Flutter for MVP Development

In the world of mobile apps, how will you capture customer’s attention? This is where MVP comes into the picture where you will validate your project idea based on the user’s feedback. Then, you will fine-tune the primary version of the app and create the final product.  

Flutter for MVP development is an effective choice for businesses because it has everything a developer needs from creating engaging user interfaces to delivering exceptional performance. 

Moreover, Flutter SDK uses a single codebase to create an MVP that can be deployed across multiple devices. 

In this blog, we will uncover everything about why startups need to choose Flutter for developing MVP.

What is MVP? 

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is primarily a basic version that covers fundamental or essential features of a product. 

The motto behind launching MVP is to create a minimal version of the app, share it with a pool of users, get your idea validated, seek user input, and work on releasing a better version. 

MVP development is so important these days, and many startups are failing because they focus on creating products based on their assumptions, not real users. 


Various big brands, from Spotify to Instagram, started their app development journey by launching MVP. 

But that doesn’t mean that developing an MVP involves developing a complex product. MVP should cover minimum features, and the product should function properly. 

Developing MVP for startups should be confined to 3 things-  

  • The product should address the target audience’s needs.  
  • It should solve their pain points.  
  • MVP saves money on development as it guides your product development team not to add undesirable features to the product. 

With MVP, startups can verify their app ideas before creating a product for which customers are ready to pay. 

Successful brands such as Uber developed an MVP called Ubercab. The mobile app provided New York and San Francisco residents with an on-demand mobile car service.  

The core purpose behind creating an MVP was to make it easier for users to book a cab. They tested their app idea and later introduced other features, such as in-app tracking and estimation. 

Why is creating MVP necessary for startups? 

startup choose Flutter for mvp

Creating MVP for startups is essential because it allows startup owners to develop a basic product, gather feedback from early users, and upgrade their products in the future.  

Here are some reasons as to why startups should focus on building an MVP–  

1. Startups can test business ideas 

MVP makes it easier for startups to test business ideas. Instead of launching full-fledged products, startups can introduce products with minimal features in the market. 

With MVP, you test the product idea and customize the app functionalities to meet users’ expectations. 

Thus, you need not worry about wasting your money on creating a less-liked application because with a feature-heavy product, it would be difficult to change the entire app, and you may need to rebuild it. 

For Instance – Instagram has never considered a photo-sharing application as it is considered today.  

On 6 October 2010, Instagram introduced a basic app allowing users to take photos from the app and geo-tag locations while sharing photos on the app. The platform had 25000 users. Based on user feedback, Instagram changed the proposition of the app, and new features were added. 

Today, Instagram is more like a photo-sharing platform. 

2. Early reach out to investors 

You may have the most innovative idea, but gaining funding for the new product is not always easy. By showing a functional model that solves the specific problem of the audience, you can attract investors. 

As a startup owner, you can win investors’ trust when your MVP starts generating sales.  

Once you receive startup funding, you will likely add more customers to your list. So, MVP acts as a fundraising tool, especially when there is so much competition in the market.  

3. Saves your development cost 

If you have decided to develop a customized software solution, doing so requires time, effort, and money. Building and launching MVP focuses on developing a minimal product version that delivers value to users with no massive upfront investment.  

Launching an MVP saves the development cost, as your sole focus is to create a product with the necessary features. With MVP, you can save half of your development cost than building a fully-fledged application.  

Why is Flutter gaining prominence in the app development industry?  

Flutter is considered a leading framework for app developers, and big players in the market have built successful apps using this framework. 

Google introduced this framework in May 2017, allowing developers to build appealing mobile, desktop, and web applications using a single codebase.  

Most businesses are relying on Flutter because of the following reasons-  

  1. The hot reload feature in Flutter allows developers to preserve the app’s current state.  

With such a feature, developers can build interactive user interfaces, fix bugs, and add updates to the app. This takes approximately 1 second to make the necessary changes. Moreover, it boosts developer productivity as they can view the changes in seconds. 

2. It requires developers to use a single codebase to create cross-platform apps like Android and iOS. So, you don’t worry about spending more time and effort in writing separate codebases for different platforms.  

Additionally, Flutter uses Dart, an object-oriented programming language that provides a simple learning environment for developers to build cross-platform apps. 

3. Flutter provides custom UI widgets that make designing user interfaces (textboxes, layouts, animations) easier. Thus, you can add interactivity to Flutter apps, which helps you determine your app’s view.  

Why do startups need rapid development/fast development of products? 

Speed to launch products is a pivotal element in product development because when you deliver products faster than your competition, you achieve a competitive advantage and become a market leader. 

Hence, customers start remembering your brand name because they get your services quickly.  

Here are some reasons as to why startups are too quick in launching new products in the market- 

1. Gain a competitive edge in the market 

Startups are interested in faster product development to attain a first-mover advantage in the market. By introducing their products faster, they can get an edge over competitors and gradually increase market share.  

Companies can gain a competitive advantage in the market through any of these ways- 

1.Following the principle of iterative development (an agile approach to product management) helps you launch your product faster in the market. Here, you can get your products faster in the world rather than spending ages on planning, designing, executing, and testing products. 

2.Create an MVP, gather valuable user feedback, and bring additional features to the product.  

3.You can reach your target audience through early market entry. This way, you can position yourself as a market leader and capture market share quickly. 

2. Keep an eye on market opportunities  

As customer needs change so fast, you need to launch your products faster than anyone else because time to market is an important metric that determines the overall success of a product. 

TTM is an important KPI that means the Time taken to develop a product, starting with the idea generation phase to launching it in the market, affects the business success.  

Time to Market = Time to Revenue 

So, if the time required to develop software is less, the company can save costs and invest those resources in other core business areas. 

Longer TTM indicates that the startup is inefficient and may not attract investors for funding. Also, launching products faster in the market results in getting you revenue sooner.  

Why choose Flutter for MVP development?

1. The development process is cost-effective  

Choosing Flutter for MVP development is cost-effective as Flutter is a cross-platform app development framework. Developers use a single codebase to create apps for Android and iOS.  

Thus, developers will save considerable money as they don’t need to bear additional costs for developing separate apps. 

Developing MVP through Flutter is a good choice for small and medium-sized businesses, as cost is a significant concern for them, especially in the early stages of development.  

2. Reduces development time 

Because of hot reload functionality, developers can accelerate their development process by making the code changes in real-time and instantly previewing them without recompiling the app every time. So, you can build high-quality apps by reiterating the code. 

Additionally, Flutter facilitates close collaboration between developers, designers, and testers. Overall, such close collaboration improves the quality of MVP. 

3. Provides you with Native like performance  

What makes Flutter stand out from other frameworks?  

Being a cross-platform Flutter app development framework, it delivers the native-like performance of an app and allows businesses to serve Android and iOS users. While developing a native app cost more funds from your pockets. 

Thus, it’s a cost-effective option for businesses to launch cross-platform apps that render native-like performance. 

As a small business, if your focus is providing users with a satisfying experience without compromising the app quality, then choosing Flutter for developing MVP is your profitable option.  

4. Flutter-driven design attracts investors  

Because Flutter provides native-like performance, it gauges investors’ interests as it offers users high functionality and makes it possible for businesses to target a wider audience. 

Flutter interactive UI widgets that developers can customize draw investors’ attention. 

Developing apps using Flutter follows the “everything is widget approach” and creates visually appealing apps for platforms such as Android and iOS. 

Besides customized Flutter widgets, developers can choose from the wide collection of themes and build interactive layouts for Android and iOS.  

5. Flutter requires minimum resources  

Flutter requires minimal resources as it is integrated with Firebase, which works as Google’s backend as a service.   

Having a Firebase integration with Google makes Flutter the best choice for MVP development, as it provides access to various features such as real-time databases, analysis, authentication, cloud storage, crash reporting, etc. With so many features available, you can surely build powerful apps.  

To sum up, here are a few things that choose Flutter MVP development–  

  1. The developers can easily get a hang of Dat programming language, and the learning curve is much steeper than the React native framework. So, if you come from a JavaScript background, Flutter is easy to go with.  
  2. Flutter SDK requires developers to code little and use shared codebases for Android and iOS. Thus, a shared codebase lessens the app development cost.
  3. Flutter has growing community support because it is an open-source framework, and Google backs it. 
  4. There is no need for powerful machinery, and seamless set-up arrangements can be made.  

How can BigOhTech help you with developing MVP using the Flutter framework?

As a Flutter app development company, we help you design a workable product using the Flutter framework because our motto lies in developing superior cross-platform apps.  

Our dedicated team of Flutter app developers, Q/A testers, and UI/UX designers makes it possible for you to transform your mobile app idea into a fully functional app. 

With years of experience in various frameworks and technologies, you can expect high-performance applications from our tech team even if you have a smaller budget. 

Wrapping up  

From the above guide, you already know why startups should choose Flutter for MVP development. It saves development time, is cost-effective, attracts investors, and requires minimum resources. 

With Flutter, you can build user-friendly and interactive cross-platform apps that meet your business needs and provide a guaranteed user experience.  

If you are still wondering as to whether Flutter is a perfect choice for your startup or not.  

Let me tell you that developing an MVP using Google-backed Flutter helps you reach heights of success as it provides unbeatable features that enhance your app performance and functionality. 

So, if you want to create an app that saves half of your development budget and time, you can get a running application that converts your app idea into success.  

In addition, if you want to build interactive user interfaces, Flutter is considered the best choice to fulfil your dream project. 

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