The Best AI Chatbot

AI chatbots are necessary for businesses to automate their operations and streamline business processes. If you want to take your business to the next level, consider adopting AI chatbots in your business processes.   

The increasing surge of ChatGPT encourages other companies to integrate chatbot technologies into their day-to-day business practices.

AI Chatbots
AI chatbots

Research studies state that demand for chatbots has been increasing rapidly – 1.4 billion people use chatbots today. So, if you don’t want dissatisfied customers, start leveraging AI chatbot technology in your business.   

In this blog, we will delve deeper into making you understand what AI chatbots are, the importance of AI chatbots, and the best top 10 AI chatbots you can use now to scale your business operations.   

What Is An AI Chatbot?  

AI chatbots are software programs having Natural language processing (NLP) capabilities that make them capable enough to understand spoken and written human language. 

AI chatbots aim to understand the intent of users and learn with time to phrase the best possible answers.   

Moreover, AI chatbots are becoming more conversational and advanced over time and can perform various advanced tasks such as mimicking human-like conversation, delivering original content, etc.  

It’s all possible because of the introduction of language models such as GPT, Lamda, etc., which makes these chatbots functionally advanced.   

AI chatbots differ from regular chatbots because AI-powered chatbots have advanced capabilities to track patterns of data and then solve specific problems of users by applying the same patterns.   

Regular chatbots are there to answer human queries without the intervention of human agents. 

The objective of integrating chatbots on websites or apps was to answer common questions that users might ask while navigating the website or app. In contrast, AI chatbots take advantage of ML and NLP to provide human-like responses that, too, in a relatable manner.   

AI chatbots have more advanced functionalities and can deliver a human-like conversational experience.  

For Instance – The user lands on the website or an app, and there is a program that can mimic human-like conversations, and we can call it an AI chatbot. 

Why Is An AI Chatbot Important?  

AI chatbots are important for businesses because of the following reasons –  

Generate Leads   

AI chatbots act as a lead-generating tool for businesses by asking visitors on the go to initiate conversations.  

An AI-based chatbot makes sure that the conversation flows correctly by asking relevant questions from the prospect, trying to persuade customers, and possessing the capabilities of qualifying leads on the go before passing it to the company’s sales agents.

Increase Sales   

Research studies suggest that chatbots that keep engaging with customers let the customers spend more by 20%-40%.  

Chatbots increase sales for businesses by converting first-time visitors into new customers, informing them about new products, and luring them to buy products by showcasing attractive discounts.  

Not only that, but AI chatbots can also inform customers by sending notifications about ongoing offers and helping them to find the products that they might be looking for.   

By doing all these activities, chatbots can lure customers by bringing them down the sales funnel.  

Facilitates Conversational Marketing   

Businesses can leverage chatbots as part of their marketing strategy. E-commerce companies deploy marketing chatbots by sending product recommendations to the customers, placing an order, and pushing the client down the funnel.   

For example – A potential customer lands on the website but does not initiate the checkout process. And a chatbot came up with a spinning wheel that offers discounts wherein the customer tries to spin the wheel to get a discount code and makes a purchase.   

Top 10 Best AI Chatbots In 2024

Here are the top 10 best ai chatbots-

1. ChatGPT 


Open AI developed ChatGPT allowing users to make human-like conversations. The language model got trained to perform various tasks, including composing essays, drafting emails, creating creative stories, generating code, and more.

Moreover, ChatGPT can give prompt replies to users in a concise and digestible way. 

Users can utilize ChatGPT for various language processing tasks, such as text summarization, conversation generation, language translation, and more. Additionally, Users can customize the input to get better responses, and it can adapt itself to that tone and style.   

Key Features of ChatGPT   

  • Firstly, It can make human-like conversations naturally.   
  • It can learn and adapt to give responses in a specific tone and style.   
  • With NLP capabilities, ChatGPT can understand the intent of the conversation and can provide human-like responses.   
  • Pricing – ChatGPT is available for free. However, it offers a paid plan to users called ChatGPT Plus, which costs $20 per month and gives you faster response times and priority access to recent upgrades.   

2. Bing Chat   

Bing Chat
Bing Chat

Microsoft powers Bing Chat, assisting users in saving time when searching for queries. It allows users to ask questions, chat, and provide detailed, comprehensive answers.   

Bing Chat uses the GPT4 language model to have engaging conversations with users. Because of its deep learning capabilities, it can generate real-time responses.   

Key Features of Bing Chat   

  • In Bing Chat, users keep sending messages until they are satisfied as it is a conversational tool.
  • Bing chat is different from other AI chatbots. It does provide comprehensive information along with generating source citations.   
  • The platform is a valuable tool for users to produce unique content by surfing the web, whether poems or crafting creative stories.
  • Pricing – Bing chat is free for users but has a specific limitation: users can do up to 150 conversations/day.   

3. Google Bard   

Google Bard
Google Bard

People use Google Bard, an innovative chatbot platform, to engage in captivating conversations. It uses ML and NLP capabilities to have human-like conversations. In February 2024, Google introduced Bard, a chatbot platform used for providing simple answers to questions.

Unlike ChatGPT, Bard was granted permission to respond starting in September 2021.

Key Features of Google Bard   

  • Google Bard is helpful for users to conduct brainstorming, generate ideas, craft outlines for blogs, write essays and talk to you conversationally.  
  • It uses LAMDA (Language model for dialogue applications) to generate responses.
  • In addition to providing text responses, Bard can now make interactions more visual as the users can add images and write text in prompts. Bard is there to provide you with accurate responses with visuals.   
  • Pricing – Google Bard is free to the users and is in experiential mode.   

4. Freddie   


Botshot developed Freddie, an NLU-based AI-powered chatbot, to assist hoteliers in boosting their productivity, satisfying customers, and driving sales. These AI-powered chatbots can communicate in 100+ languages and have inbuilt multilingual capabilities that can redefine your guest experience.   

Key features of Freddie   

  • Freddie by Botshot works round the clock to provide customer support, and customers need not wait for hours to get responses.   
  • It acts as a 24*7 automation agent for responding to customer queries.   
  • As the conversational bot, Freddie can work across leading social messaging applications, including Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Slack.   

5. Jasper Chat  


It is a powerful AI chat platform considered the best writing tool. It works similarly to ChatGPT, wherein the user enters the prompt or query, and the AI chatbot responds.   

Unlike ChatGPT, Jasper Chat leverages NLP capabilities to generate human-like responses. The AI chatbot is best for writing creative copies. It differs from ChatGPT as it can write in 50 templates for video scripts, blogs, sales pages, etc.   

Jasper Chat
Jasper Chat

Crucial Features of Jasper Chat  

  • It is best for marketers and businesses as it can help them with writing tasks. It acts as a writing partner for them and can be useful for converting generic text into marketing phrases.   
  • This is a useful tool for entrepreneurs to speed up their workflows as it can get you the content within a few seconds.   
  • Jasper chat uses GPT 3 technology, and it is trained on data till September 2021   
  • Pricing – Jasper chat is free for users for up to 5 days; however, the user can purchase the premium plans that cost $49 per month and $59 per month to explore Jasper chat features   


This is an AI conversational CRM bot. ChatSpot is a chatbot powered by HubSpot used for helping marketing, sales, and service professionals. It is used for streamlining HubSpot CRM activities. uses NLP capabilities to understand customer intent and provide tailor-specific responses to engage with clients.   

It is directly connected to HubSpot and lets users use chat-based commands. It assists the users by saving hours that would have been spent on manual data entry, research, or development.   

Key Features of ChatSpot   

  • It can draft follow-up emails and create marketing emails for campaigns.
  • ChatSpot powers the capabilities to generate reports; users just need to specify the criteria on which the report should be built. For example – Users can ask ChatSpot to create a report on monthly revenue in Q4.   
  • Additionally, ChatSpot uses Dall – E-2 technology to generate content for users. For instance- The user can ask ChatSpot to generate an image of a bolt arm wrestling with a Hulk, and it will come out with such a visual.   
  • Pricing – ChatSpot is free for users with a monthly subscription limit   

7. Zendesk Answer Bot 

Zendesk answer bot
Zendesk answer bot

This answer bot works within the Zendesk ecosystem to answer customer queries. It is a useful tool for businesses to engage in natural conversations with customers and provide dedicated customer support.  

The Zendesk answer bot browses information from the Zendesk knowledge base to provide relevant information to customers without any delay. Zendesk products offer a feature to businesses where they can click on “click to build chatbot creator” for facilitating customer support processes.   

Key Features of the Zendesk Answer Bot   

  • It is a multilingual AI chatbot that can be integrated with the Zendesk knowledge base.   
  • It uses deep learning capabilities to understand the user’s intent and initiate flawless conversations.   
  • Being an AI automation tool, Zendesk can provide customer support on multiple messaging channels such as Slack, website, and Facebook Messenger.   
  • Pricing – Zendesk basic plans start at $19 per month.   

8. Botsify   


It is an AI chatbot builder helping small and medium-sized businesses to create and manage chatbots to provide best-in-class customer support and enhance the customer experience.   

Botsify assists businesses in treating their customers like a VIP. Botsify is a no-code chatbot builder platform allowing businesses to develop conversational bots that can automate customer service, support, and sales.   

Key Features of Botsify   

  • It is an omnichannel platform that provides a seamless experience to customers across multiple channels such as Facebook, WhatsApp, messenger, telegram, etc.  
  • Because of ML and NLP capabilities, it can respond to customer queries 24*7 and help businesses create a pipeline of leads in the future.   
  • Botsify captures the visitor’s information using Botsify forms.    
  • Pricing – Botsify provides a 14-day (about two weeks) free trial for businesses to explore their features and users can then switch to paid plans.   

9. Drift   


This is an AI conversational-based chatbot helping businesses to qualify leads without using any form. These B2B chatbots are deployed on websites to ask qualification questions and create leads in CRM. Once leads are qualified, chatbots can book meetings for sales teams.   

These chatbots provide a great opportunity for businesses to interact with their customers effortlessly.   

 Key Features of Drift   

  • It captures customer details and assists businesses in understanding their customer avatar in detail  
  • It can track the activities of the users on the website  
  • Drift being a Rule-based chatbot, can categorize the conversations of users
  • It can book meetings for the qualified lead using Microsoft or Google calendars  
  • Pricing – Drift offers 3 plans to the users – Premium, standard, and custom pricing plans.    

10. Ada  


It is an AI chatbot that understands complex queries and can respond conversationally. It supports 50+ languages on various channels such as Facebook, WeChat, and WhatsApp.

Ada is the perfect solution for businesses needing an integrated chat solution, and you can connect with order management software and booking software to smoothen business processes.  

Key Features of Ada   

  • It is a no-code chatbot builder that can be deployed on the website
  • Supports 50+ languages to deliver seamless customer support   
  • Ada can resolve 77 % of customer queries through automation   
  • Pricing – It comes with various paid pricing options such as core plan, advanced plan, and pro plan   

Factors To Consider Before Selecting An AI Chatbot

A business should consider the following factor in order to choose the most suitable AI Chatbot:

Understand Your Business Needs   

You might have experienced this situation often wherein the traditional call centers are not capable enough, and the customer support representatives are tired of answering dozens of questions. Then, you need to leverage automated solutions and consider integrating chatbots on your website to provide a seamless customer experience.  

To do that, you need to speak with customer support representatives to understand their struggles. Try to understand what things can be automated.   

Choose The Chatbot Solution That Provides Omnichannel Support.   

Before selecting the chatbot solution, you must clearly understand the platforms (website, social media, mobile apps) you will use to provide customer support. If you are going for omnichannel support, you must decide which platforms to integrate into the chatbot.   

Decide Which One To Choose: Bilingual or Multilingual.   

When considering investing in a chatbot solution, you need to understand whether the chatbot can understand customer queries.   

Additionally, many companies are providing AI chatbot solutions that can respond to customer queries using NLP capabilities. So, you need to make sure that the chatbot platform provides NLP training or not.   

Wrapping Up   

So, you get a fair idea about the best AI chatbots available for your business in 2024 that can meet your customer requirements. You can find various chatbots that can multi-task and make your business processes more efficient and effective.   

But there is no such best AI chatbot; it all depends on the use case of your business. Every AI chatbot has its features and functionalities.   

For instance – If you want to go for the best AI chatbot that can write compelling copies for your business, then go for Jasper. If you want the best AI chatbot to write essays, become a brainstorming partner for your business or create cover letters for you, go with ChatGPT or Bard.   

No one-size-fits-all approach works anymore regarding which one is the best AI chatbot.   

BigOhTech, an expert chatbot development company, has 15+ years of expertise developing NLU-based chatbots that can close a gap between you and your customers.   

We have a dedicated team of chatbot developers who can develop chatbots powered by NLU capabilities and are there for you to transform the way you interact with customers.


Q1. What is the most powerful AI chatbot?  

There is no such powerful AI chatbot. However, some popular chatbots have been used by businesses, including ChatGPT, Bard, Jasper chat,, Drift, etc. The most powerful chatbot can be among any of these if it matches your business goals and meets customer expectations.

Q2. What are the risks of using AI chatbots? 

As you know, AI chatbots can provide relevant responses based on users’ prompts. So, it might be possible that the chatbot can be misused by doing prompt injections.   
The AI chatbots can be used for malicious attacks and automate the attacks by sending phishing emails.
Chatbots lack the personal touch in solving customer queries, despite being programmed to provide specific responses to users. Moreover, they can inadvertently share sensitive customer information as they are trained on large datasets.

Q3. Can I create my own AI chatbot?

Users can develop chatbots using various chatbot builder platforms that offer easy-to-use interface templates, pre-built templates, and integrations with other platforms. To develop a chatbot, one needs a conversational database for training and a chatbot development platform.

Q4. Can chatbots work without AI?

Some chatbots can operate without using AI. Rule-based chatbots, popularly known as simple chatbots, receive training based on a predetermined set of rules to deliver specific responses to users. However, these chatbots do not possess the advanced capabilities of AI-powered chatbots.

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