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As you are aware, businesses are always excited to hire qualified IT personnel. However, finding talented employees is a challenging task for you. It is like investing your time, effort, and hard-earned money.   

According to salesforce’s CEO (Marie Benioff), “Acquiring the right talent is crucial for growth. He considers hiring the utmost priority and the most important thing organizations should do.    

As the Pandemic arrives, the business landscape has changed a lot.   

The reason is that more than 90% of organizations follow a hybrid or work-from-home culture. This change in cultural conditions created an excessive demand for the IT workforce.    

Now it becomes a challenge for organizations to find a skilled IT resource or an experienced candidate with 3 or 4+ years of experience. It is where IT staff augmentation comes into the picture.    

Let’s look at the stats –A report from SpendEdge says that staff augmentation services will grow at 3.53% between 2021-2025 and will have a growth of 81.87 billion USD by 2025.    

Our research expert predicts that staff augmentation industry’s market size will reach $135 billion by 2026.

So, if you are an IT organization facing the challenges listed below, this blog is specially designed for you.    

  • Looking to expand your IT team    
  • Scarcity of hiring top-notch IT professionals    
  • Lacks the bandwidth to complete the project    
  • Searching for a qualified candidate at an affordable price    

In this blog, we will delve deeper to make you understand what exactly IT staff augmentation is, the benefits of IT staff augmentation, the process of implementing it in an organization, and emerging trends within the industry.    

What is IT Staff Augmentation?    

IT staff augmentation means temporarily outsourcing specific information technology and IT services-related tasks. Staff augmentation is also known as on-demand or just-in-time outsourcing.     

IT staff augmentation allows you to hire top IT professionals without investing much money. So you don’t have to worry about configuring IT. IT staff augmentation can assist you in increasing your organization’s profitability and efficiency.  

As a result, most organizations are shifting their focus to staff augmentation to fill developer gaps and support their operations.  

Let’s Understand This Term With the Help of an Example –   

Suppose Robert has a company in the IT industry that specializes in the design and development of computer software and various applications. In this line of business, he needs to keep up with continuous innovation in the industry.    

With that, he wants to extend his team with qualified IT professionals so that his company can increase its productivity to meet its IT targets.    

But at the same time, he is also looking for cost-efficient means without compromising quality. So, he helped him by providing a talented IT staff at a competitive price.    

Robert treats his employees as talented resources without worrying about payroll and human resources.   

Through that, BigOhTech helped him find the right IT professionals for his business needs.   

By partnering with our company, Robert saved 40-50% in labor costs, employee space and office management, and employee benefits.    

As Robert invested in talent development, he was sure his IT professionals could maximize his IT productivity.    

This process is called IT staff augmentation.    

What Advantages Does IT Staff Augmentation Offer?    

advantages of IT staff augmentation

1. Workforce Flexibility

Staff augmentation allows flexibility in the workforce as the hiring organization can upscale or downscale its staff per their requirements. A flexible workforce means talented professionals can work for a specific period.   

Additionally, it also provides you with the ability to access the right quality of skills on board from a wide variety of IT professionals.    

You can handle the times you need additional staff without waiting for weeks or months.    

Another benefit that IT staff augmentation offers is that augmented staff can be shifted from one project to another, thus enhancing your organization’s productivity.    

2. Cost-effective Solution

Augmented staff is cost-effective as you can access skilled IT professionals without investing your money in salaries, benefits, onboarding bonuses, training, and human resource management.    

Also, hiring the right candidate reduces the time required because you can access a vast pool of talented professionals without going through the long and expensive hiring process.    

3. Ensures Faster Completion of Projects

You don’t have to be concerned about completing your project deliverables because the augmented staff can assist you in getting started on your project.  

If the in-house staff cannot complete the project, the time required to train the employees is reduced.    

4. Access to Talented IT professionals    

Staff augmentation allows you to access global talent professionals, which means you can access experts from anywhere in the world at a cost much lower than what would cost you in the country/city you live in.    

How Does IT Staff Augmentation Work?    

 1. Set Your Goals    

It is the first step where you need to identify your goals. Here you will ask yourself a fundamental question – What does my business need or what is lacking in it? When you figure out an answer to this question, then here is a checklist that can help you to augment the right IT staff for your business-   

  • How many specialists do you need for a particular project?   
  • What level of specialist are you looking for?   
  • Do you want those resources for the short term or long term?   

Once you know your business requirements, Our experts at BigOhTech will schedule a call with you.    

 2. Choose the Right IT Personnel  

After reviewing your request, our team will start finding the best IT talent for you whose skills match your project requirements. Then, we will create a list of potential candidates best suited for your project.    

We will send a list of candidates to you, and the interview process will start then and there.    

 3. Interview the Candidates  

You will conduct interviews with our candidates at this stage. It depends entirely on you as to how many rounds you would conduct. It is up to you how many interviews you want to set up with a specific candidate.  

Our team will assist you in locating the candidate with the necessary skill, expertise, and knowledge to complete your tasks.  

 4. Get Ready to Sign the Contract  

Once you shortlist the candidates according to your set criteria, we will sign a contract with you mentioning the dos and don’ts in it. If everything goes as per your expectations, you can integrate our IT staff into your in-house team.    

What are The Emerging Trends in IT Staff Augmentation?

1. Increasing Trend for Business Adaptability

As you are aware, the business environment is dynamic and unpredictable. Some organizations alter their working styles, while others intend to do so.  

As a result, the staff augmentation model enables businesses to find augmented staff that can adapt quickly to changing business requirements. Additionally, organizations have complete flexibility to scale up or down.  

2. Focus More on Cybersecurity  

As most organizations are adopting hybrid or remote cultures, the demand for cyber attackers is also increasing. Employees previously used business laptops for personal use, increasing the chances of cyberattacks.   

Now, cyberattacks have become a primary concern for such organizations. As a result, you must select the right outsourcing company to keep you updated on the latest security practices.   

3. Remote Workstyle has Become a Part of Our Life  

Remote working is no more a norm. It has become a culture for many organizations. According to, 78% of the 669 CEOs believe that the remote working style is a long-term growth strategy.    

4. Advancement in IT  

Businesses are integrating cutting-edge technologies (machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of things) to improve workflows and processes in today’s world.  

As organizations embrace these technologies, the need for developers and engineers to support them grows.   

Wrapping Up    

This guide will assist you in comprehending IT staff augmentation. BigOhTech can help you with your project if you require best-in-class IT augmentation services.  

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us via our contact page, and one of our expert professionals will connect you within 24 hours.   



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