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Looking to launch your minimum viable product (MVP) quickly and efficiently? Our MVP app development services are designed to help you validate your app idea, attract investors, and gather user feedback. From concept to launch, we provide end-to-end MVP development solutions tailored to your needs. Contact us to turn your app idea into a reality.

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    Benefits Of Developing MVP (Minimum Viable Product) With Us

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    Test Your Product Ideas With Our Next-Gen MVP Development Services

    Our MVP development service is the ideal way to launch a new product or service. Starting from initial ideas to prototyping, development, and release, we will guide you in every step on the way to success. 

    An MVP is the best cost-effective way to enter the market. As a result, you will reach your audience with the core features they want and know if these are going to work favorably.

    Industries We Serve

    Banking & Finance (Fintech)

    Real Estate


    Transportation & Logistics

    Retails & E-Commerce


    Marketing & Social Media


    Market Research


    Government & Public Services


    Why Choose Our MVP Development Service?

    Creative Thinkers

    Creative Thinkers

    We assist you with the creative & innovative minds of consultants, market research analysts, business analysts, UI/UX Designers, front-end/back-end developers, project managers & QAs.

    Focus on Scalability

    Focus on Scalability

    We aim at designing a more flexible app platform that easily adapts to the changing needs of clients or customers.

    Highly Experienced

    We have years of expertise in building initial products for several industries that help us to serve you better.

    Fueling Startups

    We aspire to assist startups with lots of growth potential. Thus, speeding up their business and making them generate ROI.



    BigOh helps businesses by lowering their initial development costs and, at the same time, reducing the time to market the product at an affordable price.

    Our MVP Development Stage Includes

    mvp process


    Analyzing Design

    This is a design thinking process where our product team (along with UX experts) helps you to map out the user journey and then create the UI/UX solution. Meanwhile, Our experts from different departments identify and analyze all the supplied inputs and then work on functional specifications, design, and API.

    Allocating An MVP Team

    Since the MVP development is highly iterative and cross-functional, an MVP team is designated for your project which includes a Business Analyst, UI/UX Designer, Developers, Quality Assurance Engineer, and Project Manager.
    WhatsApp chat Ideation and consulting

    Ideation And Planning

    In this stage, we ideate not only the concept but also plan the architecture and product roadmap. Thus, it helps us in identifying and deciding the features to be built after comprehensive project planning.

    MVP Development By Scrum

    We follow the Agile framework also known as scrum, where we break the project into short iterations to help us plan, do meetings, give demos, etc. Furthermore, These scrums are highly collaborative streamlining efficiency, sending you daily updates, getting approvals, and then stepping ahead.

    MVP Release

    At this stage, MVP is all set to release in the market. Moreover, our team provides you end-to-end support to upload it to the production server if it is a web project, and in the case of a mobile project, they will submit it to stores such as Apple Store and Google Play.

    Why our clients love us the most?

    Tools & Technologies We Use to Build MVPs

    • Tools
    • Platforms
    • Programming Languages
    • Technologies
    • Database
    android studio

    Android Studio

    Google Fit SDK

    Google Fit SDK

    Google Assistant SDK

    Google Assistance SDK



    Android Auto

    Android Auto



    Android Tablet

    Android Tablet

    Android Phones

    Android Phones

    Desktop App

    Android Desktop


    Android Fordable

    Android Wear

    Android Wear OS

    Kotlin App Development








    Android SDK

    Android SDK

    Android Native Kit

    Android Native Dev Kit (NDK)





    Jetpack Compose

    Jetpack Compose - Android Compose UI





    FAQs On MVP Development Service

    Will you suggest a Startup to move forward with MVP or Full Scale Development?

    The best answer is to go with an MVP, not only because it allows you to validate your idea, but also because it can open early revenue streams that can be invested further into product development.

    How long does it typically take to introduce an MVP to the market?

    Although it depends upon the size of the MVP but following our past trends an average MVP can be launched within 2-3 months of development work.

    Do you usually help enterprises or Startups to figure out what can be the scope of MVP?

    Yes we do have a team of BA’s and SME’s for particular businesses who study the market and come up with the Must have features for your business and that eventually becomes the MVP.

    What is the project methodology, testing and quality assurance procedure for MVP?

    For the project methodology we follow the proven industry practice i.e. Agile Methodology for Project Development, for the testing and quality purpose we use the scrum testing approach i.e. Test as we code.

    Do you provide post-launch support and maintenance for MVP?

    Yes we do provide post-launch support and maintenance for the MVP as well. We do ensure the code is written in a manner which ensures the easy scalability of the code for the future addition of the functionalities.

    How will you evaluate the MVP's success and apply that data to guide future development?

    MVP’s success depends on the User response, use the reviews posted by the Users for the product as a key indicator.

    Tracking the User Engagement: This is the most proven indicator for the health of the Product metrics such as active users, engagement rate, retention rate, and conversion rate are the key metrics to define if the product is a success or not.

    Could you elaborate on how you plan to develop the MVP into a finished good or service in the future?

    Launch of the MVP is defined as the first launched to the market, Post that all the other features are released to the market in the form of iterative product releases. A scheduled is prepared considering the marketing activities and the severity of the features as per the business accordingly all the other features are released to the market.

    Do you help in end to end development of MVP?

    Yes we do help in end to end development of MVP, Not only this we maintain and even provide support for the add on features turning the MVP into a full fledged product.