Client Overview:

The client is a leading hospitality player looking to improve requests/complaints, customer support and interaction, and upsell/cross sell using Natural Language Understanding (NLU) powered chatbots on the website and WhatsApp. The main goal was to provide smooth experiences on Bot for a wide range of hotel-related questions, concerns, and bookings.

AI ML Case Study


  • The hospitality giant had difficulty automating hotel operations on the web and WhatsApp. With over 3000 different types of complaints across different hotels, they needed quick solutions.
  • To make things easier, they wanted to automate responses for users asking about hotel stays, bookings, in-room dining, and food orders.
  • The main aim was to improve sales and operational efficiency while still providing a personalized, empathetic, and easy-to-understand experience.

Our Approach

NLU for Intuitive Interactions including FAQ’s, Complaints, AI-Commerce, customer support and engagement : We leveraged Natural Language Understanding (NLU) using our own GPT-3 Engine to accurately identify user intents against supervised training, even for nuanced requests and complaints. This ensures natural and context-aware conversations, mimicking a human assistant which will make it compatible for customer support and engagement. 

Seamless WhatsApp Integration: This helped guests to initiate conversations on their preferred platform, WhatsApp, for immediate assistance with bookings, order placement, issue resolution, and more. 

Intent-Driven Workflow: Machine learning algorithms power intent recognition, enabling the chatbot to understand user goals and guide them through relevant processes like hotel booking, food order placement, and issue resolution with step-by-step assistance. 

24/7 Support and Instant Responses: Customers receive prompt support around the clock, resolving issues quickly and minimizing wait times, leading to enhanced satisfaction. 


Increased Customer Engagement: Guests of our client are enjoying quicker resolutions and a more user-friendly experience, fostering stronger brand loyalty. 

Improved Operational Efficiency: Automated routine tasks free up human resources for complex interactions, optimizing team workloads and costs. 

Reduced Support Team Load: The chatbot handles a significant portion of customer inquiries, alleviating pressure on support teams and allowing them to focus on high-value interactions. 

Cost-Effective Solution: The chatbot provides a scalable and cost-effective solution for managing customer support across diverse hotel needs. 



Reduction in Average Wait Times


Increase in customer satisfaction with support experience


Improvement in team efficiency