How To Create An App Like Threads

Meta launched the Threads app, which revolutionizes the way people connect. Threads is a social media application that makes it easier for people to connect with their favorite creators and start fruitful discussions about trending topics. 

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According to TechCrunch, Threads gained immense popularity. It got 30 million signups in less than 24 hrs and reached 100 million users in less than 5 days of its launch, a remarkable milestone for the Meta team.  

Threads Shoots Past one million user mark at lightning speed
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Using existing Instagram credentials, the signup process to access threads is quite simple. 

To enhance the user experience, Threads combine the features of various social media platforms. Moreover, it allows the users to initiate text-based conversations that are of 500 characters in length and videos are of 5 minutes in length. 

Thus, Threads got a distinctive advantage as it got an extensive user base. In this blog, you will learn a lot about the Instagram threads app, the process of building an app like threads, and its development cost. 

What Is An Instagram Threads App? 

Threads is a social media app that was developed by the Instagram team on 6 July 2023. 

It is an app that allows creators and businesses to initiate text-based conversations (popularly known as threads), reply to other threads and follow those profiles that interest you the most. 

Threads look like a Twitter feed but is closely integrated with Instagram. Users can share text messages which are up to 500 characters in length and can include photos, links, and videos (up to 5 min in length) 

What is it
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How To Build A Text-Based App Like Threads?

Here’s the 7-step guide to building an app like threads-  

How To Build A Text-Based App Like Threads
How To Build A Text-Based App Like Threads

1. Determining Requirements 

Before creating the basic functional blueprint of the application, it’s time for you to understand the app’s objective and know the target market’s needs. Think of what features you want to add to build an app like threads such as photo and video sharing, real-time updates, story-like functionality, messaging, and much more. 

Once you clearly understand the app’s purpose and what your target audience expects from the app. Your development team will work on that.  

2. Market Research 

Before developing an app like Threads, you must perform market research, identify competitors, and monitor market trends. While conducting market research, try to analyze similar apps like threads, note their strengths and weaknesses, and learn about customer preferences and trends. 

When you get such insights, you know how you will differentiate your app from others. 

3. Design and User Interface 

After conducting market research, it’s time for you to create a blueprint for a text-based app like threads. Here, you need to design the app wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to visualize the app layout, navigation, and overall design. 

When designing the user interface of an app like Threads, make sure to keep the UI simple, intuitive, and visually appealing so that users can navigate through features and functionalities. 

4. App Development

After the design part, developers come in the loop to select the appropriate technology stack, including programming languages and development framework, to build a robust and scalable app. 

Developers design the essential components and integrate APIs, servers, and databases. 

Note: Choose the appropriate programming language and framework so that the performance and scalability of the application remain top-notch. 

5. Backend and Frontend Development 

In this step, the utmost importance is given to the backend and frontend side of things to build app-like threads.  

Here, you need to create a robust backend infrastructure, including servers, databases, APIs, and other necessary components, as the backend of an app is responsible for data storage, server-side operations, and user authentication. 

After that, screens and interactive elements are taken into consideration for creating responsive apps, and at the same time, it should ensure seamless navigation across different devices and platforms. 

6. Testing and Quality Assurance

Suppose you want to develop a high-quality app. In that case, you need to conduct functional, usability, and performance testing to check the app’s compatibility and identify performance bugs and other errors affecting a seamless user experience. 

Testing is required to ensure the app works flawlessly and simultaneously provides an error-free user experience. Furthermore, it’s important for you to perform beta testing, get feedback from the group of users, and make improvements before the app is going to launch.  

7. Deployment and Maintenance

Before deploying the app across multiple platforms, you need to ensure that the app complies with platform-specific guidelines such as Apple or Google. 

Your work is not complete even if the app is deployed, so make sure to monitor the performance of an app regularly, gather inputs from users, and make necessary improvements in the app from time to time. 

To sum up, keep your app updated and competitive based on market trends and user feedback.

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Features To Build an App Like Threads  

Building an app like Threads aims to provide users with unique features and make text-based conversations on the go. So, to provide an engaging experience to users, you need to develop threads like app that cover the following features as mentioned below-  

1. Seamless Account Integration 

In the case of threads, the signup process is quite easy for users as the app is closely integrated with Instagram. More importantly, users can follow and connect with their friends on threads. Overall, this app enhances the social media experience for users. 

All it means is that if any user has an existing Instagram app, they can log in to the Threads app using existing Instagram credentials. 

Next time, when creating an app like Threads, it’s important for you to simplify the signup process by integrating Threads-like app with existing social media apps. So, users need not worry about creating fresh accounts each time, saving their time and effort.  

2. Follow Accounts Automatically  

Threads allow users to follow accounts automatically that they already follow on Instagram. Thus, allowing users to stay connected with people they care about on Instagram. 

If you want to deliver best-in-class user convenience then you need to implement an automatic account follow feature, which means users can automatically follow the same accounts they already followed on integrated social media accounts.  

3. Enhanced Messaging  

Threads allow users to share bite-sized content pieces of up to 500 characters and post videos that are of 5 minutes in length. Users can seamlessly share content on Instagram stories when a threads account is linked to other social media apps. 

4. Thread 

The user interface of the Threads app is similar to Twitter. A threads app allows users to share text-based updates including like and repost content, quote the Thread and retweet the Thread.  

5. Communities

Threads offer a community to users where they can connect with like-minded professionals and enable users to build a massive number of followings. When building an app like threads, you need to focus on creating communities within your app.  

Try incorporating features in your app, like threads encourage users to join communities and spark conversations around specific topics, themes, or hobbies.  

6. Turn Out The Noise

Threads app provides an innovative feature to users “turn out the noise,” wherein users can take control of their conversations.  

It provides a customized experience to users by allowing them to choose who can mention or reply to them, filter out replies with certain words, or users can manage profiles by blocking, controlling, or restricting. 

So, make sure to provide a customizable conversation environment to users wherein they can access a range of customization options such as content filtering such as control the type of posts they see, customizable mentions and replies, and users are allowed to block or report other users.  

7. Compatibility With Interoperable Networks

According to Instagram, “Threads are soon going to become interoperable with other apps such as Meta plans to work with activity pub, an open social networking protocol established by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).  

Thus, users can expand their social presence and engage with a broader network across different platforms.  

To sum up, if you want to carry the threads like app development, you must ensure interoperability across multiple networks. 

How Are Threads Similar To Or Different From Twitter?

Threads and Twitter are social media apps that facilitate content sharing, but they have some differences in features and functionalities.  

Let’s discuss some core features of how threads are different from Twitter-  

Basis of Comparison Threads Twitter 
Character limit Threads allow users to share a post up to 500 characters in length.    Twitter allows users to create posts up to 280 characters in length. For verified users, Twitter offers a paid subscription wherein users can share posts up to 25000 characters for free.  
Seamless Instagram integration The Threads app is integrated with Instagram, which makes it easy for users to effortlessly connect with existing Instagram accounts so you can easily import your bio and followers from Instagram.    It does not offer integration with any other app. It’s a completely independent platform. 
Video length In the case of threads, users can share videos of 5 minutes in length.  Twitter allows non-verified Twitter users to share videos of 2 min and 20 seconds in length 
Draft saving feature Currently, there is no saving draft feature available in threads  Twitter offers a post-draft feature.  
Starting a thread Users need to hit enter 3 times when it comes to starting a thread  Starting a tweet on Twitter requires clicking on the plus button  
Platform focus Threads is primarily a mobile app that streamlines the user experience Users can access Twitter through mobile and desktop.  

Cost of Building An App Like Threads

The cost of developing an app like threads depends on various factors such as tech stack, location of app development agency, UI/UX design, app maintenance, features, functionalities, etc.  

There is a direct relationship between the complexity of an app and the cost involved. The more complex the app is, the higher it adds to the development cost.  

But, to give you a ballpark figure, here are the estimated costs for developing an app like Threads. The cost may vary depending on the project requirements and the type of app you need.

It looks less complicated to create an App similar to Threads. 

However, due to scalability, Robustness, Security, and compliance guidelines, it’s very challenging to develop a professional app like Threads that can serve more than 5m users per day. It may cost between 80,000-200,000 dollars

App TypeThreads App Development Cost EstimationTime Frame
Simple$45,000 to $90,0003 to 6 Months
Medium Complex$100,000 to $200,0007 to 9 Months
Most Complex$220,000 to $300,0009+ Months

But, if you need a step-by-step breakdown of costs incurred in developing threads like app, connect with an app development firm like BigOhTech that will give you an exact budget for building a threads app that suits your business needs.  

Wrapping Up

Now, you get an exact roadmap for developing a Threads-like application. In the world of social media, if your business wants to attain a competitive advantage, it’s high time for you to hop on this trend of developing an innovative social media app. 

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Q1. How long does it take to create an app like Threads? 

There is no fixed tenure for developing an app like threads. The cost of developing a threads app depends on the complexity of the app and the number of features. 
For Instance – The timeframe required for developing a simple app having minimal features takes around 3-4 months. On the contrary, creating a complex app with an extensive range of features would take around 9-12 months.

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