another milestone wherein we helped another clientele by developing a trading platform enabling trade in various commodities. After the platform was launched, it got 1000 users, and 1 million transactions were conducted. 

Do you want such results for your business? If yes, don’t overthink. If others could, you too can do so. Head over to the portfolio section of our website, where we shared a glimpse of how we helped our previous clients skyrocket their business.   

Just fill in the contact form and leave all your queries for us. We will get back soon with our technical team of experts within 24 hours.

Software Development Services  

Look at our software development services to increase your ROI now –  

1. AI/ML Software Development   

We at BigOhTech have a dedicated team of 20+ AI/ML time experts who offer intelligent solutions that make the software development processes fast and intelligent.   

We don’t believe in planning all the time to develop the next-generation software. Our AI/ML experts spend a major chunk of time developing a product for our clients using the latest tools and technologies such as Python, AWS, Tenser flow, IBM- Watson, etc. We follow 3 simple steps to develop software –  

  • Problem identification  
  • Product discovery workshop
  • Production of AI/ML solution
  • App development   

As the software development agency in Delhi, we have more than 14 years of experience in complex software development to develop custom software solutions that align with the client’s business goals.   

We are best at understanding our client’s requirements as we have a competent team of 120+ skilled IT consultants with years of experience developing innovative hybrid IOS and Android apps.   

2. Web Development   

Being the top software development firm in Delhi, we believe in adding value to the client’s business using the latest tools and tech stacks such as IOT, cloud, Quality engineering, Blockchain, etc.   

We strive to deliver customized web development services (ideation to delivery to maintenance) by developing best-in-class responsive cloud-native web applications that add tangible value to your business.  

3. Custom Android App Development

Want to get your business ahead? Our app developers have created 100+ custom applications for various industries aligned with their business goals. Not only that, but our efforts also speak for our clients.   

Custom Android applications developed by our app developers can quickly get you millions of downloads.   

4. IOS App Development Consultation   

As the software company in Delhi, our IOS app developers help you by conducting a feasibility study and analyzing whether an app idea would be good or not, keeping in mind the functionality of an application.    

With 50+ IOS app developers, we at BigOhTech are here to transform your idea into user-friendly IOS applications.

Why Choose BigOhTech?  

4 Reasons why BigOhTech can turn out to be your innovation partner for tomorrow’s possibilities –  

  • Having an experience of more than 14 years in complex software development   
  • We are a result-oriented company serving more than 500 + clients globally.  
  • We believe in providing exceptional quality services to our clients by following the quality benchmarks for developing software.   
  • We adopt modern tools and technologies to develop intelligent software and applications, including AR/VR, AI/ML, Blockchain, IoT, etc.   


How to find the right custom software development company in New Delhi?

Before developing a custom software, have clarity in mind regarding what is your purpose for developing a custom software application-  

  • Check out the company portfolio and the past projects they have worked on.   
  • Make sure to check out which type of technologies are being used by the company   
  • Keep an eye on whether the company has a proven track record of delivering on-time projects
  • Whether the company provides app development support or not 
What are the benefits of custom software?
  • Not the 2 businesses are the same, there is a need for custom software. Custom software makes your business stand out from the crowd because custom software is specifically tailored to your business needs. To get all the benefits of custom software, you need to know how your business works and what it needs  
  • The investment required in developing custom software is huge. However, the returns it would generate in the future are worth it.
  • Developing custom software delivers a personalized experience to the customers, increasing customer satisfaction eventually. 
What is the difference between custom software and generic software?

Generic software means the product is designed to cater to all business needs, while custom software is tailored to business needs.   

Consider that generic software is ready-to-use, and custom software is a customized solution for specific businesses.   

Developers need not worry about spending much time and taking minute checks for developing generic software. But custom software is developed with specific features where developers keep a check on all quality parameters.  However, there are some distinctions between the two, giving birth to the question of Generic Software vs Custom Software, that a business needs to keep in mind while making a choice. 

When it comes to the cost aspect, custom software is usually more expensive than generic software because custom software is designed for a specific client.