About the customer

  • Our customer here was a leading financial service provider, That helps MSME organizations to cater to their financial needs.
Caary Case study




AWS, Micro-services, KAFKA, Webhooks, React, J2EE, SpringBoot, PostgresDB, ELK, Firebase (Push Notification), AptPay

Project Duration

4-6 months


Project Details

  • The client wanted Big Oh to reinvent the financial system for small companies and startups where the financial services are just a click away rather than an exhausting, lengthy traditional banking system. 


  • Managing the financial system is a huge hassle which leads to various operational challenges.
  • Client feels that it’s a tedious task to track, manage and issue credit card for various users within an organization
  • Client wants to implement a dashboard that would include various activities like profile settings, account settings, cash flow statements, deposit funds, payment history, debit card related activities, accessing of the fresh books or quick books.
  • Client finds the manual reconciliations of financial data very complex, time consuming & error-prone.

Our Approach

  • BigOhTech developed a secured & scalable financial system (PCI and AODA Compliant) to track the developing market of new aged firms that are tech-savvy and expect a seamless financial transaction through digitizing banking with the help of AptPay API. 
  • BigohTech designed and implemented a platform through which organizations were assigned business accounts after verification of KYB, credit cards were issued to employees on behalf of their customers. Their transactions can easily be tracked and managed through a single dashboard. 
  • Single business account was offered to the organization where they provided centralized control over the employee’s financial data which can be tracked & optimized from one platform. Company & individual payee was added under the organization’s account to manage their payments.
  • BigOhTech had automated the integration between different financial and accounting solutions with help of the advanced connector. 


  • Financial system is easy to set up and use for Organizations. The team has adapted them seamlessly.
  • Assign credit limit, track expense and get insights through the real time spend software tracking system. 
  • Unified dashboard is formed to supervise all transactions through a single platform only.
  • Companies can easily integrate and exchange their financial data between different accounting tools such as QuickBooks, FreshBooks and communication channels such as Slack & Teams.