use of react js for custome web development

Now, custom web development is not a luxury for any business. It’s more than a necessity. Businesses are finding ways to develop web applications that provide best-in-class experience to users. So, let’s dive right into the blog to find out various reasons why use React js for web development.

What Is React JS?  

React Js is a JavaScript library used to build interactive interfaces. If you look at websites such as Facebook, Airbnb, and Netflix, the user interfaces of these websites are built using react js framework. React has built-in tools and components for building complex user interfaces.   

React is a JavaScript library used for creating fast and interactive user interfaces. Additionally, React was developed by Facebook in 2011. Therefore, it is often considered the popular framework for building interactive user interfaces.   

Not only this, react js develop lightweight and interactive applications as it makes use of reusable components.   

How Was React Framework Born?  

Facebook developers were facing some issues and looking for new ways to build interactive and dynamic applications without no compromising on the performance aspect. In this way, the react.js framework came into existence.   

React.js has various components that work independently to create web applications quickly. In addition, These components signify individual pieces to create an entire application.   

React.js framework was used for internal Facebook professionals, but it was launched as an open-source framework in 2013. Then, many startups and brands started using React framework as anyone can access it. Thereby, it facilitates easier front-end development. 

React framework has a unique feature called virtual DOM. Besides that, Virtual DOM enables React web developers to change a specific application part without rendering the whole UI from scratch.   

Let’s throw some light on statistics – Statista conducted a research study in 2022 where react is the second most used framework worldwide.    

Most Used Framework

Furthermore, a recent survey conducted by stack overflow in 2022 shows that React was the most loved framework by developers in comparison to Angular and Vue.   

Most Loved Framework

Various Frameworks In React

Here are the 2 frameworks developers can use for custom web development-   

1. Create React app   

React App

Facebook developed the create react app, and it works on any platform. Moreover, The create React app serves as a handy tool for beginners who want to work on creating and managing React projects. Thus, The developer need not worry about using various tools, configurations, and dependencies to run the React project.   

So, to create react app, we need to enter the command to create a react application.   

For that, we need to download Node Js, which has the authority to execute the command.   

npx create-react-app my-app  

Therefore, creating react apps allows the developers to build applications by emphasizing on writing code, not focusing on the tools.   

2. React next   

Next JS

React next, or next.js is a JavaScript framework that enables developers to build user-friendly, dynamic, and static web applications. Therefore, This framework is gaining a lot of importance for front-end development.   

Moreover, It uses Server-side rendering to create websites that are SEO optimized. SSR is responsible for ensuring that the website loads quickly, which is a positive sign for Google to rank your website at the top of SERP.   

Next.js is suited for developing these types of applications –  

  • Marketing websites   
  • SEO friendly Landing pages   
  • E-commerce websites   

React for admin panel and custom website.   

Additionally, developers use React admin panel as a framework for developing custom websites. React contains customizable templates on the dashboard, facilitating the creation of beautiful web apps and custom websites.

Why use React Js For Custom Web Development?

Companies use React for developing custom web development due to various reasons-

1. Save your development time and efforts  

React js developers need not worry about reinventing the wheel as they can use reusable components for developing scalable applications.   

In the react.js framework, there are small components, and each component further creates wrapper components. For instance – If the developer wants to use a button component to create a web app, they can reuse that component.   

It ensures the code quality will be relatively high, and at the same time, developers save development time and effort in building responsive applications.   

2. Well-supported library   

React has a component library that comprises pre-built component libraries that makes it easy for developers to pick and choose the elements to create a better user interface for a web app. Therefore, developers can easily build components from scratch.   

3. Great UI/UX  

React js framework provides users with a better UI/UX experience as it has inbuilt functionalities. Thus, it allows you to build advanced apps that offer an interactive user experience.   

4. SEO-friendly web apps   

React.js framework builds SEO-friendly web apps. Additionally, apps built with SSR can load within a couple of seconds, making it possible for the search engine to crawl the website content.   

When To Use React js For Custom Web Development?  

  • React is good for developing video platforms and custom websites as it has inbuilt capabilities for building single-platform apps   
  • The performance of video platforms developed through react framework is superior as it can work on multiple platforms such as IOS, Android, and Apple tv   
  • Companies develop social networks like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram using React.
  • Also, developers should build e-commerce web apps to ensure these web applications work smoothly.   

Wrapping Up   

As you are aware of this fact that every framework has its pros and cons. If your business needs to develop a custom or responsive web application, choose the react.js framework. Because react comprises virtual DOM, which does not create an impact on the entire user interface.   

So, why not create custom web apps using React framework?  

Hire our react js developer today to develop your dream app.   


Q1. Why is react js considered SEO-friendly? 

SEO plays a significant role in ranking the website or web app. As react.js framework uses server-side rendering (SSR), thus, making it possible for Google to crawl and index web content.

Q2. What are the benefits of SSR in react.js? 

1. Firstly, The loading speed of the page increases   
2. Google SERP can crawl and index your content   
3. Provides superior performance  
4. Finally, Content sharing becomes easy as pages load quickly  

Q3. What are the key features of React that make it a possible choice for custom web development? 

1. Firstly, It Allows developers to create dynamic applications   
2. React framework enables the rapid development of applications through reusable components. Thus, developers can create responsive web applications.  
3. As React is backed by Meta, it has a larger developer community. 

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