what is staff augmentation

To hire middle or senior-level developers or professional experts for software development, enterprise app development companies prefer in-house recruitment which is a time-consuming process. Moreover, when you need to hire an expert in a limited time period following approaches would not be a better option. Here, you would be required to take some smart moves using an ideal hiring model, named Staff augmentation.  

It tends to target in-house team expansion for better assistance in hiring professionals for your project without taking much time.  This post is all about the profound explanation of this, services, challenges & types of staff augmentation, its benefits, and many more. 

What Is Staff Augmentation?  

The organizations use an outsourcing strategy to staff their project and meet up the submission deadlines successfully. This technique involves evaluating the current staff ability and additional proficiency.  

In simple terms, staff augmentation is the process of the utilization outside personnel temporarily to augment an organization’s capability.  

It also helps service brands can easily dismiss their payroll service recruitment and project implementation costs. These hiring models are easily scalable which refers to their effectiveness and it is easy to end this sort of partnership despite of terminating an employment contract.  

Types Of Staff Augmentation 

There are different types of staff augmentation that make the hiring process easy and convenient, here are some of them:  

1. Skill-Based

This type mainly focuses on specific skills and abilities like data processing, data transcription, copywriting & transcription. 

2. Commodity

This process involves focusing on or hiring reliable employees to conduct tasks, like warehouse work, retail or manual labor but not a specific skill set for hiring. 

3. Highly – skilled

The need for highly skilled workers has increased in recent times, this process involves hiring of advanced skills, like software engineering, brand designing, and many more which you may get only through experience or training.  

Types of Staff Augmentation Services 

There are various options for accurate augmentation service, picking up the right talent relies on the hiring model of an organization. Below are the various methods for selecting the best augmentation methods. 

1. Master vendor staffing

It’s a Large-scale staffing procedure that a single vendor runs on. It’s commodity type, which is best for highly – commoditized labor requirements where the cost incurred is comparatively low and the scale is significant. 

2. Traditional Staffing Providers

This is one of the temporary laborers specialized in skill-based commodities, which is best for non-critical projects requiring high-level skills. It is preferred since it is flexible enough to make changes  

3. Direct Independent Relationships

These are smaller agencies that target highly skilled and specialized professionals. It is one of the best techniques for quality services. 

4. On-Demand Talent Platforms

Such techniques offer highly skilled and accurate talent. These are the best for highly-skilled talent that is deployed quickly. 

How To Choose the Best Model?

Many organizations use various providers at a time according to their requirements while considering staff augmentation, the factor for determining goals should be remembered to achieve the target. 

1. When to Use Staff Augmentation Services 

There are certain scenarios where the company uses staff augmentation services for a better hiring model. You can employ staff augmentation when you get caught up with the below scenarios: 

2. When you want an add in-house team

As discussed above, it states extending an existing in-house team to get more people to perform the work smoothly or to find professionals who are capable enough in the specific skill set in IT fields. 

3. Need for staff augmentation

Staff augmentation is impactful when there is a need for a local person holding proficiency in any particular software like ERP Software. It saves time for professionals. There is one basic activity perform is to connect with vendors go through candidate’s CVs or resumes and interview them.

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