About the Customer

The client is a leading meat provider in the Mexican region. Operating as a large processing facility, they receive raw meat from suppliers and process it into finished products, including ground beef, steaks, pork chops, and chicken breasts. Their motto is to cater to the needs of meat lovers. Originally selling their products primarily through offline stores, they decided to expand their business presence by adopting an online model, now catering to more than 10 million customers through various online platforms.


Project Details

The client requested the implementation of an omnichannel strategy and the development of applications for Android, iOS, and web platforms, using Shopify as their ecommerce engine. They also desired an offline-to-online transition to boost storefront sales.

ASP Meat


Restaurant & Food


Design, Development & Launch


  • Develop an app for iOS, Android, and web platforms with Shopify as the backend.
  • Facing issues with settling multiple inventories under the Shopify store.
  • Required a single Shopify store for multiple inventories to manage all backend and frontend activities, from Order Management to inventory mapping.
  • Orders needed to be fulfilled from the inventory corresponding to the user’s entered Zip Code.

Our Approach

  • Developed native iOS & Android applications, directly communicating with Shopify as the backend.
  • Facilitated setting up multiple inventories under one Shopify store using plugins. The plugins allowed Android and iOS to fetch item SKUs from the respective inventory.
  • Manipulated the HTML rendering on the web platform to load product SKUs from the correct inventory.
  • We mapped orders to the correct inventory by adding a plugin on the admin panel, enabling the delivery team to deduct items from the correct inventory.
  • Created a middleware to communicate with Stripe for saving card details and payment deduction. Upon receiving a success token from Stripe, the middleware communicated with Shopify to mark the orders as successful.


  • Deployed apps for iOS, Android, and web platforms, with Shopify as the backend.
  • Used a single Shopify backend for day-to-day operations, reducing daily operation time by approximately 40%.
  • Centralized inventory management system helped manage inventory from a single source for all sales channels.
  • Reduced backend dependency by managing all orders from a single source.
  • Simplified website management as only one Shopify website needed to be managed.

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