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The digitally advanced world of today has effectively shifted to a mobile-first perspective. The majority of users prefer to complete their daily tasks via mobile apps, whether it is for shopping, education, communication, or business. The advancement of technology and customer experiences is one of the leading reasons for this trend transition. Mobile apps have become increasingly popular, especially in the online purchasing sector, where more than 85% of buyers prefer interactive custom mobile application over desktop versions. This rising trend of mobile app development has an indelible impact on how consumer experience performs in diverse settings, which could have long-term consequences for the business itself. 


Businesses can, however, create custom mobile applications to improve the customer journey by giving an interactive online consumer experience. Customer information gathered from online stores, especially in the eCommerce industry, can provide organizations with useful insights. This information can be used to improve the customer experience through customized solutions. 

Customers who have a bad experience on a mobile website are 62% less likely to purchase from the same e-commerce site again, according to market analysis. Focusing on a critical component, such as customer experience, can have a significant impact on when your business will potentially show the most progress. 

Due to intense competition in the e-commerce market, the user experience has become a crucial element in the profitability and growth of an eCommerce business. In today’s fiercely competitive corporate sector, it is one of the most important differentiators. As a consequence, companies are focusing on ways to improve and supplement their efforts. The average mobile user spends more than 3 hours per day on his or her smartphone, making mobile applications an integral element of our daily lives. 

Furthermore, research shows that the majority of customers are more likely to abandon apps that provide a poor user experience. They expect mobile application to quickly respond. These apps are also expected to provide an excellent user experience design.  

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7 Strategies For Enhancing Consumer Experience on Custom Mobile Applications: 

here are the 7 strategies for enhancing consumer experience on custom mobile applications-

1. Designed to work across multiple platforms 

Customers are constantly engaged with their smartphones, so the design of the operating system (OS) is critical. Companies must ensure that their apps run smoothly among all operating systems with varying standards of practice. Users may leave any mobile phone app that struggles to sync with the platforms. Within the first 3 days of their launch, 77% of companies lose users. As a result, it is clear how important it is to ensure that applications are compatible with multiple platforms in order to have a positive user experience. 

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2. Make a good impression 

Customers and businesses interact on mobile devices for a variety of reasons. To make a lasting first impression, it is critical that the first interaction between a user and an app be as simple as possible. The following ideas may be helpful: 

  • Provide a quick user interface 
  • Only relevant information should be displayed on the main screen. 
  • Make the onboarding process as simple as possible. 
  • Include visually appealing design elements. 

3. Recognize the application’s purpose

When it comes to maximizing consumer experiences, businesses’ relying on design software is a big mistake. It is crucial to first analyze the interaction settings in order to provide an outstanding customer experience. 

4. Ensure that the experience is interactive

When an individual interacts with the custom mobile application, a feeling of authority enhances his overall experience. What makes mobile consumers obsessed with their favorite brand’s mobile app is how they interact with it. One strategy for improving user experience is to keep user interactions intriguing. Enhancing interactions aids in capturing customers’ attention and boosting engagement rates. A mobile application testing company ensures that its team creates interfaces based on expected user behavior. 

5. Navigation 

We are all aware that interactions with smartphone apps are significantly limited than interactions with a computer monitor. Regardless of whether a company’s content and services remain the same. Navigation, on the other hand, can be a major concern that degrades mobile device user experiences. To avoid this and enhance the user’s experience, mobile app development companies should ensure that a search box is always available during a mobile interaction. The placement of the navigation may differ depending on the platform for which an app is designed, but it should help to improve the user experience. A search button should ideally have the following characteristics: 

a. Examine spelling issues to ensure that users can access what they’re looking for. 

b. Suggestions and auto-fill are available. 

6. Accessibility 

Have you ever considered how disappointed a user feels when he inadvertently taps ‘cancel’ when he intended to save the data? Understanding the basic accessibility factors that are crucial to the consumers with whom you want to engage via mobile apps is critical. The majority of time, consumers use their thumbs to tap on mobile devices. Those who use their mobile with two hands are more likely to swipe with their finger. As a consequence, developers of mobile apps must be aware of the accessibility issues that these designs can cause and place the buttons in those areas. 

7. Extensive software testing 

It’s one thing to know what people expect from a brand and another to understand what users want when they interact with an app. Mobile user testing helps to optimize mobile apps for a positive user experience. Use user analysis tools and A/B testing to identify crucial aspects for an effective app launch. Ensure that you answer questions like, “What features will make your app more valuable?” Is it easy to fill out the user sign-up form? 

Wrapping Up

Customers’ expectations are rising as the world becomes more digital. As a result, businesses must raise their game with the right smartphone app testing strategy. The above suggestions can help enhance the user experience for smartphone application users. 

With several years of experience in development, Big Oh Tech fully comprehends how to meet the expectations of today’s digital consumers. Users can contact us at any time for a free consultation on application development or enhancement. 


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