About the customer

  • nULTA is a healthcare technology company based in Mumbai, India that provides a platform for online doctor consultations and health management services. The company was founded in 2015 and has since gained popularity in the Indian healthcare industry.  
  • The company aims to provide affordable and accessible healthcare services to people living in remote areas or without any access to traditional healthcare facilities.  
  • The platform developed by the company allows patients to connect with qualified doctors through video or audio calls, chats, or messages. Additionally, it offers a range of health management services, including online prescriptions, health records management, and personalized health plans.   
  • The company partners with several hospitals and healthcare providers in India, which allows patients to receive specialist consultations and referrals if necessary.  


Healthcare Industry, Medical Services


Android, OpenFire, Spring, Firebase, Twilio, Paytm Integration, XMPP

Project Duration


Project Details

  • The client wanted an application that would bring doctors, counselors, veterinarians, and patients on one platform and help the latter book appointments, and track medical history and reports. The client wanted to make it easy for a patient to reach out and see an expert doctor in a timely and organized manner.


  • The client was seeking a healthcare platform where doctors and patients can collaborate efficiently in real-time.  
  • The main aim of the platform was to enable a patient to instantly reach out to an expert doctor, counselor & veterinarian, contrary to the traditional way of taking rounds to the clinic to book an appointment.   
  • The platform was required to display free slots for the medical expert, according to which patients could book and pay for the appointment as well. 
  • The client also wanted to enable patients to track their medical history and reports through the platform. 

Our Approach

  • Big Oh developed 2 (two) applications: one where a patient is kept as the primary user and another keeping doctor as the primary user.  
  • Big Oh developed an escrow account for payment purposes. The medical experts received payments as soon as the consultation ended through this escrow method.   
  • Furthermore, we collaborated with Strip for payment purposes. The entire solution was a HIPPA complaint platform connecting the needy and providers.   
  • The platform integrated the calendars of both the medical expert and the patient to keep appointments in sync.   
  • Big Oh’s solutions allowed users to upload their medical health reports and track their medical history. Patients can also access health education resources and wellness programs on the platform.  


  • With Big Oh’s solutions, more than 2 lac doctors and over 5 lac patients got registered on the medical platform.  
  • The medical experts were verified on the platform through KYB (Know Your Business); making the platform a secure and reliable medical service. 
  • Additionally, the platform also displayed reviews and feedback from medical experts extracted from multiple reliable online review platforms; adding a trust factor to the platform. 
  • The application also enabled patients to find doctors and chat with them without disclosing their numbers; ensuring patient privacy.  
  • Furthermore, patients can manage medical records/history digitally on the platform; avoiding the hassle of collecting papers and files manually.