About the customer

  • The client is a Canadian food distribution company that distributes high-quality frozen meat and seafood products to restaurants, grocery stores, and other food service establishments.   
  • The company operates a state-of-the-art facility in Toronto and prides itself on providing its customers with the freshest and highest quality products.   
  • The company provides high-quality mouthwatering meat products to its customers, giving them a choice to choose from around 700 items at an affordable price.   




Kotlin, Swift, Shopify, Node.js, Redis, Firebase (Push Notification)

Project Duration

6 months


Project Details

The client wants us to implement an omni-channel strategy and develop an application for Android & iOs platform and web which will be using Shopify as their ecommerce engine.   Client also wishes to have an offline to online transition that will help them to boost the storefront sales.


  • The client already had a website developed, engaging Shopify as its backend. Customers wanted a similar setup, considering both the iOS and Android app to be natively developed and keeping Shopify as its backend. 
  • Shopify had enforced a throttling limit on the APIs being leveraged by it. Presently, the limit was 100 calls/sec resulting in a hitch in the user experience and performance. 
  • Different data was dragged from various API’s resulting in multiple APIs called on a single screen and due to throttling limit due to which the app was getting frozen.
  • Client deemed to have an Offline to Online transition, which will eventually assist them to boost their storefront sales. 
  • The client’s marketing team wanted to achieve One Click Navigation to the product page in order to engage more customers through Email Campaigns. 

Our Approach

  • Bigoh developed a native iOS & Android application & communicated directly with Shopify (Via Middleware) to subsist the data. 
  • Bigoh implemented a Middleware that worked as a facade for order and product management. Product data is cached at the server using Redis which enhances its performance. It also reduces the dependency of  shopify admin APIS as common data throughout apps such as product, pricing was cached and updated using webhooks.
  • GraphQL was very advantageous for fetching only the needed information. Therefore, reducing the cases where API calls were not reaching the predefined throttle limit.  
  • Bigoh developed the QR code scanner functionality in order to achieve offline to online transition which would make users aware of the new product launch, marketing campaigns and promotions at the store.
  • The deep links were also implemented using branch.io, which assisted the marketing team to generate deep links URLs and allow them to run marketing mailers redirecting users to the product page.
  • Bigoh followed the hybrid checkout approach, users were redirected to a web checkout and all the necessary data was passed to web using the cookies without disrupting the user experience.


  • An app got deployed on Play Store and Appstore within 2 months within the commencement of the project.
  • Performance as well as the user experience is enhanced by circumventing through middleware and caching the data on the server. Shopify is still used as an ecommerce engine and even the throttling problem is avoided. 
  • Offline to Online transition was achieved, resulting into ~2x increase in the sales on store fronts as well
  • The app helped the client to enhance their user-experience as now they are able to promote more products to their store users and motivate them to install their app. This not only enhances their brand loyalty but also improves their sales drastically.
  • Meatme marketing team was able to run the mailer campaigns and enhance the product landing page.