About the customer

  • Car wale was founded in the year 2005 and provided an online marketplace to Indian customers where they can actively engage in buying and selling used cars.   
  • The mission of car wale is to help customers make decisions effectively when it comes to choosing the right car at the right time from the right partner.  
  • Car wale has served more than 65 million Indian consumers within a one-year timespan.  
  • In 2009, the company started offering free car consultations to potential customers. The company has been a part of car trade tech since 2016.  




iOS (Swift RX), Android (Kotlin), iOS/Android Technical Lead, Engineering Manager

Project Duration

1.5 years


Project Details

  • Carwale wanted to quickly ramp up their technical team as they are acquiring more and more customers and needed to offer a seamless experience to their customers management & post-sales service.


  • Carwale wanted to enhance its digital footprint and offer a seamless experience to its customers through their customer-facing application

  • They needed to quickly augment additional tech members to implement the new projects in the pipeline
  • They wanted to augment the technical staff on some of their short term development  projects.


Our Approach

  • Big Oh provided qualified IT talent as per their project requirements.

  • Total of 28 resources were deployed  (iOS, Android and Full Stack Engineering Manager)
  • Scheduled technical discussions of trained internal candidates of Craterzone with the client.


  • 2X cost savings in the hiring, training & placement process  
  • Low rejection and high joining percentage from Carwale’s point of view.

  • Onboarded quality IT professionals as and when needed.

  • Increased overall productivity and delivery efficiency and better time to market.