what are the benefits of ui ux design

UI/UX design makes a digital product more interactive, easy to navigate, and hence, more engaging and sought-after. Just 8 seconds, a user’s attention span, and in those few seconds, a business needs to ensure it catches the attention of the user and sustains it. This is made possible through a good UI/UX design. Let’s look at some other benefits of UI/UX design that make this development step, an absolutely essential one!  

But let’s look at the basics before diving into the UI/UX design benefits.   

What is UX?   

User Experience
User Experience

Term coined back in the early 90s, UX means user experience. It refers to the interaction a user has with the product and how the interaction feels.   

A user might feel positive, neutral, or negative about the product experience. This design brings the different product structures and elements together and creates a uniform and aesthetic experience for a user.   

UX involves UX research which is an important aspect of any UI/UX design development.   

Some UX elements are:   

1. Input controls: These controls allow users to enter their information such as name, location, etc., through interactive elements of the product. Input controls come with components such as checkboxes, buttons, list boxes, etc.   

2. Navigational Components: These components provide the ease of navigation to the users, allowing users to look through the product, conveniently and find pages faster. These components include tab and menu bars, CTAs (Calls to Action), etc.   

3. Informational Components: These components help a business share vital information with users. This structure makes a product’s content simple and easily understandable through segmentation and proper organization.   

4. Containers: These components help with grouping elements and holding the content together in units. With the use of headers, callouts, dialogs, etc., different functions and subjects are displayed on the screen easily.  

What is UI?   

User Interface
User Interface

Short for User Interface, this design refers to the interactive or visual elements or graphical layout of a digital product such as screens, transitions, widgets, icons, toggles, images, sliders, etc. These are the elements that a user interacts with while using an app or looking through a website.   

Let’s look at the 5 elements of UI design:   

1. Strategy: The first and foremost step is to strategize the design as per user and market requirements, pain points, and the business intent through the product. This element helps in the identification of personas, story maps as well as user stories.   

2. Scope: This element involves defining the features and functionalities of the product and displaying them on the interface in scope.   

3. Structure: This is an element that deals with the formation of a conceptual structure for the product with the help of user flows. The two aspects of structure are interaction design and informational architecture.   

4. Skeleton: This element facilitates the meet-up between design and experience. LO-Fi mock-ups and wireframes are used to connect the product elements on the interface with other system functions.    

5. Success: This element involves looking at the design from the user’s point of view and choosing the best layouts, typography, color scheme, visuals, images, etc.   

While both terms are generally used interchangeably, there are minor conceptual and other differences between UI and UX.   

However, both concepts are essential parts of the product development cycle, and UI/UX designers work closely with each other to create a visually appealing as well as easy-to-use product.   

Let’s now dive straight into the benefits of UI/UX design in a product development process.   

Benefits of UI/UX design  

There are many advantages of UI/UX design for a business. It is an indispensable part of any app or web development process and allows a business to create a brand identity through the choice of colors, images, typography, etc.  

Benefits of UI/UX Design
Benefits of UI/UX Design

In fact, through highly interactive UI/UX design and feature updates, Facebook has managed to reach the milestone of 2 billion daily active users recently.  

UI/UX designs help a brand tell its story and ethos through the aesthetics of its product. It helps it to connect better with the user and engage them through interactive elements.  

Let’s look at some of the UI/UX design benefits:   

1. Helps with attracting and retaining users  

An aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use UI/UX design can attract more customers and engage them so much that they keep revisiting it to get the same experience. Additionally, a great user interface ensures that the user has a great experience throughout the product and uses it for the same purpose again and again.   

In fact, 90% of users won’t come back to a site solely due to bad UX.  

A good UI/UX design reduces the bounce rates and always has the user wanting more or coming back to the same, again and again, for its visual appeal, interactive elements, and ease of use.  

2. Reduces development costs  

Incorporation of UI/UX design into the development process ensures that the user needs and pain points are carefully identified and taken care of while developing the product. UI/UX design helps businesses to get into the shoes of a user and create a navigational pathway that is most convenient to the latter. This is further assured through good usability tests.  

Therefore, when the product is finally launched, a business does not need to worry about fixing issues that should have been tackled at very early stages of the development process.   

This helps a business to save development time and costs.   

3. Makes the product easily navigable  

An easily navigable website or app is a hit among users. It is very basic, yet extremely important. A user should be able to find exactly want he/she wants without a lot of clicks or redirects. This is ensured at the early stages of UI/UX design strategizing and scoping that the goal is to streamline the shopping or booking process.   

A clear product vision and resultant uniformity in design and clearly visible features and functionalities, ensure a user has a smooth experience and comes back for future purposes.   

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4. Boosts branding  

A digital product with good UI/UX design helps a business build its brand image, trust, and credibility. A well-maintained and organized app or website is an attraction for its users. It helps them to connect with the brand better and understand the brand vision, making more conscious and informed decisions.   

Similarly, it helps businesses to forge deeper connections with their users and nurture them through constant visibility, accessibility, and marketing campaigns.   

5. Increases conversion rates  

A good UI/UX design attracts, engages, and keeps a user hooked to the website, or an app. The longer the user stays on the app or website, the more the chances of conversion or sales. Once, the sale is made and delivered, the same user tells people in his/her circle to check out the product, further increasing the chances of more conversion.   

Interestingly, a good UI has the capability to increase websites’ conversion rates by up to 200%.   

The primary purpose of a good UI/UX design is to navigate users through a predetermined path toward sales, and businesses that focus on perfecting UI/UX hence reap the benefit of higher conversion rates.   

6. Helps with SEO  

Well-organized, concise, and updated content can help a business get higher rankings on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. It is possible through search engine optimization (SEO).  

UI/UX design ensures that the content is uniformly distributed throughout the product and is simple and understandable for better navigation and visual effects. This boosts SEO and enhances a website’s SERP (Search Engine Result Page) rankings.   

Well-made UI/UX design optimizes a website or app for SEO.   

7. Improves website speed  

Just a 1-second page response delay reduces conversions by 7%. A very short time window but a huge loss of sales and revenue, isn’t it?   

However, a well-designed website or app loads faster and hence performs well. A good UI/UX designer would put fewer images and convert them into SVG format to reduce the loading times of the website/app.   

This helps a business retain its users and enhance its sales.   

8. Reduces the need for assistance and customer service  

The usage or navigation or features and functionalities of a well-thought-through product would not have to be brainstormed by the user, saving the time and effort of both the user and the business.  

Additionally, a website or app that provides the complete information that a user scrolling through the product might need in a comprehensive manner yet concise manner, reduces the need for customer assistance and service. And as a result, the business is able to reduce its human resource requirements and save costs.   

9. Enhances user experience  

Benefits arising from a good UI/UX design such as less loading time, ease of navigation, visual appeal, no requirement for customer service, etc., all add to make a good user or customer experience. And a delighted customer always shares his/her happiness with a brand he/she truly believes in, in terms of loyalty, engagement, sales, or recommendations!  

10. Helps to stay ahead of the competition  

When a business platform is visually appealing and engaging, loads faster, offers both mobile and user-friendliness, and is easy to navigate with persuading CTAs, the business would outshine its competitors.  


Therefore, the benefits of UI/UX design are compelling enough for businesses to invest in good design teams that can develop stunning, easy-to-use digital products. From organic marketing to the enhancement of customer experience, a good UI/UX design can do it all.   

It’s the first impression that businesses must get right to boost conversions and repeat business as well as build brand trust and loyalty.   

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