Myths About It Staff Augmentation

IT staff augmentation has recently emerged as one of the most popular contractual talent outsourcing models. Enterprises are gradually recognizing the value of augmenting staff and comprehending how this external hiring approach works. 

Even though, some people are misinterpreting this contractual staffing service. Some businesses believe that IT staff augmentation is costly, unmanageable, and has quality problems. Notwithstanding, these are myths about the IT market that are best addressed in this blog. 

In reality, IT contract staffing is an excellent way to bridge the talent gap, reduce employment costs, fulfill business challenges, and accelerate development. Aside from that, there are numerous advantages to contracting experienced experts to meet the project’s goals. Now let’s know what are the myths about staff augmentation that people believe in.

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Myths about IT Staff Augmentation

Here are the 5 Myths about IT Staff Augmentation –

1. Staff Augmentation Is Expensive

Employers have a misunderstanding about the hourly wage structure of augmented staff members. The problem is that because it is an hourly paid service, it will almost certainly be more expensive than the permanent hiring mode. That, however, is not the case. 

Several businesses also believe that recruiting technical expertise on a permanent basis is only a one-time expense. Again, incorrect, because it includes several other costs. When you hire a full-time employee, you must bear the costs of onboarding, training, maintenance, and monthly salary. 

The cost of onboarding and training is borne by the IT staffing firm. In this case, you pay for the development service specified in the contract. And only for a limited time. 

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In brief, staff augmentation is less expensive than hiring permanent resources and can help you save money on the following expenses. 

  • It is not necessary to pay fixed salaries to the augmented staff. 
  • There is no need to pay for unique employment benefits such as travel allowance, PF, and so on. 
  • There is no need to spend money on corporate aid for the augmented members. 
  • There is no such cost for social security benefits. 

2. Communication & Management Issues

It is a common occurrence for offshore teams to provide services from various locations. In this regard, many employers believe that communicating across time zones will be difficult. As a consequence, project-related interaction will suffer greatly. 

The solution to this problem is to use various technological communication tools. Business professionals and augmented teams can collaborate seamlessly and remotely without difficulty. To simplify the work process, interact with augmented staff at predetermined times and from any location. 

Below are some communication tools that have emerged as leaders in facilitating rapid collaboration and sharing data. 

Confluence is a communication and collaboration tool for both internal and external resources. An online and easily accessible space where your internal team members and augmented staff can collaborate on knowledge-based projects. 

The tool provides a specific space for project ideas, suggestions, access, and seamless collaboration. To ensure a streamlined work process, any group member on Confluence can see the content.  

Meetings, reviews & feedback are critical to the success of software development projects. Microsoft Teams are already present in the tech world. However, its rapid expansion can be seen after the pandemic & remote teamwork. Without a doubt, Microsoft Teams is an easy-to-use communication channel for internal as well as external teammates. 

Slack is a messaging and communication tool that employers can use to stay in contact with external resources. This tool enables you to send messages and collaborate in an efficient workspace. Slack has a mobile app that allows users to exchange messages, share documents & integrate with Google Docs, Jira, DropBox, Skype & other services.

3. Less Control Over The Projects

Another common misconception among businesses is that hiring a specialized outsourcing development team reduces internal control. Many individuals assume that when they recruit staff augmentation providers, they take all the charge. 

One common myth is that when a committed augmentation partner gives the resource, it is completely under the provider’s control. Moreover, this is not how it works. Involving external developers to work on your particular project will be completely under your control. Schedule specific tasks, solicit feedback, request changes & do everything on your own accord with the augmented staff. Understand that augmented staff is only available for your project for a limited time. So, during that time, they are completely committed to your organization and stay under your command.

4. Differences in Time and Culture

It’s a popular misconception related to the earlier clarified one about communication. Referring to the external team that operates in various locations that may have different time zones. Employers must adhere to the time zones of their external resource partners when working with them. 

Nonetheless, it is a myth that has been thoroughly debunked. Keep in mind the communication tools we previously mentioned. Businesses can schedule calls & exchange messages using tools and other methods. When working with remote teams, there would be no time constraints or differences. When working with remote teams, there would be no time constraints or differences. 

Additionally, there may be some cultural differences. It could be a difference in culture between employers based abroad. As a result, there may not be any cultural differences between you and the members of the staff augmentation team.

5. Poor Development Quality

Lastly, some businesses believe that using IT staff augmentation services results in poor quality work and lower productivity. It is because working in different time zones requires a larger team to finish the development. Furthermore, the project will not be completed as planned. 

Staff augmentation, on the other hand, diligently supports your specific software development project. Remote teams are more responsible, have flexible working hours, and are focused on your project. As previously stated, remote teams are under your control to manage, distribute tasks & scale up and down as needed. Most importantly, by engaging industry-led specialists on a contractual basis, the work quality will be superior and enhanced. 


It is essential to dispel myths about staff augmentation services and focus on contractually retaining experienced talent.  This is an efficient way to hire a specific type of member for a limited time while lowering overall hiring costs. Find the ideal partner, one of the most dependable and top IT staffing companies in India like Big Oh Tech. Get in touch with their expert team and find on-demand technical resources now! 

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