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Qa testing serviceWe understand your business concerns that developing bug-free software is essential. Therefore, we aim to deliver a fully functional product that can provide a best-in-class user experience while helping businesses retain their customers for longer. BigOhTech’s QA testing services can help you find these goals at one place.

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    Our QA Testing Services

    Why choose our QA testing services?

    Expert Q/A professionals

    Our Q/A professionals have been dealing with clients across the globe who have come along the way by learning various methodologies, tools, and techniques that can let you bring remarkable results for your business and, at the same time, keep your customers feeling happy.

    Get top-notch product quality

    We don't want you to compromise the quality of the software/application. An optimal product quality satisfies your users and helps your business to skyrocket your revenue. So, why not outsource software testing services to an expert Q&A tester?
    cost effective qa testing

    Cost-effective solution for you

    Hiring an experienced software tester for your in-house department sounds like an expensive job for you. As a Q/A testing company, we allow businesses to hire our Q/A testers who can work for you within the estimated timeframe and at an affordable cost.

    Develop risk-free applications by hiring our QA testers

    Accelerate your business revenue by 93% by making the most out of your testing efforts. We have helped hundreds and thousands of clients scale their businesses by providing end-to-end testing of web apps, mobile apps, and the web.   

    QA Testing Services Process

    Ai Chatbot Process

    qa testing requirement

    Requirement analysis

    Here, the Q/A team analyzes the project requirements received from the business analyst and outlines the requirement specifications that have to be taken care of. Testers decide which features must be designed and take the necessary details from the developer to ensure that the product is functionally effective.
    qa testing planning

    Test planning

    Our certified Q/A testers perform functional and non-functional testing to ensure that the software runs smoothly and has no bugs. Under functional requirements, we evaluate whether the software meets basic quality standards or not. Non-functional testing is performed to ensure whether the application is secured or not, does it offer good performance or not, is it easily accessible by users or not.
    qa testing designing


    In this stage, our experienced Q/A testers design the test scenarios, each with various test cases.
    qa testing execution

    Test case execution

    After designing the test cases, our qualified Q/A professionals run those test cases to ensure whether the application has bugs, then fix those issues, and retesting of software is executed afterwards.
    Qa test closer

    Test closer

    The final stage involves preparing the test case reports and requirement traceability matrix and then delivering the release note to the client highlighting the features and functionalities of the software.

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    Technologies we use in our QA testing services

    • Security
    • API
    • Web Automation
    • Manual
    • Performance
    • Mobile Automation








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    QA Testing Services FAQs

    Can you help me in explaining the end to end process for implementing a chatbot?

    Here is a brief introduction how does a chatbot works : 

    • Firstly, we need to design the conversational flow of a chatbot. This includes how will a user going to interact with a chatbot what are the questions Chatbot will be asked and the possible answers it needs to provide
    • Chatbot should be enriched with the ability to understand and responds to user’s input, Need to write the code in the manner to apply this logic
    • Chatbot should be trained post this using machine learning algorithms, They should be fed with the sample data to ensure the chatbot get’s trained and provide more apt results
    • Fall back mechanism should be defined, Incase chatbot can’t handle the query the query should be redirected to the human operator
    • Chatbot should be deployed on the needed channel, either on an app or any other platform which so ever is needed
    • Testing phase should begin, Chatbot should be kept on training with the amount of data it’s being exposed to as well
    Can you provide a detailed project timeline and budget for the AI Chatbot?

    Yes, please schedule a scoping session with us. CTA for scoping session, Once, the requirements are clearly written down, It won’t take more than 24 Hrs for us to provide the same.

    What are the different Channels on which I can publish AI Chatbot?

    Here are the various platforms in which chatbots can be integrated

    • Website, To handle visitors queries
    • Application, One can use chatbot as a standalone app offering or can bind the chatbot into an existing application
    • Customer care service, Chatbot is widely used in this vertical.
    • Travel Website, Booking management systems, Tracking websites
    • Messaging platforms such as slack, teams, and whatsapp
    • Social channels such as Facebook, twitter and instagram
    How much does it cost to implement an AI chatbot? How long does it take to implement an AI chatbot?

    please schedule a scoping session with us. CTA for scoping session, Once, the requirements are clearly written down, It won’t take more than 24 Hrs for us to provide the same.

    What are the requirements for integrating an AI chatbot into my business?

     In order to integrate a chatbot into your business, One basically needs to have an app / web space where the chatbot can be integrated. Along with this one needs to have social channels where the Bot needs to be integrated and the data pool in order to train the bot as per your needs.

    Can an AI chatbot handle complex customer inquiries by switching to Agent view?

    Yes an AI chatbot is capable enough to handle the complex queries, Although it depends upon the training and the type of data pool one is having for the chatbot.

    What support and maintenance services are available for AI chatbots?

    Comming soon!