why opt for staff augmentation

Staff augmentation is a process of getting variable or permanent workforce outside your country. Thus, it’s easy for you & for your firm to get better access to talent 24*7 as and when needed. It’s a very successful model across the world and many companies experienced huge success and growth as well. 

Staff Augmentation: A Brief

Even after the pandemic, this is even the most cost-effective model. Just because increasing input and operational costs reduced the profit margin of organizations. That forced them to change their strategy towards more cost-effective solutions. In today’s time the cut-throat competition among organizations forced companies to find new avenues for their project needs. Yes staff augmentation will help you out whenever you are caught in this situation. 

The high attrition rate in the IT industry after the pandemic is a bane for many small and mid-sized organizations. Ultimately it is going to increase your cost of hiring new employees and providing them with training etc. It takes lots of time & resources due to this you might also lose some of your projects. In fact, maybe delivery of projects got late which will bring down your USP in the industry & might be client will break the contract with you.

In this situation Staff augmentation will save you from struggling, it will save your money, time, and resources and will help you out in getting a permanent or variable workforce with good expertise and experience at affordable prices which reduces your input cost and increase your profit margin with efficient project delivery and availability of teams 24*7. I think you might have doubts lets share the market research report of SpendEdge. According to them a market of staff augmentation 2.0 is growing at CAGR of 3.53% with an incremental spend of about 481.87 billion by 2025. Thus, how well you can see how staff augmentation will help you out and how the market size of this model is growing. Just because it is cost-effective and many other shared benefits.

As rightly said “Opportunities are never lost, just found by those who clearly see the power of trends and timing” ~Donald Trump 

But before approaching any staff augmentation firm you need to check below mentioned points. 

Dedicated on demand IT professional services

what happens in industry you not conduct proper research on what basis you should contact firm. This is the most important for you otherwise your motive will not solve. 

They must provide shared services

there should be different model like time, material & fixed cost model as per your requirements. Otherwise you will suffer a lot in future because these are flexible business model which will help you out based on your project requirement to ramp up or ramp down the teams without additional overheads or commercial. 

Expertise with experience on cutting edge technologies

Technology is changing at fast pace so as you also need team who will help you out with latest tech stack otherwise your productivity and migration towards these latest tech stack will cost you huge in future so early you start better you are. 

And in this journey there are many organizations who will help you in staff augmentation process but based on the above-mentioned parameters only one stand out it is Big Oh tech Off-course there are many but this is the one who is emerging, growing and built good trust in industry by delivering lots of high-quality projects. So, I am assuming that now you will have very good understanding of staff augmentation and it’s benefit and- Yes you need it pretty much clear, I guess. 

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