About the customer

  • VoicePing gives you a Walkie Talkie App for long range walkie talkie. One can walkie talkie to an individual or in a group irrespective of how far they are or even if their phone is locked. Enjoy texting, picture and video messaging unified in one app. 




IOS, Socket, React, Push to Talk

Project Duration


Project Details

  • Client was facing difficulty in connecting with the team. There was no systematic coordination between the teams. Client wanted to introduce a few new features like PTT button or loudspeakers. They wanted better synchronization with the help of texting, pictures, paging and videos.   management & post-sales service.


  • Since voice was the primary mode of communication, therefore the client was facing problems in coordinating with the different teams. They wanted to synchronize the team with the help of texts, pages, pictures etc.  
  • App was not equipped with the SOS button hence due to the emergency; individuals couldn’t ask for help. 
  • It was difficult to connect and track the cab drivers 
  • The app couldn’t merge with multiple-tools 
  • The app lacked features like PTT buttons & loudspeakers 

Our Approach

  • Enhances business productivity with cost-effective solutions, connecting the functionality of a walkie-talkie with a smartphone.  
  • Workers can efficiently communicate with each other with GRID’s VoicePing feature


  • Better synchronization & coordination amongst the team with the help of texting, paging, pictures & videos.  
  • The Group Walkie Talkie Channel was equipped with the SOS feature. 
  • It was easy to track drivers & quickly connect with them with the help of a push-to-talk feature. 
  • There was frictionless communication with help of PTT buttons, loudspeakers & text-to-speech.  
  • Multiple tools could easily merge into one