About the customer

  • The client is a leading meat provider in the Mexican region.  
  • It operates as a large processing facility that receives raw meat from suppliers and processes it into finished products, including ground beef, steaks, pork chops, and chicken breasts.   
  • Their motto is to cater to the need of meat lovers. They have been selling their meat products primarily through offline stores. Then, they decided to expand their business presence by adopting an online business model.   
  • Therefore, they came up on online platforms. Now, the company has been catering to more than 10 million customers by providing different POS options. 
ASP Meat




Kotlin, Swift, Shopify, Node.js, Redis, Firebase (Push Notification)

Project Duration

4 Months


Project Details

Client want us to implement an omni channel strategy and develop an application for Android & iOs platform and web which will be using Shopify as their ecommerce engine. Client also wishes to have an offline to online transition that will help them to boost the storefront sales.


  • The client wanted to develop an app for iOs, Android and web platform keeping Shopify as a backend. 
  • Under the shopify store, the client was facing issues in settling multiple inventories. 
  • The client wanted to have a single Shopify store for multiple inventories to serve all the backend and frontend activities, from Order Management to inventory mapping 
  • The client wanted to accomplish the orders in the right inventory i.e., the order was supposed to be accomplished from the inventory pointing to the user’s entered Zip Code. 

Our Approach

  • Bigoh developed a native iOS & Android application & communicated directly with Shopify as a backend. 
  • With the help of plugins BigOh facilitated out setting up of multiple inventories under one shopify store. Utilizing the APIs provided by the plugin, Android and iOS were able to fetch the items SKUs from the respective inventory itself. With the help of these plugins, client was able to manage all SKUs & inventories at a single Store. 
  • For web, Bigoh tech manipulated the HTML that was getting rendered at the time of initial loading. This way products SKUs from the correct inventory got loaded. 
  • Orders were mapped to the correct inventory by adding a plugin on the admin panel. Facilitating delivery team, to deduct items from the correct inventory. 
  • Bigoh created a middleware which was communicating with Stripe for saving the card and payment deduction. Once the success token was received from stripe, middleware communicated with Shopify to mark the orders successful. 


  • An app got deployed for all three platforms iOs, Android, and web keeping Shopify at the backend.  
  • Single Shopify backend was used for day-to-day operations resulting in reducing the daily operation time by ~40 % 
  • A centralized inventory management system was of great use since it helped to manage the inventory from a single source for all the sales channels 
  • All the orders were managed by a single source therefore backend dependency is reduced.  
  • Website management was reduced as only one Shopify website needs to be managed.