About the Customer

CarWale, founded in 2005, provides an online marketplace for Indian customers to buy and sell used cars. The mission of CarWale is to help customers make informed decisions when choosing the right car at the right time from the right partner.

CarWale has served more than 65 million Indian consumers in a one-year span. In 2009, the company began offering free car consultations to potential customers and has been a part of CarTrade Tech since 2016.

Project Details

CarWale wanted to quickly ramp up its technical team to handle the increasing number of customers and provide a seamless experience in customer management and post-sales service.





IT Staff Augmentation


  • CarWale needed to enhance its digital footprint and provide a seamless customer experience through their customer-facing application. 
  • They needed to quickly augment their technical staff to implement new projects in the pipeline and required additional tech members for short-term development projects.

Our Approach

  • BigOhTech provided qualified IT talent as per CarWale’s project requirements.
  • A total of 28 resources were deployed, including iOS, Android, and Full Stack Engineering Managers.
  • We scheduled technical discussions with trained internal candidates from BigOhTech to ensure the best fit for CarWale.


  • 2X cost savings in the hiring, training, and placement process.
  • Low rejection and high joining rates from CarWale’s perspective.
  • Onboarded quality IT professionals as and when needed.
  • Increased overall productivity and delivery efficiency, leading to faster time to market.

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