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Everyone loves Google services, and these services are affecting the lives of users and businesses around the globe. Things started with the invention of the wheel and now come down to the moment where everything is available to users with just a few clicks away.  

What started with the Android market is popularly known as the Google play store.   

In this article, we will look at the top Google play store statistics in 2024 that will blow your mind. 

What is Google Play Store? 

Google play store is an online hub that offers consumers various types of digital content. It’s not a platform for apps only. You can find multiple types of content, ranging from music, books, movies, etc. 

Play Store was launched mainly for Android users. The Google Play store currently consists of 2 million apps and games for billions of people worldwide. Some apps on the Google play store are free, while others cost money; some apps have in-app advertisements.   

Google keeps removing low-quality apps from the play store if it fails to meet the current operating system update requirements. Though the Google Play store has a greater number of users when it comes to consumer spending, the app store outperforms the best.  

Key Google Play Store Statistics 

1. Total Number of apps on Google Play Store  

Do you know that millions of users intend to use Google? The reason is simple. Google is considered a trusted platform. How many apps are there on the Google play store?   

Research studies from Statista suggest that during the third quarter of 2022, the number of apps on the Google play store was 3.55 million. The number of apps does not remain the same always as Google keeps removing low-quality apps from the Google play store.  

As of 2023, the total number of apps on the Google Play store reached 2.61 million.  

apps on play store
Source: Statista

2. Total Number of apps released per day and month  

To be precise, the average number of apps published on the play store daily is 1,609. 

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3. Total Number of app downloads annually  

With the increasing number of smartphone users, the Number of mobile app downloads has also increased significantly in the last 2 years. From the below-mentioned graph, you can see there is a positive curve. 

In 2016, the number of app downloads on the play store was 55 million, and in 2022, there were 110 billion mobile apps, as released by Statista. Data report from Statista says that users are likely to download 143 billion mobile apps on Google play store

worldwide app downloads

4. Total Number of apps with 4 or above ratings  

Most people are inclined towards downloading mobile apps because most apps have got higher ratings on the play store.  

According to a report published by Statista, around 114 thousand apps available on the Google Play store have an average rating of 4.5 or more than that.  

While fewer apps (less than 500 thousand) receive ratings from users. On the contrary, 2 million apps received less than 3 user ratings. 

App Rating

5. Users are projected to spend $55.5 billion by 2024 

google play spending

6. Price Distribution  

According to the report from Statista, around 37 thousand apps cost less than a dollar in the Google play store. Furthermore, 27 thousand apps cost between $1 and $2, followed by 2304 apps priced between 9-10 USD. 

price distribution
Source: Statista

7. Free and paid app downloads  

There are 2 kinds of apps – free apps and paid apps. Research studies indicate that the apple play store has more paid apps than free apps. This is because Apple users are more inclined toward making in-app purchases. Therefore, startups prefer to choose IOS over Android.   

free paid apps
Source: Statista

Free Android Apps  

As of March 2023, 97% of Android apps were available for free download, so how do Google app developers make money out of apps? Free apps are going to fetch you, wide users.   

App developers earn a major chunk of their revenue through free apps. How is it even possible?  

98% of app developers earn revenue by conducting app monetization strategies such as data monetization, premium model, freemium model, etc.   

Even freemium apps account for 94% of the market share as of 2021. That’s why App developers intend to develop Android apps.

Paid Android apps  

Talking about paid apps, you might have one or two paid apps on your smartphone today. Research studies from Statista say that the play store comprises 97% free and 3% paid apps. Free apps remained higher than paid apps in Google play store. 

8. Global usage of play store apps  

Statista said there were around 7.1 billion mobile app users in 2021. It means that most of the population uses mobile devices worldwide. In 2025, the number of mobile app users is projected to increase by 7.49 billion.   

Countries like China, India, and the United States are mobile-first markets as there has been an increasing number of mobile app users.   

According to a report from Apps Business, Android dominates the global market share, accounting for 70% of smartphone usage.  

From the above graph, we know that the maximum Number of users rely on Android, which means that users spend maximum time with it. It’s because everything is available at their fingertips.  

android vs ios
Source: StatCounter

9. Most popular App categories in Google Play  

Research studies from Statista suggest that gaming apps were the most popular category of apps in the play store, accounting for 13.8 percent of apps available worldwide.   

Subway Surfers is the most downloaded gaming app in 2022, with 304 million downloads.  

popular categories on play store
Source: AppBrain

Subway Surfers is the most downloaded gaming app in 2022, with 218 million app downloads. 

Subway Surfers218
Candy Crush Saga149
Ludo King143
Royal Match140
8 Ball Pool129
Block Blast 3D127.8
Free Fire127.6
My Talking Tom 2111
EA Sports FC 108

10. Leading Android apps in the Google play store  

Instagram is the most downloaded app on the Google Play Store, generating 696 million app downloads. It surpassed the TikTok app, which received many downloads over the past three years. 

WhatsApp Business267

Wrapping up  

After going through Google play store statistics 2024, you will get an idea not only about Google’s success but also the top apps operating on the play store.  

The App Store is indeed the premium player in the app industry. Still, several research studies indicate that the Google Play Store is the leading player in the market by looking at app downloads and usage statistics.  

If you are thinking of embarking on your journey by launching an app on the Google Play Store, contact our Android app development experts. They are there to turn your app vision into a live app.   

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