importance Of UIUX Design In IOS

If you are in love with the color, layout, and features of your mobile app, then it’s because of an effective UI/UX design. When it comes to developing iOS mobile apps, UI/UX is something that takes center stage in application development. Bringing good functionalities in an app is just one side of the coin, and making it appealing for the users is another side. Thus, this blog talks about the importance of UI/UX design in iOS app development.

What is User Interface (UI)?  

UI Design
UI Design

The user interface of an app is related to the look and appearance of an app. It means how your mobile application looks and how users feel when interacting with an app.   

While designing the application, the UI designer has to create an app from the end user’s perspective. How appealing your application is falls under the category of the user interface. First impression matters the most, so creating an aesthetic user interface is something that UI designers can’t ignore.  

UI includes various things such as icons and buttons, color palettes and typography, animation, and other imagery. To put it simply,   

UI = Point of interaction between user and digital product   

What is User Experience (UX)?  

UX Design
UX Design

Steve Jobs (Founder of Apple) once said – You must adopt a customer-centric approach, get started with the customer experience, and technology comes later. The user who comes to the center of everything will breathe the products.   

UX means what experience users will get when they interact with an app. If the app’s user experience is good, it leaves a lasting impression in the mind of users. UX designers aim to create a simple yet interactive app interface that can satisfy the users. 

Sounds confusing?   

Let’s understand UI and UX with the help of an example – UI relates to the car’s shape, design, and color. While the experience an individual gets after driving the car is considered UX.   

Importance of UI/UX Design in iOS App Development

UI/UX design is important in IOS app development because of the following reasons-

1. Improves User Experience   

If the UI/UX design in the iOS app is compelling, then it can hook the visitors to spend more time on the app, increasing the application’s usage time. Users are less likely to spend time on apps that look unprofessional and are not well designed.  

When an app provides a good user experience, customers feel delighted, and satisfied users often bring high conversions for the business.   

Remember! A good UI/UX can convert customers into loyal fans.   

Here are a few ways that UI/UX designers can improve user experience in an IOS app –  

  • Firstly, Conduct target audience research to understand the needs and preferences of customers   
  • Simplify the navigation of your app   
  • Use consistent design elements in an app   

2. Increases User Retention and Engagement   

Research studies say every dollar spent on UX design leads to an ROI of 100 dollars.   

Return of Investment
Return of Investment

The percentage of customers returning to your app depends on how good your app’s UI/UX design is. Additionally, having a smooth navigation interface lets the customers spend long hours on the app and make more in-app purchases. And poor user experience leads to increased churn rates.   

A good UI/UX design of an IOS app will likely affect the growth of mobile apps. Additionally, The well-designed app provides a good user experience, keeps your users engaged for a longer period, and increases your retention rate.   

A good UX of an app drives more visitors to use the app, hence driving higher engagement. Higher engagement always increases the likelihood of higher earnings for the business.   

Good vs Bad UX
Good vs Bad UX

3. Enhances Brand Reputation and Credibility   

A creative and seamless UI/UX design of an app delivers an exceptional customer experience. Moreover, The company’s success or failure depends on the user interface’s design. A good UI/UX design always makes the customers love your product.  

Hence, investing in the UI/UX of an IOS app increases your brand visibility and helps you to stand out from competitors.   

4. Reduces Development Costs and Time to Market   

A well-designed UI/UX in an IOS app ensures that there is less probability that customers will experience hurdles or challenges while using the app. If your app has good UI/UX, you won’t have to spend millions in updating the app as you are already following the best UI/UX design practices.   

Hence, you can reduce the development cost and time spent in developing an app.   

5. Get Loyal Users 

An iOS app with good user experience not only attracts potential customers but also keeps customers back and turns them into a loyal audience.  

Even numbers back up this statement by stating the importance of UX design because mobile apps with an engaging UI/UX design draw the attention of 73% more visitors. 

When customers keep coming back to a mobile app because of a positive user experience, they become highly satisfied. And a loyal customer will eventually increase your business revenue.  

While a bad user interface provides a bad experience to customers, decreases customer satisfaction, increases customer churn rate and drops your business revenue. 

Now, you would ask us what type of UI/UX design tick online on an iOS app. 

  • The one that has a sleek and minimalistic design  
  • A personalized feed for users  
  • The visual design shines  

Moreover, showcasing testimonials/ positive reviews on the app contributes to an increase in app store rankings and gets you more loyal customers.  

6. Increases Traffic 

Investing in good UI/UX design is not only about creating fancy designs that look visually appealing, but rather it’s about driving more traffic and keeping them engaged so they’ll spend more time on the app. 

The thing is that it takes a few seconds for a stranger to decide whether they should engage with your app or not. That’s where the design and appearance of the app matter. In the way a book is judged by its cover, people think of an app by its UI/UX design and that can either make or break your business. 

So, collaborating with UI/UX designers will help you create a digital experience for your mobile app that makes your business stand out. 

To Sum Up

You might now understand the importance of UI/UX design. Investing in good UI/UX has the potential to reap good returns in the future, increase traffic, and boost your conversions. When it’s a financial win for you, why think more?   

So, Consult with an IOS app development company that has expertise in designing the app by adopting good UI/UX practices.   


Q1. What is UI/UX in iOS app development?  

The User interface (UI) of an app represents how the app looks and feels to the users. First impressions matter the most, and if the application looks appealing to the users, they will return repeatedly. While creating an app, the designer has to focus on creating an aesthetic user interface that the users can’t overlook.   

On the contrary, an app’s User experience (UX) focuses on how easy or difficult it is for a user to interact with the app.

Q2. Why do iOS apps need efficient UI/UX Design?  

UI/UX design is important for IOS apps because of the following reasons –  
1. It improves the user experience   
2. It enhances brand reputation and credibility   
3. Increases user retention and engagement  
4. Reduces development cost and time to market   

Q3. Why is UX important for business?

1. UX design is created by considering various things such as business, problems of users, and the objective of the business. As the product is already tested in advance, it reduces the likelihood of the business’s failure in the long term.
2. UX focuses on making a lasting impression in the mind of customers by giving them what they need.   
3. A good UX can attract users because, psychologically, people are attracted to the design and appearance of an app.   

Q4. What are some benefits of implementing UX design in iOS app development? 

1. An aesthetic user interface helps businesses to retain their customers.
2. When businesses invest in UI/UX design, they can optimize their resources efficiently.
3. Research studies say that 94% of people prefer to connect with the business by looking at the design of an app.

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Q5. What key elements of good UX design for iOS apps?

Here are the elements of good UX design for an IOS app-  
1. Does it seem useful for people?  
2. How easy or difficult is UX design for the users to use the app   
3. Finally, Is using an app provides an enjoyable experience to the users?  

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