About the customer

  • HCL Concerts is considered as India’s biggest & longest running live Indian music platform. It is 23 years old with 1500+ artists and more than 75 million Viewers. It is a collection of the finest & most diverse Indian classical music, including more than 800 hours of soulful music, created & recorded by 500+ musicians.
HCL Music




EXO Player, Sprint Boot, JPA, Predictionio, AWS SAAS- Cloudfront, Cloudwatch, EC2, S3, LogStash, Elastic Search, React 

Project Duration


Project Details

  • It’s an OTT musical platform where users can listen to soothing Carnatic and Indian classical music. They can also get a live streaming option for an ongoing classical concert and listen to the classical melodies as per their taste and consumption history.


  • User wanted auto suggestive search for classical songs by artists & genres  
  • There wasn’t any recommendation engine in place, which affected the User engagement since users were not able to get auto suggestions based on their taste and consumption history.  
  • Client wanted to run User Acquisition campaign & expand their User Base 
  • The client had a hybrid app where the front-end wasn’t structured properly hence it had stability & scalable issues. In fact, users could not even update the latest version of the app.  
  • The major issue in the backend architecture of the app was in the design which increased its infra cost which will further increase as we acquire more users.  

Our Approach

  • MoEngage will allow the admin to track the user behaviour on the application and assist them to listen to songs as per their choice. 
  • The App was integrated with the desired marketing platforms such as (MoEngage, Appsflyer, Facebook Analytics).  
  • Re-architected both iOS & Android app, CMS & Backend to scale it up for the marketing needs of the brand.  
  • Redesigned the app into native tech stack without affecting their current/ongoing user base.  
  • Backend Infrastructure was redesigned in order to avoid using extra managed services. Resources were also customarily created by eliminating the extra managed services. 
  • Elastic Search, Logstash & Kibana tech stack was implemented within the architecture to allow the user to search for the server-side tags, thus reducing their search time. 
  • An end-to-end product was developed with an Elasticsearch feature that assists users to search songs by artists & genres 
  • AWS managed services for CDN, CloudWatch for Monitoring Services. 
  • Predictive Analysis was implemented via a recommendation engine, which assisted the platform to recommend songs to the users as per their interest and listening pattern. 


  • App has been integrated with a smooth search; users can easily search for the songs by artists & genres. 
  • Receive personalized recommendation for latest concerts, trending & newly released songs.  
  • Users were able to run the desired user acquisition & engagement campaigns. Thus, resulted in growing the user base upto ~2.5 times. 
  • Cost for the managed services were significantly brought down to ~60% 
  • Clients can effortlessly update the latest versions of the app and get a native experience with their new features.